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Bicycle Safety: How to Not Get Hit by Cars

Bicycle Safety: How to Not Get Hit by Cars
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Comment éviter d’être percuté par une voiture. | La Ville à Vélo «Depuis que j’observe davantage l’interaction vélos-voiture, j’ai constaté que les cyclistes ont deux menaces pour leur sécurité: les autos et eux-même »Â» Lee Nichols Cette page montre des façons réelles dont vous pouvez être accrochés par les voitures et de réelles façons dont vous pouvez les éviter. Elle est très éloignée des guides de sécurité À bicyclette qui vous disent souvent simplement de porter un casque et de respecter le code de la route. Mais considérez ceci : « Porter un casque ne fera rien pour empêcher une collision! Des cyclistes sont tués par des voitures bien que portant leur casque. Mieux vaut éviter la collision. Pour ce qui est de respecter le code, la plupart des gens sont conscients qu’il est stupide de bruler un feu rouge s’il y a de la circulation sur la voie que l’on croise, si bien que le conseil « respectez le code » n’est pas utile car trop évident. Collision n°1 : le croisement de droite Ceci est un des types de collision le plus courant. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2.

The Bicycle Academy : Cycle frame building school | Make a bike. Make a difference. Learn how to build a bicycle frame, keep the skills and give your first bike to someone who really needs it. We give people the lessons, skills and kit to design and make their own bikes. But there’s a big difference. Each ‘Classic Framebuilding Course’ student at The Bicycle Academy makes a bike designed especially to use in Africa. We’ve based our TBA Africa bike on the Buffalo Bike designed specifically for people in Africa. We know frame-building classes aren’t cheap and if you don’t have a workshop nearby with all the kit it’ll be hard for you to make another bike.

10 choses pas très consensuelles à savoir sur la « voiture écologique » Un drôle d’attelage. Elle, à droite, c’est Fabienne Keller, ex-maire (UMP) de Strasbourg, qui aspire à le redevenir. Lui, à gauche, c’est Denis Baupin, ex-adjoint (EELV) de Bertrand Delanoë en charge des transports. Il est député, elle est sénatrice. Il a l’habitude de se faire traiter de "Khmer vert" et d’"ayatollah anti-voiture". On la trouve technocratique et on l’appelle "Madame gare" après un rapport sur l’avenir des grandes gares publié en 2009. Les deux parlementaires viennent de commettre un rapport de 261 pages sur l’avenir de la "voiture écologique". Y a-t-il vraiment du nouveau ? ultra-subventionnée, et sans s’infliger le verbe terne d’un rapport parlementaire, on peut aussi se plonger dans le passionnant livre de Frédéric Denhez publié en septembre dernier : La fin du tout-voiture. 1/ L’écologique, ce n’est pas l’électrique. 2/ L’électrique, c’est beaucoup de comm’. 3/ Recyclage, peut mieux faire. 4/ Le partage plus performant que la technologie ?

The Bicycle Story | A Tale of People and Bikes Buffered Bike Lanes - National Association of City Transportation Officials Description Buffered bike lanes are conventional bicycle lanes paired with a designated buffer space separating the bicycle lane from the adjacent motor vehicle travel lane and/or parking lane. A buffered bike lane is allowed as per MUTCD guidelines for buffered preferential lanes (section 3D-01). Click on the images below to view 3D concepts of conventional bike lanes. The configuration shown is based on New York City, NY, and Portland, OR, examples. Treatment details can be accessed below under design guidance. Buffered Bike Lane Benefits Provides greater shy distance between motor vehicles and bicyclists. Typical Applications Anywhere a standard bike lane is being considered.On streets with high travel speeds, high travel volumes, and/or high amounts of truck traffic.On streets with extra lanes or extra lane width.Special consideration should be given at transit stops to manage bicycle & pedestrian interactions. Design Guidance Guidance for conventional bicycle lanes will also apply.

Great Moments In Bicycle-Powered Warfare *ding-a-ling ding-a-ling* Watch out! It's the USMC! In all seriousness, what the heck was wrong with people at the end of the 1800's?! will ferrell needs to make a movie about this, a la top gun. ill b waiting for my royalty payments. also totally appropriate: Oh heck yes. Fun fact: A majority of the examples listed are post 1900 through 1964. Yeah, well... most of those designers came from the end of the 1800's. End of 1800's / Start of 1900's same diff. The problem was horses. Plus, a Dodge takes a bullet without complaining.

Atout velos - Revendeur de velos couches dans le nord de la France BMW estrena nueva bicicleta. Precio y detalles en Latam Review El mundo de las bicicletas fabricadas por exclusivas marcas de autos sigue creciendo. Porsche tiene la suya, Audi y Lamborghini también y BMW no se ha quedado atrás. Es más, desde este mes de marzo 2014 en estará disponible la tercera y nueva colección de bicicletas BMW, las que incluyen la BMW Cruise Bike, una versión deportiva de la M Bike. Como todas las bicicletas que ha estrenado la alemana BMW, la colección 2014 sigue la senda de calidad y diseño: "Nuestro principal foco en el desarrollo de las bicicletas 2014 es que estén en armonía con el estilo BMW y con las expectativas que este tipo de producto produce en nuestros clientes', explicó Evgueni Maslov, Senior Designer de DesignworksUSA. Todas las bicicletas cuentan con componentes Shimano y Suntour, el marco 'hidroformado' es robusto pero muy ligero, garantizando una eficiencia óptima y asegurando un máximo poder de transferencia con el mínimo esfuerzo. Precios de la tercera generación de bicicletas BMW

Vélo couché France : location vente réparat Cycles Bentoline Bicycle promoted by Buzzaar Become a true expert with Buzzaar If your friends have recommended you a movie, a book, a restaurant, a brand of clothing, beer, chocolate or a phone, it means that you have been involved in the word of mouth process, as well as more than 80% of the world population. If your friends respect your opinion and ask for your opinion before they choose something, if you are sociable and open-minded, congratulations - you are an... Respot Ultimate Urban Commuter Fed up with a tiresome train commute in his local Sydney, designer Richard Heath designed this modern city commuter, the BlueSkyBike. Respot More Furniture for Bikes Like the rest of the Furniture for Bikes series by Quarterre, these designs aren’t like the typical eyesore of a bike stand. Respot Adapt-A-Cycle The Sorena folding bike concept uses a clever combination of intuitive locking levers to easily switch between riding and carrying positions. Respot Mo’ Bikes, Less Problems Respot Respot Fixed the Day. Respot Respot Respot

Jan Hoedje Haarlem Bianchi Military Folding Bicycle ‘Model 1912′ | The BSA & Military Bicycle Museum Bianchi Spring-Frame Military Folding Bicycle ‘Model 1912′ with Solid Tyres ‘Modello Militare Brevettato (Tipo per Truppa)’ The history of Bianchi is also an essential part of the history of Italy. The Bersaglieri were already well-established as cycle troops. Before WWI began, Bianchi, with production figures of 45,000 bicycles, 1,500 motorcycles and 1,000 cars per year, was asked to design and produce military vehicles. Featuring rear suspension and sprung front forks, as well as being a folding machine, this is probably my most ‘exotic’ bicycle. The Bianchi folds very easily, as you can see above; the small wheels are definitely an advantage while folding. Like so much of military bicycle history, various information I’ve read in my research on the Italian machines is contradictory. Until 1910, the Bersaglieri cycle troops used civilian bicycles. This machine could be considered the ancestor of the modern mountain bike. SPRING-FRAME v CAPTAIN GERARD 7th Regiment

Everything You Need to Know About Cycling Jeans Tracey is wearing Dish performance denim Skinny Dark Stone jeans. Photo by David Niddrie. How do you wear your jeans? Perhaps you don’t wear them at all. You may have given up on them years ago when you found that the twill weave cotton was tough and yet delicate at the same time, strangling your quads while wearing out against your saddle. Classic jeans can be particularly ill-suited for everyday biking. Don’t have cycling jeans? “I never found regular jeans comfortable and hadn’t owned a pair of jeans for at least a decade,” said Sean Carter, owner of Calgary, AB’s, Bike Bike Inc. At the construction level, jeans are cut closer to the body and with a tighter fit than almost any other type of pant not specifically designed for athletic activity. Like the bicycle is to urban transportation, blue jeans are an incredibly efficient way of crossing sartorial space. Cycling Jeans Buyers’ Guide Betabrand isn’t alone in the search for comfort, mobility, and durability in a pair of jeans.