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+ Repper // Custom Patterns

+ Repper // Custom Patterns

Software License The following software systems (Freeform Origami, Origamizer, Rigid Origami Simulator) are proprietary software provided under the following license. The user is allowed to use the software if and only if both of the following conditions are satisfied. Before using the softwere, please contact me in advance. (Non-Commercial Use) The use of the software is non-commercial. (Attribution): The resulting works achieved using the software, e.g., research publications, exhibitions, educational workshops, etc. acknowledge the usage of the software and cite at least one of the following references.

30 Cool and Useful Free Grass-Inspired Patterns Patterns are one of the valuable resources available for web designers. They are types of designing tools that repeat itself and when stick together, it shows a perfect loop, meaning the borders of the pattern is almost impossible to distinguish. These are very useful in making backgrounds and textures and it is up to the designer’s imaginative creativity on how to maximize this kind of resource. Grasses are very common in our everyday life.

Automake Automake is about combining generative systems with craft knowledge and digital production technologies to create a new way of designing and making objects that blurs the boundaries between maker and consumer, craft and industrial production. Automake’s product creation process in relation to traditional craft and industrial processes. Automake was developed as a research project that aimed to investigate the potentials of using generative systems to digitally design unique one-off works and produce them using a range of rapid prototyping/manufacturing technologies and CNC equipment. We have created form building software that is designed to be extremely user friendly and allow anyone to design their own craft/design works. In addition we have developed a system for outputting construction files so that you can send us your new designs to be physically produced.

Blink Blink - Handmade Patterns Anna Niestroj aka Blink Blink is part of the Berlin Handmade and DIY scene, she was born in Poland and bought up in Germany. She creates these beautiful handmade patterns with a beautiful mix of bright colours, lines, shapes and textures from her studio in Berlin. She also runs her own very interesting blog, go check out more of her excellent work on Flickr. SketchChair SketchChair will be an open-source software tool that allows anyone to easily design and build their own digitally fabricated furniture. A collaboration with JST ERATO Design UI Project in Tokyo. The SketchChair software allows anybody to take part in the process of designing and building their own chairs.

JOKKE-SVIN.DK – Joaquim Marquès Nielsen » SymmetryWorks Patterns I’ve decided to collect some of the best patterns I’ve made into one post. So here they are. Unfortunately I haven’t experimented with SymmetryWorks for a while now, but I will as soon as I find the time. I really enjoy exploring the world of patterns and watch how even the simplest of shapes can be the foundation of a great pattern. More to come, I promise. Editor Description Acrylic glass GS sheets are produced by means of liquid PMMA polymerizing between two sheets of glass. This process produces a material with outstanding characteristics: it is fracture resistant (compared to glass), weather resistant, highly transparent and lends itself to being shaped and processed. Please note High Quality Patterns Resources Oct 25 2010 When used well, patterns can be a great way to add an extra element to your designs that take them to the next level in terms of aesthetics. Creating your own repeating patterns is one way to go about this, but it’s not always something you want to spend a lot of time on, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. And why reinvent the wheel when there are thousands of patterns out there that could work? The resources below can help you find the right pattern for your project. Rather than just round up the best patterns, we’ll leave finding the perfect pattern to you, since every project has different needs.

Fabripod This is a mockup of the lamp configurator I’m putting together for my line of “Urchin” lamps. When its finished, people will be able to set up their own lamp the way they want it, see how much it will cost, and buy it using paypal – all through the same online tool. The mockup opens in a new window since I haven’t figured out how to embed processing into wordpress yet. Voronoi Bookshelf Prototype, an experiment in interactive, generative design Posted by Hero on Mar 22, 2012 in Configurable Design, Creative Code, Custom Design, Generative Design, Mass Customization What is this? This is a prototype. An experiment in generative, collaborative design.

Processing+Ponoko: A programmer's approach to designing for a laser cutter - Update 21 November 2012: My Ponoko order arrived yesterday. It is proof that the technique works - all lines were cut perfectly, the engraving looks great, and the text is raster engraved beautifully. See below for the ocular proof. I really like Ponoko’s laser-cutting service. It’s a breeze to use and the customer support is excellent.