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Mrs. Gebauer's Smartboard Resources

Mrs. Gebauer's Smartboard Resources

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FREEBIES *Please be patient as this page loads.* 50+ Free Interactive Games for Elementary ABCya: The Leader in Education Computer Games for Kids!~ over 50 games for EACH grade level ~ is My FAVORITE website for elementary learning! There is not a day that goes by in our classroom where we don't pop on the site for at least five minutes. Science Worksheets and Printables A love of science can open up a world of possibilities for young learners. You can encourage an understanding of, and passion for, all branches of science at home. The resources above cover the key science subjects that your child will learn in school, from simple experiments to Earth and space science worksheets. Find out which areas of science your child enjoys most, and which might be more challenging. Be sure to select a mixture of both when downloading and printing.

Scarecrows We had a lot of fun this week reading stories about Scarecrows, writing letters to the farmer, and creating our Scarecrows and crows. The students had to come up with a plan to help the farmer get rid of his pesky crows that keep eating his crops. Some students took it one step further and wrote back to the Scarecrows form the farmers point of view telling them why he hired them. We built schema and brainstormed our ideas on this tree map.

a birthday + a treat My Wynter turned 8 yesterday. Eight. Compared to last year’s party … this year was WAY low-key! And perfect. Try Some Lava in a Cup * A clear drinking glass * 1/4 cup vegetable oil * 1 teaspoon salt * Water * Food coloring (optional) Fill the glass about 3/4 full of water . Add about 5 drops of food coloring - I like red for the lava look. ~First Grade Common Core Math Assessments~ ~Measurement~ My first grade Common Core Math assessments for Measurement are up at TpT. This covers standards 1.MD.1, 1.MD.2, 1.MD.3, 1.MD.4. There are 3 Assessments and a Pretest for each standard.

Let's Get SMART® Be sure to check the SMART Resources page at the left. Use the custom Google search engine there to find specific SMART Notebook resources. Easy Steps to Get Going! SMART Board Basic #1 Virtual Tours Why Virtual Tours Excerpt from Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers, by Teachers ... Field trips are excellent ways to immerse students in historical evidence by visiting museums, historical sites, author residences, or government buildings. Field trips are also expensive, complicated to organize, and draw students away from their other class responsibilities.

Fav Picture Books Linky Party I {LOVE} books, so I got super excited when I saw Lindsey at The Teacher Wife hosting this.... Here are 5 of my favorite picture books that I absolutely look forward to sharing with my students. {It was hard to narrow it down!} Bouncy Balls: A Fun Way To Monitor Classroom Noise Level This is what Bouncy Balls looks like when the classroom is silent: This is what Bouncy Balls looks like when the classroom is noisy: Essentially, Bouncy Balls is a website that activates your microphone and detects noise level. The more noise in the room, the more the balls bounce. The quieter the room is, the more still the balls remain. Although this tool has a number of applications outside of classroom management, I thought it was a fun, engaging way to monitor noise levels.

Explore History & Geography Events, landscape, maps, military history, politicians, public figures, scenery and views, travel Africana & Black History Several thousand items ranging from historical documents and rare visual materials to contemporary photo-journalism, relating to the entirety of African American history from the 16th century to the present; selected in the course of developing the NYPL website "African American Migration Experience." Explore: arts | culture | history Weather I don't know about you, but after Valentine's Day... I'm brain-dead!!! The candy, the cards, the excitement-- I need my 3 day weekend! It's so close... On another note, here are some freebies I made for my kiddos during our weather unit!