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EngagingCEOs WP2. Conscious Consumerism Can Change Brand Behaviour - Woven Agency. In a year where the marketing holy grail of divining pattern from chaos has been even harder than usual, one trend seems to be staying the course: that of conscious consumerism.

Conscious Consumerism Can Change Brand Behaviour - Woven Agency

Far from being derailed by macro concerns such as Brexit and Covid-19, conscious consumerism is growing in popularity. The rise of socially conscious movements such as veganism, recycling, upcycling, plastic-free production, gender pay equality – as well as the looming spectre of climate change – show that conscious consumerism will only become more important. Research agency Walnut’s 2019 report ‘The Rise of Conscious Consumers’ found that 75% of Brits are ‘consciously modifying their behaviour when it comes to consumer items. Plastic, non-recyclable materials, dairy, meat, sugar and even clothes are among those products we are beginning to reconsider our consumption of’, the report says. Such a widespread move towards conscious consumerism is something brands can’t ignore.

Jamila Gordon: How AI can help shatter barriers to equality. Transform magazine: Five minutes with Paul Archer - 2021 - Articles. How has your company Duel helped challenge brands’ reliance on digital platforms, such as facebook?

Transform magazine: Five minutes with Paul Archer - 2021 - Articles

For online brands, digital advertising and performance marketing on platforms like Facebook have dominated marketing strategies worldwide largely because campaigns can be segmented, optimised, measured and attributed, making them easy to justify in budgets. But with competition on the rise, costs skyrocketing and returns diminishing, as well as a rapidly changing consumer dynamic and the financial impact of Covid-19, this short-term approach is no longer cutting it. Instead Duel helps companies build communities of advocates (happy customers, employees, partners, industry professionals etc) who trust their brand and promote it to their friends, family and peers thereby driving true organic word of mouth growth.

This is a much more sustainable approach for brands in the long term rather than pumping money into the likes of Facebook. For Marketers, 2021 Is Year Of Earning Consumer Trust 01/07/2021. As we reflect on the hope a new year can bring, marketers who want to make a lasting impact on 2021 will have one resolution at the top of their list: earning, building, and keeping consumer trust.

For Marketers, 2021 Is Year Of Earning Consumer Trust 01/07/2021

Here’s why trust is shaping up to be the tenet of 2021: Consumers demand—and deserve—transparent relationships. Sixty-six percent of respondents in a recent Accenture survey said they are attracted to companies that are transparent about what they do, how they operate, and how they treat their employees and customers. Brands are thinking hard about how to create that transparency, and to build authentic relationships with customers. One area that requires immediate action is the collection and use of customer data. TTG - Travel industry news - Industry needs to restore ‘damaged’ consumer trust.

Why data security needs to be “baked in” to healthcare to earn consumer trust. The digital transformation of healthcare has been progressing at pace since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic; but in the midst of rapid innovation, earning the trust of consumers is still vital.

Why data security needs to be “baked in” to healthcare to earn consumer trust

What lies on the horizon for healthcare in 2021? After a year in which remote healthcare technology, or telemedicine, saw rapid and widespread uptake as a means of treating patients safely during a pandemic, the healthcare sector has made huge gains in terms of digital maturity. At the same time, there are still obstacles in the way of its transformation.

Trust in the Media: How We Lost it and How we Can Regain it - Bywire Decentralised News: Unbiased, Truthful & Free. Few than four in ten people say they typically trust the news.

Trust in the Media: How We Lost it and How we Can Regain it - Bywire Decentralised News: Unbiased, Truthful & Free

That’s the stark takeaway from a recent report from Reuters Institute entitled What we Know and What we Think we Know. Trust is eroding and it is adding to growing political divides in which all sides can find ‘proof’ for their views online. In a series of interviews, the report sought to assess where trust in news stands across the world. They cover both the global south, in places such as Brazil and the Global North in the US, UK and Europe. According to the figures, trust is weak everywhere. Loyalty programmes play central role in Singapore consumer considerations. Loyalty programmes have become central in the bid to attract and retain Singapore’s customers in both the immediate and longer-term, according to a new report by payments software firm FIS.

Loyalty programmes play central role in Singapore consumer considerations

The report found that when choosing where to purchase an item, 81% of consumers in Singapore will choose to spend with a retailer they have a loyalty programme with over one where there is no existing relationship. Seventy-six percent also agree that being part of a loyalty programme encourages them to spend more with their retailer.

The research also revealed that there is potential for retailers to do more in this space. Singapore consumers currently have limited engagement with loyalty programmes, with almost half (48%) stating that they do not belong to a programme. The best feature for attracting sign-ups to loyalty programmes in Singapore is non-expiring points. In addition, local consumers are now more open to using ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) programmes for smaller purchases. AI key to customer growth. 96 per cent of UAE sales people say operations are becoming more strategic.

AI key to customer growth

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling businesses to be innovative when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) as think tanks estimate that CRM-related AI would raise global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021. CRM has gained a top priority as the world and businesses are compelled to deal with faceless consumers. The outbreak of Covid-19 accelerated digital marketing, making it mandatory to enrich personal experience of consumers that helps to consolidate long-term brand loyalty. New strategies, data-driven methodologies, and evolving roles are leading sales operations towards exciting places, according to a latest report by Salesforce.

The report indicates that 96 per cent of UAE sales people say operations are becoming more strategic. HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

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Microsoft India CMO: the future of marketing is more accountability, less vanity. Even though she has been at Microsoft for many years, Hitu Chawla took over the role of chief marketing officer for Microsoft India in 2020 amid the pandemic.

Microsoft India CMO: the future of marketing is more accountability, less vanity

The new age CMO – or CMTO as she calls it – will have to do many things differently: from learning and reinventing virtual events to getting past vanity KPIs of clicks and views and being accountable for business, and much more, for marketers to earn a seat at the business table “If you hit a wall, climb over it, crawl under it, or dance on top of it.” If the last year has taught us anything, it is this. When I took over as a remote CMO six months ago, I had anticipated challenges, but I never imagined how fluid 2020 would be. A pivotal year, it transformed how we live, work, connect and communicate. It’s almost like relearning and rethinking the building blocks of B2B marketing for a new playbook. Agility and reinventing will be the way forward. Inclusion isn't free: make 2021 the year of accountability. A New (and Unexpected) Tool for Improving Diversity and Inclusion.

[co-author: Dr.

A New (and Unexpected) Tool for Improving Diversity and Inclusion

Maria-Vittoria “Giugi” Carminati] Legal project management (LPM) can enhance client relationships, increase law firm profitability, provide transparency into law department budgeting, and boost matter team morale. But that’s not all. LPM also has the potential to be a powerful tool for improving diversity and inclusion. LPM is a process for defining, planning and managing legal matters. Why is this important? Healthy lifespan analysis using nematodes: New technology enables the search for genes and substances that could extend healthy lifespans. A research group from Kumamoto University (Japan) has developed an automated measurement system to assess healthy lifespans using nematodes (C. elegans). Based on qualitative differences in lifespans, this system can classify populations of nematodes that are, on average, healthy and long-lived, healthy and die prematurely, and living with long periods of poor health.

Since there are many similarities between the mechanisms that determine the lifespan of C. elegans and humans, the researchers believe that this system will make it easier to develop drugs and find foods that extend the healthy lifespan of humans. The concept of "healthy life expectancy" was proposed in the year 2000 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is an important indicator for the health of a population. It refers to the average life expectancy minus the period of living dependent on continuous medical or nursing care. 1) sensitivity to various stimuli at room temperature, Newspoint] The irrelevance of objectivity. AI illustrator draws imaginative pictures to go with text captions. By Chris Stokel-Walker OpenAI A neural network uses text captions to create outlandish images – such as armchairs in the shape of avocados – demonstrating it understands how language shapes visual culture. OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company that recently partnered with Microsoft, developed the neural network, which it calls DALL-E.

It is a version of the company’s GPT-3 language model that can create expansive written works based on short text prompts, but DALL-E produces images instead. Body image, school stress and a pandemic: why 14-year-old girls like me have mental health problems. Why Western expats like Kristen Gray need to stop romanticising Bali. Image: Twitter/@kristen_tootie This week, a Twitter thread penned by an American graphic designer named Kristen Gray went viral. No wonder; successive tweets detailed the seemingly charmed life she and her girlfriend, Saundra Alexander, were now enjoying after moving to the Indonesian island of Bali in 2020. The move, wrote Gray, had been a “game changer”. Photography Light Box that Automates 360 Image Capture on Transparent Backgrounds - Press Daily.

College Athletes Protect Their Image and Brand With Online Persona Start-Up - Press Daily. AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRESSDAILY.COM/ — Over 500,000 student athletes have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, but one negative social media post can turn into costly headlines. In the process, crushing an athlete’s dreams of playing at the next level and seriously impacting the reputation of their university. While athletic performances on the field and on the court are the most significant components of a players’ ability to secure their next opportunity, Austin, Texas, digital start-up now offers college athletes a new way to protect their image and brand and ensure old social media posts do not overshadow their athletic achievements.

Getty Images announces $20k bursary to support creatives telling LGBTQ stories. © Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride In London As we all know, the LGBTQ community has a rich and vibrant history that has often been overlooked by mainstream society. Through the decades before the birth of the Gay Liberation Movement in the late 1960s, the growth of annual Pride parades across the globe, to the queer pioneers who trail-blazed a path for us all to follow, historically we’ve had to seek out these narratives that still remain absent from textbooks and mainstream media. Things are slowly getting better, but the community still relies on allies to help shine a spotlight on emerging creatives and storytellers to record history for the next generation of LGBTQ people.

Getty Images has launched a new LGBTQ+ Stories Creative Bursary to support that emerging talent. One in three LGBTQ people experience suicidal thoughts over body image. Pose star MJ Rodriguez makes history with Best Actress win at Imagen Awards - GAY TIMES. Jasper Soloff for GAY TIMES. You'll soon be able to create websites with drag and drop in WordPress. Jewish memorial and community centre complete in Poland. Crystal Dark Grey and Sky: the refined elegance of new Ariostea marbles. SOPHNET. Spring/Summer 2021 Lookbook.

Samsung's new Galaxy S21 lineup chooses refinement over reinvention. Last year’s Galaxy S20 lineup was such a massive change that Samsung introduced a new naming scheme to hammer home how consequential the upgrade was. Toyota launches refined 7-seater Highlander hybrid in Europe. Toyota’s largest SUV, the Highlander, is to go on sale throughout Western Europe for the first time in early 2021. Samuel Ross on A-Cold-Wall* AW21: 'It's about refinement' When young Samuel Ross, a fledgling designer from Northampton with a friend in Virgil Abloh, first started showing as part of London Fashion Week Men's, his collections were both energetic and prescient in their sportswear-heavy, slightly agro-infused creativity. Criticality Launches First Moisture-focused Product under Korent™ and Korent Select™ Brands - Press Daily.

“Dry skin, whether intermittent or chronic, can look unpleasant and feel uncomfortable,” said Criticality CEO Brian Moyer. “To help our consumers combat this issue, we created our new CBD Body Lotion. It’s ideal for daily use, helping to soothe the skin, and contains natural oils, including hemp oil, which helps instill moisture.” The CBD Body Lotion is offered for sale through both of the company’s CBD brands. Korent™, the company’s flagship, consumer-facing brand, infuses the lotion with 100mg of full-spectrum hemp extract.

New app launches to connect trade laborers with businesses that need trade labor. - Press Daily. Designer to watch: Max V. Koenig - GAY TIMES. Why Neobanks Will Ascend Only At The Speed Of Trust. Maintaining Trust in the Era of Change. Microsoft: How 'zero trust' can protect against sophisticated hacking attacks. Who Trusts The Government? Who Trusts Business? Covid, pressure and stress sees almost 800 Southern Trust staff absent on Monday – Armagh I. Dating App Iris Launches New "Trust Rating" Feature Ahead Of Dating Sunday - Press Daily. Arlo Parks wants her debut album to move you. Tory squeezes show foreign aid cuts were never about ‘helping our own’ Is fear of medical institutions and professionals killing the Black community?

High street closures threaten the livelihoods of women of colour. Muslim Running Group Helps Women Find Community. UK-based Asian female artist photographs naked white men, flips stereotype gaze. 81-Year-Old Fitness TikToker Erika Rischko Smashes Stereotypes. Gender stereotypes undermine sexual harassment investigations, study says. Disney+ block kids watching Peter Pan and Dumbo, due to harmful stereotypes - Dublin's FM104. Queer Eye's Karamo Brown is here to break down stereotypes around masculinity.

As the only openly gay male Nike Trainer in the UK, Joelle D'Fontaine is challenging stereotypes in fitness. The growing movement to make stock images reflect reality. Like Yewande, I've had enough of people mispronouncing my name on purpose - gal-dem. My biggest lesson at Cambridge was unlearning perfectionism. Thousands march in Australia for Indigenous recognition. Bias study hopes to inspire development of fairer facial recognition technology. Can facial recognition technology really reveal political orientation? Human rights group urges New York to ban police use of facial recognition. Ban dangerous facial recognition technology that amplifies racist policing. Why your face could be set to replace your bank card.

Facial recognition can't tell black and brown people apart - but the police are using it anyway. Is Black British Food culture finally getting the recognition it deserves? Delaying reform of the Gender Recognition Act is damaging the LGBTQ community. Laetitia KY’s whimsical hair sculptures are powerful political expressions. Gogo Graham's clubland clothing is a love letter to her trans sisterhood. Trans model Gigi Hari is disrupting binary notions of beauty. Cae Monāe is the artist finding strength in black trans power. Tom Blesch’s unedited ‘harsh soft’ photography changes how we view beauty. Shukatsu sexism: The Japanese jobseekers fighting discrimination. Vaccine passport for international travel branded ‘discriminatory’ Joe Biden's gender discrimination order offers hope for young trans athletes. Disney sued for special needs discrimination - Press Daily. Non-binary people are now protected from discrimination under the UK Equality Act. LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination cases have increased by 165%

Is joy the same in every language? How Covid-19 Threatens Native Languages. TikTok is over dark circles, colourful eye bags are the new make-up trend. Japanese Airlines to start using gender-neutral language on flights. Manchester United manager Casey Stoney expresses the need for inclusive language. Vans Checkerboard Day Champions Creative Self-Expression As An Outlet For Mental Wellness - Press Daily. Turkey’s crackdown on freedom of expression highlighted in new report. "Gather" Virtually to Discuss Art & Cultural Expression.

OPINION - Has freedom of expression become hostage to tech giants? Halsey has launched a makeup line celebrating self-expression. ITsART: Italy's 'Netflix of Italian Culture' has a name. 'Touching fish' craze sees China's youth find ways to laze amid '996' work culture. Opinion: Can ad agencies get culture right in 2021 to attract back talent? Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. NAMES DIGITAL – Black Lives Matter. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In.