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Crisis Mappers Net Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade - Download View Changelog Note that the master version can contain incompatible changes, so please read the changelog carefully when upgrading to it. Using a Hosted Version of Leaflet The latest stable Leaflet release is hosted on a CDN — to start using it straight away, place this in the head of your HTML code: Using a Downloaded Version of Leaflet Inside the archives downloaded from the above links, you will see four things: leaflet.js - This is the minified Leaflet JavaScript code. leaflet-src.js - This is the readable, unminified Leaflet JavaScript, which is sometimes helpful for debugging. leaflet.css - This is the stylesheet for Leaflet. images - This is a folder that contains images referenced by leaflet.css. Unzip the downloaded archive to your website’s directory and add this to the head of your HTML code: Using a JavaScript package manager If you use the npm package manager, you can fetch a local copy of Leaflet by running: Leaflet Source Code Building Leaflet from the Source

Geospatial Analysis - spatial and GIS analysis techniques and GIS software Transportation Is All About Real-Time Data The Global Innovation Series is supported by BMW i, a new concept dedicated to providing mobility solutions for the urban environment. It delivers more than purpose-built electric vehicles — it delivers smart mobility services. Visit or follow @BMWi on Twitter. In order to tackle urban transportation challenges in cities around the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the National Research Foundation of Singapore launched a five-year cooperative project in 2009 — Future Urban Mobility (FM) — to look at new models and technology tools aimed at sustainability. The FM team is one of four interdisciplinary research groups that are part of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre, or SMART Centre. FM is developing SimMobility, a simulation platform where researchers explore transportation, environmental impacts, energy and land use and the activities of individual travelers in the mix. Mobility On Demand LIVE Singapore The LIVE Singapore!

OpenStreetMap florida/1860slavepop Powered by WorldMap florida/1860slavepop Sign in | Create Map | View Map | Help Search for geospatial data Selected Data Refine Search By area Limit the search to data that includes features in the displayed area. Refine Rectify Images Use WorldMap WARP to upload and rectify scanned maps for use in WorldMap. 100 km 50 mi Center for Geographic Analysis The Harvard WorldMap Project WorldMap is an open source web mapping system that is currentlyunder construction. The first instance of WorldMap, focused on the continent ofAfrica, is called AfricaMap. Introduction to the WorldMap Project WorldMap solves the problem of discovering where things happen.It draws together an array of public maps and scholarly data tocreate a common source where users can: The WorldMap project aims to accomplish these goals in stages,with public and private support.

GME | SpatialEcology.Com Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Spatial Ecology LLC Before proceeding with the installation and/or use of this software please read the following terms and conditions of this license agreement. The license agreement applies to both the GME interface and the installation program. By installing or using this software you indicate your acceptance of this agreement. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, you may not download, install or use it. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to use this software and associated documentation files (the "Software") subject to the terms of this EULA. You, the user, are responsible for ensuring that the Software is used appropriately, and that the output of this Software is accurate, relevant, consistent, and otherwise error-free. You are free to copy and redistribute this software within your own organization.

Real-Time Data: You're Doing It Wrong When it comes to predicting the future, Chartbeat's CEO Tony Haile thinks you're awful. At the Mashable Media Summit, Haile spoke about the importance of real-time data and what your business should be doing with that information. "The more we think we know, the more expert we believe ourselves to be," says Haile, "and the more likely we are to trust our judgment when we shouldn't and get things wrong." SEE ALSO: The Return of Real-Time Social Environments Haile talks about replacing complex future predictions with simpler ones for right now, and looking at data as an environment instead of a generated report. The Mashable Media Summit in Pictures Presenting Sponsor: AT&T

Crisis Commons Create Flash Maps To create custom interactive maps for use in StatPlanet, you need the following: See also: To prepare the map so it can be loaded into StatPlanet, you need two layers: Map layer: This layer will contain the map shapes (e.g. regions or provinces). Borders layer: This layer will contain the map borders. (Note: since version 2.3, map text labels are automatically generated and no longer need to be added manually). StatPlanet Example Map of Kenya (map_example.fla) Step 1. Open a new document (File -> New). Step 2. Once you have created the map Movie Clips, your borders may have become hidden from view. Step 3. Once your map is ready, publish the file (File -> Publish). Step 4. In the sheet 'Import', replace the example names (which are Kenya province names) with your own names, in the order that you wish. Step 5. To change the position and size of the map, move the mouse to the bottom-right of the screen to see the map zoom controls: Step 6.

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