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Teach Number Patterns & Relationships Using K-3 Math Manipulatives

Teach Number Patterns & Relationships Using K-3 Math Manipulatives
↓ Skip to Main Content Home Resources Teacher Tools Numbers to Ten on the TenFrame Using a two by five array, the TenFrame supports the use of five as an anchor for early number sense. View Teacher Tool View Teacher Tool in Spanish Download Sample Lesson Plan Numbers to Ten on the MathRack Using one, two, or ten wires, the MathRack supports the use of fives, tens, and doubles as anchors for supporting automaticity of View Teacher Tool View Teacher Tool in Spanish Numbers to Twenty on the TenFrame Using multiple two by five arrays, the TenFrame supports the use of fives and tens as anchors for early number sense. Numbers to Twenty on the MathRack Using a two-wire MathRack, students recognize and apply patterns of five and ten to develop early counting. Matching Number Pairs for Eight Students practice computation strategies and identify number patterns and relationships to make eight in a variety of ways. Matching Number Pairs for Nine Matching Number Pairs for Ten Numbers to Forty on the TenFrame Online books and resources for literacy & reading for everyone Home Page Khan Academy Top 50 Free Open Source Classes on Computer Science : Comtechtor Computer science is an interesting field to go into. There are a number of opportunities in computer science that you can take advantage of. With computers increasingly becoming a regular part of life, those who can work with computers have good opportunities. Introduction to Computer Science Learn the basics of computer science, and get a foundation in how computer science works. Introduction to Computer Science: Learn about the history of computing, as well as the development of computer languages. Comprehensive Computer Science Collections If you are interested in courses that are a little more comprehensive in nature, you can get a good feel for computer science from the following collections: Programming and Languages Get a handle on computer programming, and learn about different computer languages used in programming. Computer Software Learn about software development, and the importance of software in computer programming. Computer Systems and Information Technology Web Development

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HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework Protocols in multi-service networks People have always communicated with each other – initially by face-to-face communication through gestures and sounds, then over a distance through written messages and signals in the form of fires, lights or flags. Technology, for instance in the form of electrical signals, has reduced many of the limitations of distance. Communication networks have become very important, and modern society depends on them for the smooth operation of economic and social activities. In this unit we regard a communication network as the means of interconnecting devices so that two-way communication is possible, and we shall focus on networks that interconnect telephones or computers. This unit is from our archive and is an adapted extract from Multi-Service Networks: Structures (T822) which is no longer taught by The Open University.

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