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BBC Skillswise - BBC Skillswise

BBC Skillswise - BBC Skillswise

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TimesTables Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the Numeracy page. Time Tables Booklet: click the image to download Teacher Portal - Sumdog's free maths games Sumdog > Sumdog's features > Games Sumdog's maths games are all free to play, whether you're at home or in school. (Why are they free?). Most of Sumdog's games are multiplayer - which means you can choose to play against other Sumdog users around the world. Although the games are all different, they all have one thing in common: you need to answer maths questions to make progress. Each game can be used to practise any of Sumdog's topics - so you never need to be bored while practising your maths!

EFL Search I remember my beginning days as an English teacher now 20+ years on. Dusty, cold, dirty rag, bucket and chalkboard in a cavernous top floor classroom in E. Europe. Cambridge books we had to "get through". I could only survive due to 2 things: English pub night Friday evenings and adding songs to the monotonous routine of teaching (and of course, lovely students - Vera, Petr, Karl, Zuzanna - remember them all). Inference Riddle Game by Phil and David Tulga Inference Riddles- having fun with inference and prediction - Welcome to my page on inference riddles. It includes my free Inference Riddle Game that you can play right now on your computer. You will also find information on my expanded activity featuring 101 Inference Riddles .

The nature of nothingness Zilch… Naught… Nada… It’s easy to dismiss the concept of nothing as, well, nothing. In fact, nothing is everything to science – understanding the intangible voids has lead to breakthroughs we could never have imagined possible. Read on to find out why nothing is more important than nothing… Math Sites for Kids A+ Math This site has plenty of activities and games to help beginning to intermediate math students improve their skills. Flash cards, concentration games, more. AAA Math Designed for grades K-8, this comprehensive math resource contains hundreds of pages of basic math skills and randomly-created interactive practice activities. Ask Dr. Math This is a huge resource of answers to math questions for elementary to college students. If you have a question not covered, you can ask Dr.

MED Magazine by Jonathan Marks • Popular wisdom • Some facts and figures • Phrasal verbs in academic writing • Phrasal verbs in fiction • A word of warning • To recapitulate, or sum up • Further reading • Acknowledgement • Next in the series Widespread popular wisdom about phrasal verbs among learners and teachers is that they are: ... and perhaps even: multiple intelligences - howard gardners multiple intelligences theory - visual auditory kinesthetic learnings styles VAK model multiple intelligences theory Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory was first published in Howard Gardner's book, Frames Of Mind (1983), and quickly became established as a classical model by which to understand and teach many aspects of human intelligence, learning style, personality and behaviour - in education and industry. Howard Gardner initially developed his ideas and theory on multiple intelligences as a contribution to psychology, however Gardner's theory was soon embraced by education, teaching and training communities, for whom the appeal was immediate and irresistible - a sure sign that Gardner had created a classic reference work and learning model. Howard Gardner was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania USA in 1943 to German Jewish immigrant parents, and entered Harvard in 1961, where, after Gardner's shift from history into social relations (which included psychology, sociology, and anthropology) he met his early mentor Erik Erikson. multiple intelligences tests

GeoGebra Mathematics and Multimedia GeoGebra Step-by-Step Tutorial Series GeoGebra is a free dynamic mathematics software that can be used to connect algebra, geometry, calculus and other mathematics. It is available in major operating systems particularly Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the software in its official website. Note that Java is required for GeoGebra to run on computers. The GeoGebra Tutorial Series is a collection of more than 50 step by step GeoGebra lessons from beginner to advanced level.

EFL Teaching Recipes Submitting your vote. please wait... Rating: 4.4/5 (8 votes cast) This is a standard EFL game and a great way to icebreak and get students to know about each other. Test your document's readability When Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Office Word finish checking the spelling and grammar, you can choose to display information about the reading level of the document, including readability scores according to the following tests: Flesch Reading Ease Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level What do you want to do? Enable readability statistics Understand readability scores Understand how languages affect readability scores Bifurcation diagram In mathematics, particularly in dynamical systems, a bifurcation diagram shows the possible long-term values (equilibria/fixed points or periodic orbits) of a system as a function of a bifurcation parameter in the system. It is usual to represent stable solutions with a solid line and unstable solutions with a dotted line. Bifurcations in 1D discrete dynamical systems[edit] Logistic map[edit] Animation showing the formation of bifurcation diagram

BBC Skillswise is a free website which focuses on practical literacy skills for adults. They provide a lot of factsheets and short videos to practice English in a professional context. by wlldth Nov 6

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