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Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials

Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials
58. How to Tension Wheel Spokes Learn how to properly tension the spokes in a wheel. Rim, Spoke, Wheel 57. How to Replace a Wheel Rim

BikeHacks Reader Matteo recently contacted us and noted that he had turned an old wheel into a ceiling light. His bike deco hack kicked my brain into search mode for another post along the same lines, and before I knew it was in full search mode for hacks we have posted related to decorations made from bike parts. A bunch of time typing and mousing through memory lane resulted in this cumulative post. If you have a bike deco hack you would like to have featured on let us know. 1. Rim Ceiling Light - Vintage Glasgow Cycle routes Click on a pointer above to find more details about a Glasgow cycle route Scotland Cycle Routes > GlasgowGlasgow it's self is very built up and urban. However this does not take away the fact that there are lots and lots of great shortcuts through town, and routes that start in Glasgow and head to many different locations. For example, starting on the Forth and Clyde Canal Path there is a route going to places such as Loch Lomond, Dumbarton, and Kirkintilloch. In addition there is a few parks that are lovely for a potter, such as Glasgow Green and Kelvin Grove Park in Glasgow's West End.

com - GPS, Tracks, Trails, Tours, Converter: hiking - walking - running - skating - cross skating - handcycle - cycling - racing bike - mountainbiking - motorbiking - enduro/quad - cabriolet - car - nordic Skiing - alpine skiing - randonnee skiing GPSies is my hobby website and is funded by advertising. Do you want to disable the advertisements and like to support the GPSies project ? FullscreenMore... 5 km 5 mi Overhauling a Coaster Brake Bike Troubleshooters.Com and Steve Litt's Guide to Transportational Bicycling Present Copyright (C) 2006 by Steve Litt CONTENTS: I'm Steve Litt. I created the Universal Troubleshooting Process (UTP). I create and license UTP courseware, as well as teaching the UTP onsite. Blog » Seized Seatposts and Stems Seat posts can at times bond very effectively inside of a frame. This is especially true of an aluminum post and a steel frame. The bond is a result of an exchange of ions between the two materials. You can help prevent this bonding by keeping the post greased where it enters the frame.

Guest Article: Ann's DIY "Porteur" Rack Our friend Ann Rappaport has been at it again…some of our readers marveled at her homemade kitty-litter bucket panniers, but that’s nothing compared to this incredible feat of DIY engineering! She was gracious enough to document the process in words and photos for us. Here it is: Front Rack Supplies and Construction:

Creaks, Clicks & Clunks Search and Creaks, Clicks & Clunks... ...and things that go "bump" on your bike. Powered by Translate Does your bike make strange noises when you ride it? This article will try to help you make it shut up! Glasgow Glasgow is a great place to cycle, and now there are even more opportunities to get out and about on your bike in the area. Find out more about rides coming up in Glasgow here, and see the tabs below for other cycling opportunities. Buddy bike rides

Free advice on how to fix your bicycle: HOW TO REPAIR BICYCLE ARTICLES Bicycle repair and maintenance for the regular bike rider. No frills here but the basic stuff everybody needs to know that can help you save money and have fun. So from where ever you are on this planet, read on,fix it, get on your bike and ride! Creaks, Clicks & Clunks Search and Creaks, Clicks & Clunks... ...and things that go "bump" on your bike. Powered by Translate

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