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DIY: Hair Comb Steps

DIY: Hair Comb Steps
The last DIY hair comb was such a hit that I had tons of requests for a step-by-step tutorial. I hope this helps! You wrap your floss between the comb teeth. You start wrapping the way you do each time you switch a color, start in the back and pull through the front. Hold the floss to the back while you do your first pull-through. If you checked out the last hair comb diy (see comb below - upper right & lower left), then you may have noticed that I wrapped differently this time. If you make some, show me some pics! Related:  misc crafting

flax & twine: Day 3: Sparkle Headbands - a diy headband tutorial Theses headbands I want to keep for myself. Really, I can’t decide which I like better the beads or the rhinestones. I know Allie won’t want to take them off. Who doesn’t love the idea of diamonds glittering in your hair? Really you can do this technique with most trimmed beads. I fell in love with the idea of the rhinestones after seeing Green Eyed Monster’s Rhinstone bangles - love these. Material: Plastic headband DMC Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread Approx. 18″ of beaded trim with attachments in between each stone or bead (rhinestones, crystal beads, etc) Craft glue or hot glue gun Time: 1 hour Attach beginning of floss to inside of headband with craft glue or hot glue gun. Wrap floss around headband beginning at one end. You can wrap a number of times (5-7) quickly and then push strands together snugly, careful not to overlap the strands. When you get to the teeth, decide the maximum number of times you can wrap between each tooth and do that consistently through the toothed portion.

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The Knotted Headband Tutorial My husband came home one day with a headband he had found in a parking lot (I know...sooo sanitary) and said "I bet you could make one of these" so I did...because I'm all for stealing awesome ideas. Difficulty: Medium Time: 30 minutes Cost: Under $10 Fun-ness: Why would I do a boring project? Materials: Yarn (100% cotton for a crisp look, acrylic for a softer look) Size H or J hook Ribbon (approximately 1/2 inch wide) Hot Glue Gun Directions Step 1: Creating the Chains And that's it! So wear your headband with pride! Love the headband, but don't want to make it yourself?

DIY: How to Make Flower Crowns Flower crowns have been taking the world (and our Pinterest feeds) by storm recently. Whether it’s a music festival, a wedding or just an afternoon out with your besties, flower crowns seem to be the go-to accessory nowadays, and we are pretty happy about it. There’s something whimsical and oh-so-girly about flower crowns. So when we got together for our last photoshoot we knew we wanted to put together a how-to on the topic. Luckily for us, our editor-in-chief Lauren has quite the knack for building these beautiful crowns (what can’t she do, right?!). With Lauren at the helm, we sat down for a flower crown building session. Not bad, right? Supplies: floral wire (we used this one)floral tape (you can buy some here)floral wire cuttersgreeneryflowers (real of faux, your choice!) For our flowers we used Lauren’s garden roses, dahlias and an assortment of other beautiful blooms. How gorgeous is this dahlia from Lauren’s garden? Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. XO Team LC

DIY Chanel Pearl Hairpins This week’s DIY, requested by a reader, was inspired by the abundant and delightful use of pearls in Chanel‘s Spring 2012 Collection. Though I’m usually not the biggest fan of pearls, I actually fell in love with the way Karl affixed them along the back of necks and pushed oversized ones into loose updos. His modern interpretation of the underwater gem just goes to show that pearls can be worn any day, at any age! With a few easy steps, you’ll be able to whip up a handful of pearl hairpins as fast as you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” 10 times. Backwards. You’ll need:8mm – 12mm half drilled crystal ‘faux’ pearls20 – 22 gauge wirebobby pinswire cutterflat nose plierssuper glue Start by cutting off a 5 inch piece of wire. Put a few drops of super glue onto the tip of the folded part and insert it into the pearl. Allow it to dry completely. Continue to wrap tightly 5-6 times. Now, secure the pearl by wrapping the other side around the bottom half of the pin.

Dreamcatcher DIY – How to make your own Dreamcatcher Pin It if you love dreamcatchers as much as i do, you must check out the work of rachael rice. she’s a very talented artist who makes dream catchers that are beyond anything i’ve ever seen. and that’s just one thing she makes – she is extremely creative and was kind enough to share some of her projects and how she makes them for our blog! once you have the basic steps down for making a dreamcatcher, it becomes much easier to experiment and get a little crazy with them! here, rachael demonstrates how to make small ones using bangles and string – these would be adorable for key chains, bag charms and hanging in your car! once this part is complete, attach feathers or any other embellishments using string! rachael has also been making more conceptual dream catchers using pieces of cardboard or thick paper, vintage doilies and hand-made paper feathers! “Doily is a funny word. Pieces of cardstock, cardboard, or even stiff paper can be a home for a lost doily reincarnated as a dream catcher.

Elastic Hair Ties Hey guys, it’s another hair DIY! I received an Alex & Isabelle hair tie in a Birchbox a few months back, and I loved it so much that I bought a few more in different colors. They are less damaging to the hair, not to mention cuter on the wrist. 1. 2. 3. style="display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4046070994200473" data-ad-slot="3945793669">

Knowing Boho Jewelry Better - Glam Bistro When talking about fashion and the word ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Boho’ comes about, one would immediately think layered, free flowing and natural because these are what would best describe the Bohemian style and fashion. Along with bohemian clothing, one other key to successfully dressing in full Boho style is the use of Boho jewelry. Boho jewelry has distinct characteristics. All natural – as mentioned previously, Boho jewelry is often made from things that are found in nature. Layered – the same trend on layering Bohemian clothing applies to Boho jewelry. Earthy colors – brown, bronze, gold, silver, rosegold, tan, taupe – these are just some of the colors that you will find in Boho jewelry. Mismatched jewelry – there is really no matching and pairing required when it comes to Boho jewelry. Accessorizing with Bohemian jewelry is not really all that difficult, you see.

How to Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt: 9 Steps Edit Article Questions and Answers These are instructions for making one of those dreamy, endless skirts— no matter how much you pull, tuck, turn, or whip ‘em, there’s still plenty left. Follow these instructions for a perfect hem, no wasted fabric, and no bunching at the waist— and no pattern needed! Made from 5 seamless half circles, this skirt gives you much more to dance with than a plain old circle skirt. This is an amazingly simple full circle-circle-circ (that's two full circles and a half!) Ad Steps <img alt="Image titled Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">1Select your fabric. Tips For flattering leg openings sew two panels together to wear up front, and three together to be worn in the back.Fourteen yards of fabric does not include any extra for accessories such as a veil. Article Info

How to Gold Leaf Anything the Easy Way Today on the Prudent Baby YouTube channel we are sharing an easy and affordable way to add modern shine to anything you own using gold leaf. Learn how to gold leaf (it’s so much simpler than you think), then create a beautiful DIY table setting, gild custom gifts, or just add a touch of gold to anything that needs a little shine. See what fun I get to have when Jacinda comes to town? #i’msolucky TAGS: By Craft, Decor, Decoupage, Entertaining + Food, Kitchen, Party Crafts, Prudent Home, Seasonal, Tabletop, Video

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