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Carnival of Space 178 - traversing wormholes and super magnetic fields The Carnival of Space 178 is up at we are all in the gutter This site supplied - Two Mars hopper designs for exploring over ten times more of Mars by making fuel from the Mars atmosphere This site also supplied a proposal for making air transportation safer. Weird Sciences looks at wormhole induction propulsion (WHIP) and interstellar travel How could wormhole could be constructed ? By confining exotic matter to narrow regions to form the edges of three-dimensional space like a cube. The exotic nature of the edge material requires negative energy density and tension/pressure. In a previous work by Maccon (Wormhole Induction Propulsion (WHIP) by Eric W. Magnetic field strengths would need to be billions of Tesla so that a significant radius of curvature and slowing of c can be measured Magnetic induction technologies based on nuclear explosives/implosives might work in order to achieve large magnitude results. Featured articles Ocean Floor Gold and Copper Ocean Floor Mining Company

Réseau social de la Fing: Réseau FING Ashoka Peace: Social Entrepreneurs and Peace-Building | Social Entrepreneurs and Peace-Building Blog The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It Does Santa Exist? A Chat with Eric Kaplan (Transcript) January 19th, 2015 | by Benjamin Sobel | published in Future of the Internet | Comments Off Jonathan Zittrain: This is Jonathan Zittrain speaking. I’m on the line, wherever that is, with one Eric Kaplan, author of “Does Santa Exist? Does Santa Exist? December 26th, 2014 | by z | published in Future of the Internet | Comments Off Eric Kaplan is a writer and producer of the Big Bang Theory. Everything you should know about … warrant canaries December 8th, 2014 | by ngilens | published in Future of the Internet | 1 Comment Guest post by Naomi Gilens, J.D. Why Libraries Matter September 10th, 2014 | by z | published in Future of the Internet | Comments Off I’ve written up a piece on Medium on why libraries matter — you can find it here: Vital parts of the Web are censored, poisoned, and lost amidst truthiness. Righting the right to be forgotten

Programmes - Laboratoire d'innovation sociale (labis) - Institut du Nouveau Monde Afin d’outiller et d’accompagner les organisations, les gouvernements et les communautés, l’Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) a développé le laboratoire d’innovation sociale (labis). Le labis est un processus collaboratif pour trouver des solutions à des problèmes sociaux complexes. Le modèle du labis Le labis est un processus visant à produire de l’innovation sociale en fonction d’une problématique identifiée. Il est basé sur une réflexion collective qui tient compte de la complexité et de la créativité. Trois objectifs principaux guident son fonctionnement : Stimuler et accompagner des démarches de changement social.Créer un espace de respect, de confiance et de créativité.Concevoir et réaliser des projets ayant un fort impact sociétal. Le labis est représenté par une courbe en U comprenant cinq phases. Rôles des acteurs du labis Le rôle des parties prenantes comporte deux dimensions : S’engager clairement dans la résolution du problème complexe identifié. Le 5 phases du labis 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Read Our Blog | Genocide Intervention Network The world is marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. Let’s remember and then act to prevent and stop the genocides that are happening today. Continuing Reading & Discuss April is Genocide Prevention Month and is a time when we come together to commemorate past genocides and act to stop atrocities and prevent future ones. Continuing Reading & Discuss As the march toward genocide continues in Burma, it’s business as usual as Defense Secretary Hagel meets with his Burmese counterpart in Hawaii. Continuing Reading & Discuss Deteriorating conditions have put Burma on a downward trajectory that could end in the world’s next genocide without immediate action by the United States and the international community. Continuing Reading & Discuss Cambodia remind us that the impact of genocide is long lasting and the consequences of such a tragedy should never be allowed to go ignored. Continuing Reading & Discuss

FOI Topics and Links of the Week Google calls out Facebook. Last month, Facebook added an information download feature that made users’ data portable. But there was one big exception. A user could download any content that he had uploaded or created — photos, wall posts, messages, etc.; however, he could only get a list of his friends, no contact information that would allow him to rebuild his social network easily elsewhere. For every smartphone, someone, somewhere has an app kill switch. i(Gold)Bricks. What are the limits on employee Internet policies? A picture is worth a thousand dollars in traffic tickets. Market Captcha. —Jennifer Halbleib

Le Social Good Lab cherche à favoriser l’émergence d’un entrepreneuriat plus social En associant Innovation sociale et Innovation technologique, cet incubateur devra favoriser l’émergence de services innovants issus de nouvelles technologies et ayant une portée sociale et environnementale. « Social Good Lab », c’est le nom d’un projet monté en partenariat entre Paris Région Innovation Lab et le comptoir de l’innovation. Situé dans les 13 arrondissement, l’incubateur, qui dévoilera ce soir sa première promo au public, a effectué un appel à candidatures jusqu’au 30 Avril pour attirer toute jeune entreprise porteuse d’un projet innovant correspondant au critères de développement énoncés ci-dessus. L’objectif ? Combiner problématique de société et monde technologique. 6 projets pour encourager le développement de la démarche SOI OSEO, principal contributeur financier à ce projet avec la Ville de Paris, est en passe de reconnaitre l’ « innovation sociale ». Un partenariat public/privé pour évangéliser l’écosystème web à l’innovation sociale

Cross ‘worry’ off your holiday list with cloud storage | TechChange Deck the halls, wrap some presents and pour yourself a tall glass of eggnog: Cloud storage gives you one less thing to worry about this holiday season. Unfamiliar with cloud storage? Cloud storage is a place that ensures your personal computer files are safe in the event of a computer crash, theft or accident. We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone’s computer crashing and the subsequent loss of irreplaceable family photos and important documents. So how can you have peace of mind when computer hardware is so fickle? Protection In case of a computer crash, theft, fire or any conceivable manmade or natural disaster, your files are secure. More reliable than external hard drives Do you use an external hard drive to store and backup data? Automatic backups You can choose how many of your files to store in a cloud and how often you want to back them up. Synchronize data across multiple computers Are you the type who works on multiple computers and mobile devices? Sharing with others