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10 Ways To Reuse A Phone Book

10 Ways To Reuse A Phone Book
Ahh, there it is again on my front porch: the phone book. Talk about an antiquated business model. I haven’t used a phone book for ages. I tried to opt-out of getting a phone book, but the company wanted my e-mail to do it, which seemed like it was inviting even more hassle than simply getting rid of the phone book in the first place. So here are 10 Ways To Reuse A Phone Book: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What do you do with your phone book?

Homemade Citrus Vinegar Cleaner A pretty picture of a jar of oranges flew around facebook a few months back. With it were directions to make an orange vinegar cleaner. Of course I had to try. Citrus works great as a degreaser, stain remover and freshener. This cleaner is eco-friendly not only because it is biodegradable and safe to use, but because it is making use of products that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Squeeze the juice out of 6 grapefruits or 8 oranges (or 12 lemons or limes). Did you like this? Homemade Deodorant (That Works!) « Probably the best way to introduce yourself via guest post is to make sure that the first sentence references your arm pits. My name is Jesyka. And this is a post about my arm pits. And it could be about your arm pits too. Kindness dictates that I also extend a “head’s up” of sorts: this is a LONG post. So, to summarize now and allow you to skip the long parts: Once upon a time there was a girl who couldn’t find a deodorant that worked for longer than a month or so. But for those of you who haven’t scrolled down to the bottom of the post by now or completely closed this window in your browser, below is the unabridged version. I began my journey into womanhood with a backpack full of unwrapped Always brand pads and arm pits slathered in Teen Spirit. I had arrived. I mean, I felt like I could legitimately read SEVENTEEN magazine with that stuff sprucing up my adolescent arm pits even though I was barely a teenager. But Teen Spirit didn’t work for very long. Recipe { source } 1/4 C baking soda

TTT: Turn Baking Soda into Washing Soda Welcome to Week 6 of Tiny Tip Tuesday, and the first week of its incarnation as a blog hop and carnival! I’m really excited to share today’s tip with you, but I’m even more excited to see what kinds of great tips you all have to share with us! Don’t forget to come back throughout the week to check out the new links; and we’ll be sharing our favorites on our Facebook page! EDIT: Before we move on, please let me take this moment to publicly apologize to Penny, from Penniless Parenting for inadvertently not linking back to her post, as she is the original author for the information contained in this post. I had linked back to her site, but because of an error in the html, the link below was rendered un-linkable on the front end of the site. Well, as the title says, we’re turning baking soda into washing soda this week. I know, it sounds weird, but just bear with me. The difference between baking soda and washing soda is water and carbon dioxide. The process is really simple. That’s it!

homemade vapour rub – or how to keep your spouse from giving you a long suffering look when you cough all night « lightlycrunchy I’m a little late to the party – but I never knew that VapoRub works better on coughs when you rub it into the bottoms of your feet. I really could have used that knowledge when the littles were littler. However, now I know. The feet have the most pores on the body so essential oils can easily penetrate the skin and absorb into the bloodstream fairly quickly. I couldn’t find any of the store bought kind, plus if I’m changing to all natural products, using one that contains petroleum probably isn’t the best choice. I found this recipe on Crunchy Betty and followed it to the letter. Homemade Vapour Rub2 tsp beeswax (grated)1/4 cup olive oil (or experiment with an oil of your choice)35 drops peppermint essential oil15 drops eucalyptus essential oil15 drops rosemary essential oilMelt the beeswax and olive oil together until smooth (I used a glass bowl in the microwave, stopping and stirring a couple of times until it was completely melted). Like this: Like Loading...

Natural Cleaning Recipes with Essential Oils - Green Living Nearly everyone has heard about the virtues of common items such as baking soda and vinegar for scouring and absorbing grease. Adding herbal essential oils enhances a formula’s cleaning value and leaves behind a soothing, natural scent. It’s not just an advertising gimmick that many commercial products contain citrus oils such as lemon or lime—they are natural degreasers and have antimicrobial properties. Cleaning with Natural Ingredients Saves Time, Space and Money Making your own natural cleaning recipes is not time-consuming or expensive. You will marvel at the amount of uncluttered space that becomes available in the area where you store cleaning supplies. Ingredients for Natural Cleaning Recipes: Baking soda: Otherwise known as bicarbonate of soda, you can find this ingredient in any supermarket, usually in the baking supplies aisle. Citrus seed extract: Usually made from grapefruit seed, this natural preservative is a powerful antimicrobial agent. Herbal Disinfectant Better Life Twist

DIY Borax Free Laundry Detergent Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this article. Plus I'll send you a free copy of "Your Simply Healthy Handbook." It's your #1 resource to make healthy living easy. Huzzah! Let’s be honest, who really enjoys doing laundry? Why Borax-Free Laundry Detergent? As I mentioned in this post, there’s quite a bit of controversy around Borax as a safe all-natural ingredient. This laundry detergent recipe will help keep your clothes soft without toxic fabric softeners (thanks to the salt and baking soda). Looking for simple, frugal ways to live more naturally? The internet is full of natural tutorials these days. That’s why I created the ultimate guide to non-toxic living. Needless to say, it’s a super handy guide to have nearby. The DIY revolution can save you cash and keep your home super healthy. Borax Free Laundry Detergent Recipe Ingredients: Directions: Mix ingredients thoroughly. To use: Add 1-2 Tbs. of detergent to each load. Want more toxic-free recipes?