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Goldman Sachs boss says 'go extra mile' despite 95-hour week. Covid: Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to ‘stop whining’ as deaths spike. Beattie Communications chairman resigns over social media post. Rio Tinto chief to step down over cave destruction. Covid: Dr Scott Atlas - Trump's controversial coronavirus adviser - resigns. Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft to leave company after controversial COVID-19 email. The CEO of one of the largest health systems in the Dakotas is leaving his role days after he sent a controversial email to employees about his recovery from the coronavirus and his self-claimed immunity from the disease.

Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft to leave company after controversial COVID-19 email

The board of trustees of Sanford Health announced Tuesday that it "mutually agreed to part ways" with longtime president and chief executive Kelby Krabbenhoft. The 62-year-old told employees in an email Wednesday that he will not be wearing a mask to the office because he recovered from the coronavirus and is therefore immune, according to The Associated Press. Krabbenhoft, who is not a physician, reportedly told employees that he's immune to the virus for "at least seven months and perhaps years to come" — a statement that is not supported by the science.

"For me to wear a mask defies the efficacy and purpose of a mask and sends an untruthful message that I am susceptible to infection or could transmit it," Krabbenhoft wrote in the email, according to the AP. Wells Fargo reaches $3bn fake accounts settlement. Four Covid rules broken by Trump and the White House. Michael Cohen: Trump won't change mindset on virus despite diagnosis.

Facebook staffer sends 'blood on my hands' memo. Image copyrightGetty Images Fake accounts have been undermining elections around the world, an ex-Facebook employee has claimed.

Facebook staffer sends 'blood on my hands' memo

In a 6,600-word internal memo to fellow workers, data scientist Sophie Zhang said she made decisions "that affected national presidents" without oversight. "I have blood on my hands," she wrote in the memo, parts of which were published by Buzzfeed. In response, Facebook said it was working hard to stop bad actors and inauthentic behaviour. In her memo, parts of which were published by Buzzfeed without her permission, Ms Zhang said: "In the three years I've spent at Facebook, I've found multiple blatant attempts by foreign national governments to abuse our platform on vast scales to mislead their own citizenry, and caused international news on multiple occasions.

"I have personally made decisions that affected national presidents without oversight, and taken action to enforce against so many prominent politicians globally that I've lost count," she added. Global perception of US falls to two-decade low. Image copyright EPA America's reputation among some allies has fallen to its lowest point in nearly two decades, according to a global survey.

Global perception of US falls to two-decade low

The findings of the Pew Research Center poll reflect public perceptions of the US in 13 countries. Positive views of the US has fallen to a median of 34% across the countries surveyed, and only 16% confidence in President Trump. Ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt: US 'dropped the ball' on innovation. Media playback is unsupported on your device In the battle for tech supremacy between the US and China, America has "dropped the ball" in funding for basic research, according to former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.

Ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt: US 'dropped the ball' on innovation

And that's one of the key reasons why China has been able to catch up. Coronavirus: White House targets US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci. Image copyright Reuters US infectious disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci is being targeted by the Trump administration as tensions rise between the health expert and the president.

Coronavirus: White House targets US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci

The White House has been increasingly critical of Dr Fauci, and on Sunday, an official shared a list detailing past apparent erroneous comments. Dr Fauci's changing advice on masks and remarks on Covid-19's severity are among the points from the White House. The move to undercut him comes as the US continues to see surges in Covid-19. There are over 3.3 million cases confirmed and more than 135,000 deaths nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman quits after George Floyd remarks. Image copyright Getty Images The chief executive of CrossFit has quit after causing offence with remarks about the death of George Floyd and the resulting protests.

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman quits after George Floyd remarks

Greg Glassman stepped down after athletes, gyms and sportswear firms cut ties with his $4bn (£3.1bn) brand. Mr Glassman acknowledged having caused a "rift" in the CrossFit community. His exit came on the day of Floyd's funeral in Texas. The unarmed black man died last month after a policeman in Minneapolis knelt on his neck. CrossFit is a branded exercise regimen that involves high-intensity group workouts with a focus on strength and conditioning. Mike Pompeo criticises HSBC for backing Hong Kong security law. Image copyright Getty Images US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticised banking giant HSBC for supporting China's move to impose new security legislation in Hong Kong.

Mike Pompeo criticises HSBC for backing Hong Kong security law

Mr Pompeo also said the US stood with its allies against China's "coercive bully tactics". The Trump administration has repeatedly attacked Beijing for what it says is an attempt to end Hong Kong's autonomy. Elon Musk tweet wipes $14bn off Tesla's value. Image copyright Getty Images Tesla boss Elon Musk wiped $14bn (£11bn) off the carmaker's value after tweeting its share price was too high.

Elon Musk tweet wipes $14bn off Tesla's value

It also knocked $3bn off Mr Musk's own stake in Tesla as investors promptly bailed out of the company. "Tesla stock price too high imo," he said in one of several tweets that included a vow to sell his possessions. In other tweets, he said his girlfriend was mad at him, while another simply read: "Rage, rage against the dying of the light of consciousness. " Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US - and its president.

Image copyright Getty Images There are no fresh flowers at the 9/11 Memorial any more.

Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US - and its president

An American altar usually decorated with roses, carnations and postcard-sized Stars and Stripes is sequestered behind a makeshift plastic railing. Broadway, the "Great White Way", is dark. The subway system is a ghost train. Staten Island ferries keep cutting through the choppy waters of New York harbour, passing Lady Liberty on the way in and out of Lower Manhattan, but hardly any passengers are on board. UK 'has particularly extreme form of capitalism' WeWork ex-boss had 'penchant to smoke marijuana'

Image copyright Getty Images A former WeWork manager has filed a "charge of discrimination" against the firm and its co-founder Adam Neumann.

WeWork ex-boss had 'penchant to smoke marijuana'

Medina Bardhi, his former chief of staff, argues she feared for the health of her unborn baby during her first pregnancy because he smoked marijuana on chartered planes. When to fire the boss: A tale of three sackings. Image copyright Getty Images / Reuters The names of some business leaders are so closely associated with the companies they run that it's almost unthinkable the firm could exist without its boss. It's as hard to imagine Facebook without Mark Zuckerberg as it is to think of Virgin without Richard Branson. The now-former boss of WeWork clearly counted himself among that class when, in August, his firm told potential investors: "Our future success depends in large part on the continued service of Adam Neumann, our co-founder and chief executive officer. " The firm described him as "critical to our operations" as it warned that Mr Neumann did not have an employment agreement with WeWork and said his departure would significantly hurt the business.

Nevertheless, Mr Neumann has walked away from the firm with a $1.5bn payoff. He is one of many entrepreneurs who have struggled to steer the ship as their companies grew from fledgling start-ups to corporate giants. WeWork: The rise and fall of co-founder Adam Neumann. Image copyright Getty Images Adam Neumann led WeWork, the property firm he co-founded in 2010, to become a global juggernaut and a symbol for office cool. The company has more than 500 locations in 29 countries and as recently as August, had viewed Mr Neumann as central to its fortunes. But on Tuesday, WeWork announced that he would step down as chief executive and relinquish significant control over the company, after the firm's plans to sell shares publicly ran into trouble. It marks a startling fall from grace for the ambitious 40-year-old billionaire. Trump doesn't understand economics, says former Fed chair Janet Yellen.