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Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash and wife Perla Ferrar renew wedding vows 10 years on By Jade Watkins Updated: 10:36 GMT, 31 August 2011 They say that you should have 'something old' when you exchange vows with the man you love. And Slash's wife Perla Ferrar has just the thing. She renewed vows with her famed Guns N' Roses guitarist husband, real name Saul Hudson, in the same wedding dress she married him in 10 years ago. How to Remove Facebook Guts and Gore This week, thousands of Facebook users were shocked by real-life graphic videos showing three people beheaded with a chainsaw. Graphic violence is not new to Facebook and other social media sites, but users rely on site administrators to remove this type of content as soon as it's reported. But that didn't happen. In fact, Facebook initially refused to remove the videos, telling the BBC that its approach is to "preserve people's rights to describe, depict and comment on the world in which we live."

When Cartoons Invade Reality In a society where we're inundated with media - a 24-hour news cycle, a constant stream of entertainment - it's easy to feel apathetic, to be desensitized by everything around us. Combo (aka Culture Kidnapper) rudely awakens us by his startling images. "You take a picture, you add something that has nothing to do with it, and immediately it tells something else," he says. For Combo, cartoons allowed him to create an alternate universe or a challenging view of our reality. Syria: Will Friday bring dignity or disaster? « KURDISTAN COMMENTARY Newroz in Qamişlo March has been a month of contradictions in Syria. Protests and clashes have rocked the town of Dera’a in southwestern Syria, while Kurds are receiving positive, though not necessarily sincere, attention from the regime. As Kurdistan Commentary wrote in early February, if protests were to occur in Syria, ‘given the regime’s penchant for non-tolerance of disobedience and ruthless repression of dissent, the other possibility is violent suppression of the protests.’ And the result ‘will be nothing short of mayhem.’

Meet “Spire”, The Wearable Breath Tracker That Calms You Down “You haven’t taken a deep breath in 30 minutes”. This is the smartest thing a wearable has ever told me. Most fitness trackers just pump out near-meaningless numbers. But Spire could actually make you healthier, happier, and more productive. Slash Still Loves Discovering Great New Rock 'N' Roll Bands Former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash puts a lot of time and energy into looking out for newer artists. Whether it’s inviting relatively unknown singers like Rocco DeLuca to sing on his albums or offering new bands the chance to tour with him, the axe-slinger always gives back to the music community. Slash’s latest passion is Guitar Center Presents Your Next Record, which was launched in February 2010. The project is a first-of-its-kind unsigned band competition.

eduClipper Is What Teachers Want Pinterest To Be My friend and fellow ed tech blogger Adam Bellow has relaunched his start-up company eduClipper. Some of you may remember that Adam launched a private beta of the service last year. Well after a big investment from some venture capital firms and ten months of testing and revising features eduClipper is better than ever. In fact, I think it's what teachers wish Pinterest could be. The Cutest Creature Ever? logo login The Cutest Creature Ever? Lovely pics! Read more This Blonde's Epic Fail Will Make You BlushTry to keep your coolRead more Syrian Arab news agency - SANA - Syria : Syria news Damascus, (SANA) – The Syrian Television broadcast on Saturday preliminary confessions of non-Syrians of various nationalities who were arrested during the events taking place in a number of Syrian cities. The television broadcast the confessions of an Egyptian with American nationality who works in Syria. He said that he visited Israel in secret and confessed to receiving money from abroad in exchange for sending photos and videos about Syria. The Egyptian said that he received emails from abroad inquiring about the possibility of sending photos and videos about Syria.

Bon plan recyclage pour toute la presse papier If you and your New Jersey health insurance company consider yourselves a team in keeping costs low, you’re both doing your part. You may wonder what your part might be. The fact is that policyholders can do a lot to help keep costs affordable, starting with living a healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means lower costs overall Good habits lead to good health.

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