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Compare and Contrast By understanding similarities and differences between two things, we can increase our understanding and learn more about both. This usually involves a process of analysis, in which we compare the specific parts as well as the whole. Comparison may also be a preliminary stage of evaluation. For example, by comparing specific aspects of A and B, we can decide which is more useful or valuable. Many paragraphs whose function is to compare or contrast will begin with an introductory sentence expressed in general terms. Introductory Sentences: Differences

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GraphicRiver Poster/Picture Frame Mock-ups GraphicRiver Poster/Picture Frame Mock-ups You might be also interested: GraphicRiver Poster / Picture mock-ups GraphicRiver Photo | Canvas | Poster Frame - Mockup GraphicRiver Poster Frame Mock-Up GraphicRiver Simple Poster Frame Mockup (Vol.02) GraphicRiver Simple Poster Frame Mockup Sleep Sleeping is associated with a state of muscle relaxation and limited perception of environmental stimuli. The purposes and mechanisms of sleep are only partially clear and the subject of substantial ongoing research.[2] Sleep is sometimes thought to help conserve energy, though this theory is not fully adequate as it only decreases metabolism by about 5–10%.[3][4] Additionally it is observed that mammals require sleep even during the hypometabolic state of hibernation, in which circumstance it is actually a net loss of energy as the animal returns from hypothermia to euthermia in order to sleep.[5] Humans may suffer from a number of sleep disorders. These include dyssomnias (such as; insomnia, hypersomnia, and sleep apnea) and parasomnias (such as sleepwalking and REM behavior disorder; and the circadian rhythm sleep disorders). Physiology[edit] Hypnogram showing sleep cycles from midnight to 6.30 am, with deep sleep early on.

Just remember to aim to go to bed at least half an hour before. It's hard to get to sleep exactly when you want to. by drschuchman Aug 15

I'm going to need this so bad for my first semester at college. With 8 am classes 4 out of the 5 days, waking up in a decent mood is going to be crucial. by jasmineh Aug 15

It helped me understand why some mornings I am extremely sluggish and other times I am chipper and ready to face the day as I bolt out of bed before the alarm clock by james780 Aug 15

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