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How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love

How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love
by Maria Popova Why prestige is the enemy of passion, or how to master the balance of setting boundaries and making friends. “Find something more important than you are,” philosopher Dan Dennett once said in discussing the secret of happiness, “and dedicate your life to it.” But how, exactly, do we find that? Surely, it isn’t by luck. I myself am a firm believer in the power of curiosity and choice as the engine of fulfillment, but precisely how you arrive at your true calling is an intricate and highly individual dance of discovery. Every few months, I rediscover and redevour Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham’s fantastic 2006 article, How to Do What You Love. What you should not do, I think, is worry about the opinion of anyone beyond your friends. More of Graham’s wisdom on how to find meaning and make wealth can be found in Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age. His terrific 2009 TED talk offers a taste: 16. Later, MacLeod echoes Graham’s point about prestige above: 28.

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Anna Deavere Smith on Discipline and How We Can Learn to Stop Letting Others Define Us by Maria Popova “What you are will show, ultimately. Start now, every day, becoming, in your actions, your regular actions, what you would like to become in the bigger scheme of things.” “Discipline,” the late and great Massimo Vignelli wrote, “is the attitude that helps us discern right from wrong… Discipline is what makes us responsible toward ourselves [and] toward the society in which we live.” It’s a dimensional definition that touches, ever so gently, on the second meaning of discipline — not merely the act of showing up or the quality of “grit” that psychologists tell us is the greatest predictor of success, but the unflinching commitment to ourselves, to our own sense of merit and morality, to our own ideals and integrity.

How Turning My To-Dos into a Story Boosted My Memory and Solved My Procrastination Problem Very interesting, Thorin. I've been playing with the idea of transforming todos into stories, to give them some meaning and context, but I write notes about each todo. Sometimes I've tried to write stories about the todos, but it usually derives to the form of a diary, which is mostly boring, and not very useful, since it happens afterwards. Your approach has interesting differences: - third person point of view (you write as though you are not you) - you write before the day (and not after, as a log or diary)

6 Powerful Psychological Effects That Explain How Our Brains Tick Understanding the psychology behind the way we tick might help us to tick even better. Many studies and much research has been invested into the how and why behind our everyday actions and interactions. The results are revealing. If you are looking for a way to supercharge your personal development, understanding the psychology behind our actions is an essential first step. Fortunately, knowing is half the battle.

10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job Written by Steve Pavlina on his website| It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating college, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job. But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Grammar Girl - GWS #1897 posted Sep.18.14 at 09:19 pm I wound up killing a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook asking people to share their grammatical pet peeves to use in today's strips. Jesus, that recevied more opinions and reactions than most of my cat videos do! Did you hear me? 16 ways to feel like a kid again. by Dan Abromowitz There's no better time than summer for reconnecting with those carefree sun-soaked days of childhood. Take a break from the pressures of adult life and feel like a kid again with these easy tips:

10 Inexpensive Ways To Continue Your Education Outside of School Colleges and universities are great institutions for individuals to learn a subject of specialty that they are interested in going further in after they finish their studies. With the networking skills and organized track that studying in an institution gives is currently still unmatched, however times have changed with the advent and advancement of technology over the past few years. Individuals are beginning to notice that they learn a lot outside of an institution and even after life in a university, they can learn to advance their knowledge.

Your Soul’s Plan: 4 Myths & 4 Keys To Living On Purpose Every person is ‘built for a purpose’. Just like a building is planned or software is designed to meet the a specific need, we are made to fulfil a unique plan. Right down to our body type, our likes and dislikes, our genetic code and our talents. 5 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive With Presentations By Sunday Avery Persuasion is a bit like a magician’s trick: It seems mysterious and not easily replicable. Don’t be tricked into a magician’s illusion. The art of persuasion is not as challenging to master as it might seem. Even if you don’t feel like you have that je ne sais quoi — the intangible quality that makes some people more persuasive than others — you too can easily become a persuasive presenter with these proven techniques below. Whether you’re an entrepreneur pitching for funding, an executive presenting a proposal to a business partner, or a public speaker looking to change a few minds with your presentation, here are 5 tips to help master the art of persuasion – no magic tricks required.

The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books By Leo Babauta I have to admit, reading online has dropped my book reading in the last couple of years. It’s hard to resist the pull of clickbait titles and fascinating longform articles. But a few small habits have changed that for me, and I’m now reading books more. How to Get “High” Without Drugs Binaural Beats are the products of two different sounds in harmony; they produce sounds that are only heard by the brain. The effect of this can be quite calming, relaxing and meditative. There are many different types of binaural beats that can suit your specific mood and also help with various ailments. Doubtbusters: Erase Self-Limiting Beliefs Learn how to break out of your can’t-do mindset to achieve big goals. Let’s say your child comes to you and explains that he or she wants to run for class president. Would you look your little pride and joy in the eyes and say, “Don’t bother. You’re not that popular, and there are some really cool kids going for that job.

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