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Fairy Tale Science Experiments. My 6 year old has been learning about Traditional Tales recently, so I’ve put together a collection of science experiments that would sit brilliantly alongside this topic. Fairy Tale and Traditional Tale Science Experiments Three Billy Goats Gruff Make a raft for the Billy Goats Gruff so they don’t need to cross the bridge, we used lolly sticks to make a basic raft shape and added corks to the bottom of one, then tested to see if they could support the weight of PlayMobil goats without sinking. Can you build bridges using different materials and see which is the strongest? Jack and the Beanstalk Build a zip wire to help Jack down the beanstalk, what happens if you change the gradient? Can you grow a bean in a jar? Can you plant your bean? What happens if you grow a bean in the dark? Can you make a beanstalk with tubes? Goldilocks and the Three Bears For little ones you could ask the children to order bowls, bed and chairs in order of size, one for each bear.

Cinderella Hansel and Gretel Peter Pan. Making The Most of Your Smart Board. I've been using the Notebook software for several years now, and have become somewhat of a go-to person on my staff for newer users. There are so many ways to make your lessons engaging and interactive for your students! I recommend reading through this post with a blank SMART Notebook file open on your computer so you can try each of the tips as you read.

The Notebook Gallery has many images and flash files to get you started with your lessons. Click the Gallery tab to explore what it contains. Right now I am looking at the menus for Gallery Essentials. Simply drag and drop items you see onto your page and explore what they can do! You will even find coins and notes for several major worldwide currencies in the picture gallery. Since my goal is to make my lessons interactive and engaging, I tend to use more of the Interactive and Multimedia items rather than simple images (or I make them interactive using this software - more on that to come!). What are you waiting for? Mrs. Thank you! How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Struggling Readers - Learning at the Primary Pond.

Some of our students are “naturally strategic” readers. You know who I mean – those kids who figure out (seemingly on their own) that they should look at the picture, or start a sentence over when they come to a tricky word. But – as I’m sure you already know – this is definitely not true for all of our students. For some kids, using decoding strategies doesn’t come quite as naturally. So what can we do to help these students? That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in today’s post: how to teach decoding strategies to struggling readers. Image from Africa Studio How do we figure out what strategies to teach struggling decoders? When we (as adult readers) encounter difficulty, we seamlessly apply a variety of strategies. If I’m reading a text that is complex for me (like a medical research article or one of my husband’s computer networking books), I’m going to find words that I’ve never seen before – scientific words or jargon. So what do I do? How should we teach decoding strategies?

Books with a Clear Problem and Solution. When teaching kids how to comprehend and/or write fiction text, often times it’s good to start with books and stories that have a clear problem and solution text structure. This means that the story line introduces characters and a problem at the beginning –> the character(s) try to solve the problem in the middle, which rises to a climax –> and at the end, the problem is solved, with the “good” guy winning.

The determining importance post, from our Reading Comprehension Series, has a great visual to SHOW this progression in fiction text. We also have lots of free, graphic organizers for fiction text structure here. *This post contains affiliate links. Books with a Clear Problem and Solution Structure Today, I’m sharing 16 of our favorite books that feature a clear problem and solution structure to help kids see how fiction texts are often composed. Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey is a pun-filled book about a family pet, Hally Tosis, who has incredibly bad breath. More Book Lists You May Enjoy: 5 Activities for Teaching Angles. 5 Activities for Teaching Angles I love teaching angles - it's short and sweet, and the students always have a lot of success with it - which makes it all the better. :)1. Interactive Math Journal Entry - this is one of my all-time favorite math journal entries.

I use this as a full-class introduction to angles - not as a station. That way, I can gauge what knowledge they come to me with, and we can talk about what we will learn while studying angles. This entry is included in my Interactive Math Journal Resource. If you download the free preview, you can grab this lesson in its entirety. 2. Get the tape out and get ready for some hands-on fun! Once we were masters at classifying angles, we could move on to measuring angles. 3. 4. 5. What are some of your best teaching ideas or activities for angles? For more 5 Activities to Teach .... posts, click HERE. Undercover Classroom: Easy~Peasy Place Value. 10 Easy Busy Bags. Parent Involvement Matters. High parent engagement can be nothing but positive, and Henderson and Berla (1994) reviewed and analyzed eighty-five studies that documented the comprehensive benefits of parent involvement in children's education.

Here are the benefits they listed for the children, parents, teachers, and the school. How Parental Involvement Helps Our kids There are many benefits to our kids when parents are involved. What are the gains? The Pros for Parents The children are not the only winners with parental involvement. Discussions help parents have a better understanding of the teacher's job and school curriculum too.

What's in it for Teachers? Guess what? Remember that your community is listening, and consistent parent involvement leads to improved communication and relations between parents, teachers, and administrators. How Parental Involvement Helps Schools Each key player in the parental involvement partnership benefits, but guess what? So what can we do to get parents on our side? Loading.. IXL | Maths and English Practice. No-Mess Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags | School Time Snippets.

For the past several weeks, Little Sis has been requesting "Going on a Bear Hunt" as one of her bedtime stories. Since it's been pretty chilly outside, I put together some non-messy sensory bags to bring the story to life. Sensory play doesn't always have to be messy! {post may contain affiliate links to Amazon}. To prep for the activity, I gathered:ziplock baggiestape (I would highly recommend duct tape!) Different materials to go along with the book For the long wavy grass, I picked some of the ornamental grass from our garden.

For the deep, cold river we colored some water blue. For mud, we dug up dirt from the garden and added water to it. For the snowstorm, we added some powdered sugar. And for the forest, we picked up some broken twigs from the yard (and when I say "we," I mean I sent my son to gather them- Ha!) Initially, I hung up the bags on the window, so baby brother could explore, too! Just make sure you double bag the mud and water ! Are you ready to go on a bear hunt?! 14 iPad Apps for Storytelling in the Classroom. Storytelling continues to gain popularity as an educational activity as it stimulates a deep thinking process, it provides opportunities for reflection and it enhances and enriches the learning experience for our students. Storytelling is a very powerful way of communicating with our peers and portrays to others who we are and what our own stories are. It also provides an opportunity to connect with a group by creating a shared experience.

This is vital in any community but more so in an educational setting where we are nurturing and fostering creativity. So here are a number of apps that provide the tools for students to participate in the long and rich history of storytelling. Just because it is in a digital format does not make it any less rich to either the audience or within the medium. Sock Puppets:Sock Puppets lets you add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Doodlecast: Storyrobe: StoryPatch: ComicStrip: