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British Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association

Hunger Headaches - Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment For everything we do to our bodies, be it good or bad, there are ramifications. When we supply our body with the correct nutritional needs, along with a balance of proper vitamins and minerals then we are rewarded with a fully equipped, optimal operating machine. When we neglect to eat right or we allow our body to become dehydrated, then there are adverse consequences in store. Hunger headaches are one of these negativities. For those who aren’t familiar with these headaches, we will provide you with some competent and cohesive information that will enlighten you and allow you to learn how to avoid these horrific maladies. What are Hunger Headaches? The headache is a common malady, and there isn’t one who has gone and never encountered at least one in one form or another. Hunger headaches can even be brought on if you’re a big time coffee drinker and you’re suddenly trying to cut back on your caffeine intake. High Carbohydrate Intake and Hunger Headaches Combatting Hunger Headaches

ADHD Why Does it Burn to Breathe While Exercising? Just about every type of exercise entails an increased need for oxygen and, therefore, an increase in ventilation, or breathing. As fuel demands increase -- particularly in sustained, high-intensity aerobic activities such as running, cycling, or swimming -- both the rate and depth of breathing increase as the body strives to supply more oxygen to the working muscles. As a result, many people experience a burning sensation in their lungs and windpipe and may become alarmed. A variety of factors affect the degree to which people experience this sensation. This video file cannot be played. If you are new to exercising or coming back from a long layoff, your body is not yet accustomed to the rigors of intense activity, causing you to breathe harder when exerting energy. Many people whose lungs burn while they breathe during exercise note that this condition gets worse in cold weather -- especially when the air is dry, as it often is in winter. Lose Weight.

Dyspraxia Foundation Website | UK | Dyspraxia Why Vaping to Quit Smoking Was A Huge Mistake In 2015, my now-and-then smoking habit had crept up to two or three cigarettes per day, and a lot more when I was drinking. After one tobacco-laden weekend resulted in a full week of phlegm and coughing, I felt like I had to do something. I was working in Times Square at the time. From the window outside my cubicle, I was face to face with video billboard playing the painfully hip new commercial from the e-cigarette company Juul. (Related: Not exercising could be deadlier than smoking, study finds) E-cigarettes have been around since 2003 and we still don’t know much about their health effects or safety. Cigarettes might be the least controversial enemies of your health. Enter e-cigarettes, which were new, high-tech, and came with no proven health risks. (Related: Is sugar the new smoking?) That was my train of thought, anyway. When people voiced health concerns, I came to my Juul’s defense. (Related: How to quit smoking forever) It was the wrong one. It’s just too easy. by Men's Health US

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