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Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Cleansing System in Brain - News Room. Newer Imaging Technique Brings ‘Glymphatic System’ to Light August 15, 2012 A previously unrecognized system that drains waste from the brain at a rapid clip has been discovered by neuroscientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Cleansing System in Brain - News Room

The findings were published online August 15 in Science Translational Medicine. The highly organized system acts like a series of pipes that piggyback on the brain’s blood vessels, sort of a shadow plumbing system that seems to serve much the same function in the brain as the lymph system does in the rest of the body – to drain away waste products. “Waste clearance is of central importance to every organ, and there have been long-standing questions about how the brain gets rid of its waste,” said Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., senior author of the paper and co-director of the University’s Center for Translational Neuromedicine. An artery in the brain of a mouse. Maiken Nedergaard and Jeffrey Iliff “It’s a hydraulic system,” said Nedergaard.


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Much Ado About Nothing - Digital Theatre

David Tennant and Catherine Tate appear together on stage for the first time in William Shakespeare’s timeless comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Two young lovers, Claudio and Hero, are to be married imminently but the devious scheming of a resentful Prince looks set to thwart the nuptials. Meanwhile, marriage seems inconceivable for reluctant lovers Beatrice and Benedick whose endless witty sparring threatens to keep them apart forever. Directed by Josie Rourke, Artistic Director of the Donmar Warehouse, Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s great plays and reminds us all of the failings and triumphs of the human condition in our never ending search for perfect love.

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