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Deep Space Sparkle

Deep Space Sparkle

Working on weaving in preschool I have learned so much from others since I started Teach Preschool. I am always amazing at the creativity of all the other bloggers out there and I am constantly sharing the ideas I read about with the teachers and children from my school. As I continue the process of setting up classrooms, I want to add fresh ideas for play in the centers/shelves. I have seen the idea of weaving all throughout blog land and then I stumbled on these blue baskets in the Dollar store and knew they would be perfect for a weaving activity in the Fine Motor center. I purchased four of the baskets for this classroom.

A Crafty Autumn Leaf Project for Kids (and Adults) Photo: Ksu/ kokokoKIDS Monday in my home means one thing--arts and crafts. My daughter and two of her homeschooled friends spend the morning with us learning about all sorts of ways to be creative and express themselves through art. Teaching (in our respective areas of expertise) to a small group of kids is called a co-op and it is one way in which homeschooled children learn. For a recent craft, we decided to make leaf animals. It turned out to be a simple project that let us hold onto autumn's colors for a little big longer -- while opening up lots of opportunities to teach the girls about science and nature. Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade It's that time of year again! The Line Design project I do with 4th grade every year is turning out wonderful! I have some great artists in the 4th grade, and even some of the ones that struggle are doing well with this project.

Room 9: Art!: We're Off to a Colorful Start! Welcome to a brand new school year! I think that 2011-2012 is going to be a year of new discoveries! The first months of summer were great and then we survived Hurricane Irene. Emotion Word Cards for Pre-K and Kindergarten Social Studies Today I’m adding a set of Emotion Word Cards to the Picture-Word Card collection. I prefer to use picture-word cards in a pocket chart near my writing center. That way, the children can take them out of the pocket chart and take them to the table if they want to copy the words onto their paper. The children know to return the card back to the pocket chart when they are finished.

Glue and Glitter Snowflakes There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). Japanese Notan This week, 5th graders will be considering line and shape as they create positive and negative space in a Notan-inspired collage. We'll begin by looking at some examples of the Japanese tradition as well as some more contemporary collages. Examples include symmetrical and assymetrical designs. I plan on having students prepare their base paper by applying strips of a musical score, which will show beneath their cut paper work, creating a first layer. Next they will fold their square of black paper in fourths, write the word fold by the 2 folded edges and cut out shapes along the 2 outside edges (the edges NOT folded).

15 Tools for Fun Science Experiments & Sensory Play - Fun-A-Day! 2.7K Flares2.6K14385----×2.7K Flares First of all, kids are the most important “tools” when it comes to their sensory play and fun science experiments! Children need to be able to touch, see, smell, hear, and (sometimes) taste as they explore the world around them. STArt: Visual Arts Basics - Clay (OPEN) Working with Clay Index Hints and Definitions For the Classroom and for the Clay Glazing All pots must be bisque fired or they will turn back to dust! Using the Kiln Bisque Firing Glaze Firing

Notan Designs Materials: - Construction Paper - Paper Squares (mine were 5" x 5") - Scissors / Exacto Knives - Glue / Gluesticks - Pencils Notan is a Japanese design concept involving the play of light and dark and having equal representation in a composition. In western culture, the positive space is usually the dominant subject of an art piece. Notan designs emphasize a balance of harmony between positive and negative space. 1. A Tree Grows (and a paper crane update) It's wonderful to see all the projects and art class lessons this tutorial has inspired. Please keep sharing photos of your artworks with me (my email address is in my blogger profile) - I love seeing them! If you share images online, please acknowledge me as the original artist and share a link to my blog.Unfortunately, I do need to remind readers that the original "Tree and Stars" painting is protected by copyright (as are all my images), which means that the use of this tutorial to create artwork or craft projects for exhibition or sale is not allowed without my consent. Please ask for consent before publishing images of your artwork or craft projects online.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the appropriate use of my images. If you are interested in discussing a licensing agreement to create a commercial product, send me an email and we can discuss it. Thank you!

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