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Free Customizable E-Books from Make Beliefs Comix Make Beliefs Comix is a multilingual comic strip creation service that I've featured in the past. For more than a year they have offered more than 300 printable comic strip templates. Recently, Make Beliefs Comix released a handful of free e-books. The Make Beliefs Comix e-books are PDFs that students customize by filling in the blanks in the document. If your students use Chrome, they can complete the PDF in their web browsers. Mediating Spain with the rest of the world… - By Florence de Vesvrotte. A little more than a week ago ended the World Mediation Summit in Madrid, closing days of workshops and panel discussions on the many various facets of mediation around the world and in all sectors. I had taken part in the organisation of this Summit, having joined its Organising Committee earlier in the year, along with brilliant professors, lawyers, and mediators, and chaired by Kevin Brown, Director of Mediation International.

Our Story iCivics works because we make the subject come alive. Students have fun playing our games: they get to experience many civic roles, and are given the agency to address real-world issues. Teachers are fast adopting iCivics into their practice – and they tell us why. Our resources are reliable, and add value to their teaching. Evolution - GeneEd - Genetics, Education, Discovery Processes by which organisms are changed over time Evolution is the process by which organisms change over time. Mutations produce genetic variation in populations, and the environment interacts with this variation to select those individuals best adapted to their surroundings. The best-adapted individuals leave behind more offspring than less well-adapted individuals. Given enough time, one species may evolve into many others.

The Digital Writing Process Dr. Carolyn , Unpacking Literacy for Today's Multimodal Society Posted 11/15/2015 7:54AM | Last Commented 11/15/2015 7:54AM One of my earliest and richest professional development activities was with the National Writing Project. As a newly certified English teacher, the NWP’s process approach to writing seemed a whirlwind: how could I help my students to see the possibilities within all the stages of pre-writing, organizing, drafting, and revision? Slowly, I came to understand the process approach to writing and became a particular fan of Donald Murray, who made visible the struggles of writers and the joy of discovery through the written word. Free Digital Magazine Software Lucidpress lets you design a magazine that will turn heads, whether it’s in digital or print format. Your magazine will look great on a computer screen or tablet, and everything you make in Lucidpress can be shared through social media with the click of a button. More Features

Do You Have a Problem With Authority When Mediating ? The Authority Problem Anyone who regularly attends mediations of civil disputes has probably has encountered one or all of the following scenarios: The lawyer for one side attends without the client. That client may or may not be available by telephone or internet to participate or to provide instructions.A nominal party attends the mediation, but that person has limited authority and can’t close any deal that his or her lawyer or the mediator might recommend.The attending party is unable to make any decision about settlement before input from non-parties who are not normally present at the mediation.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Reviews Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and share artifacts of learning. Collect and Organize Digital and Physical Work in One Place View entire class feed, or sort by individual student or subject area.Use folders to organize content by subject or learning goals.Great for parent-teacher conferences, assessments, or student self-reflection.Access student content anywhere, anytime from iOS app or on the web. Designed for K and up to Use Independently Gives students ownership of their own space to create & record what they learn.Students can add text and voice recordings to journal items to reflect, explain, and develop their academic voiceSimple QR code login, student-friendly content creation tools, and teacher approval of new items all make Seesaw safe for students to use independently.

Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets Oscillations and Waves Acoustics Signal Processing How To: Create an Interactive E-Book with Google Slides Working in a one-to-one school district, where every student is provided with a device such as an iPad or Chromebook, can be a great opportunity of freedom for teachers and students. The device serves as an efficient tool to create and curate information, as well as, a flexible environment to share content. No longer does an individual need to negotiate with textbook publishers and be locked into the confines of the perception of the authors of a company when it comes to the content and methods that should be used to teach a specific skill or understanding.

Editable old newspaper template Views 393,984 Filed under Educational , english, history, newspaper, school, sepia We have just added to our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers with this Old Times newspaper design. With these you can create your own news headlines, articles and insert your own pictures. This spoof newspaper template could have many uses, including college and school projects and fun cards to send news to your friends and family. You could make a nice news magazine using the template or create an old-style “Wanted” poster with reward. Preparing for Mediation: The Position Statement I have seen hundreds of different Position Statements in my many years of practice as a Mediator. Some have been good, some bad and some downright ugly. So how do you go about preparing a good Mediation Statement? What are the ground rules? My friends at Consensus Mediation publish a guide on their website which I have unashamedly cribbed from (with their permission and blessing) in preparing this article and they need to share in any fame and fortune that follows on from this guide. The first thing I need to say is that the position statement is not a mere formality.

junaio Reviews junaio is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser. It’s a fast and easy way to discover your world. Find local events, offers and listings; scan QR codes and barcodes to get instant access to additional information; unlock augmented content on images and objects to play games or experience new virtual interactions. Ever felt lost or bored, even in your own city? Probably the best blogs by maths teachers around the world Image by DavidErickson via Flickr There are some really great blogs out there written by maths teachers who really care about their practice. I enjoy reading their posts as they share their insight and ideas and think about how it could improve my own teaching. There is wheat and there is chaff out there. To save you time in separating the two, I have compiled this list of the best blogs I have found so far: f(t)

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