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Teaching With a Mountain View: Top 10 Tips for Building Fluent Readers + Link Up!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Top 10 Tips for Building Fluent Readers + Link Up!
We have all heard about the shift that happens, usually between second and third grade, when students (should) go from learning to read to reading to learn. Unfortunately, for some students, their ability to read to learn is stifled by their inability to read fluently. Even for those kids who can read at an average pace, the faster and more accurately they can read and decode, the more effectively they can comprehend. When I taught third grade, and now as an interventionist, the importance of fluency is empathized more than ever (and has definitely met some critics). I know that fluency is NOT the end-all, be-all, but a lot of research proves that it is important, and a lot of schools are trending toward fluency being a high priority. I have compiled a list of some of the resources and strategies I have used when teaching in the regular education classroom and as an interventionist. 1. I know what you’re thinking—this is obvious. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Day 1 of new passage ONLY: Every Day: 8.

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7 Speed Reading Software It’s one thing for a company to promise that they’ll give you your money back if you don’t enjoy their product. That doesn’t say much. We want our guarantee to show you exactly how sure we are that our software is the best in the market: We’re so confident that our award-winning speed reading system will help you read 3.471 times faster that we’ll put our money where our mouth is. Fluency Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. In order to understand what they read, children must be able to read fluently whether they are reading aloud or silently. When reading aloud, fluent readers read in phrases and add intonation appropriately. Reading Fluency Activities Reading fluency activities build reading fluency which leads to improved comprehension skills. Reading strategies to help fluency include practice reading Dolch words in sentences until they can be read smoothly without stopping or hesitating. Stopping and hesitating impede reading flow which adversely affects comprehension. In order for my students to get the practice they needed for developing reading fluency, I wrote Dolch art paragraphs for repeated reading. The paragraphs include Dolch words and are intended to be read, then illustrated.

Survival Gardening: Part 2 Survival Cache The answer to everyone’s question is “No”, we are not too late to get started on our Survival Garden for this year, not for most of the population living in the United States and Canada. It keeps snowing on me here in Utah, so I’m still waiting. This is the 2nd post in a series on Survival Gardening Read Part 1: Survival Gardening I just moved into a new place and so I haven’t been able to do my fall preparation like I normally would, but that’s just the way it is sometimes, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing. Break up the mid-winter slump, and bring Fluency Boot Camp into your classroom! What is a Fluency Boot Camp? No… you will not be shipping your students off (sorry), nor will students have to march around the room (your choice), but I can guarantee that your students’ brains will be sweating as they participate in the classroom fluency camp you create! Just like any boot camp, students will build confidence through practice and drills. You can organize it for just one day, or you can set it up to last a full-week or month! Keep in mind, after just one day, students will start melting-away their non-fluent reading habits… and by the end of the week or month, students will be on their way to becoming confident, fluent readers!

Reading - 3-Minute Reading Assessments My Home Page Welcome to the wonderful world of reading. Victoria Common Questions About Fluency The four most common questions about reading fluency are: 1) what is it?; 2) why do so many struggling readers have great difficulty in becoming fluent readers?; 3) how can we predict who is going to have trouble becoming a fluent reader? Put Reading First Fluency instruction Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly. When fluent readers read silently, they recognize words automatically. They group words quickly to help them gain meaning from what they read. Fluent readers read aloud effortlessly and with expression. Their reading sounds natural, as if they are speaking.

Survival Garden: Part 1 Growing A Survival Garden May Soon Become A Necessity! Have you considered that... survival gardening may soon be a true matter of survival and not just a choice? With the rapid decline of our financial system and food supply, grocery store produce and other products, may soon be at a crisis level shortage like we have never seen. At that point, gardening would no longer be a "choice" for a more self sufficient lifestyle, it would be a matter of survival for everyone! Using Mentor Texts to Motivate and Support Student Writers If we want students to do something well, it helps to both tell them and show them what we expect. When it comes to writing assignments, we teachers will give students directions to write a convincing essay or draft a descriptive narrative followed by telling them how to earn a good grade on it. Many of us also hand out a rubric or criteria chart that tells all the expectations for the essay. But, with all that there is to cover and the time crunch, we may sacrifice showing them mentor texts, examples of good writing. Show Not Tell

Florida Center for Reading Research From 2004 to 2007, a team of teachers at FCRR collected ideas and created Student Center Activities for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. Accompanying these Student Center Activities is a Teacher Resource Guide and Professional Development DVD that offers important insights on differentiated instruction and how to use the Student Center materials. Frequently Asked Questions About Student Center Activities Grades K-1 Student Center Activities (2005) Grades K-1 Student Center Activities (Revised, 2008) Grades 2-3 Student Center Activities (2006) Grades 4-5 Student Center Activities (2007) Student Center Activities aligned to the Common Core State Standards Student Center Activities and Instructional Routines Search Tool The K-5 Student Center Activities (SCA) and K-3 Instructional Routines search tool provides teacher's access to the 522 individual SCA and the instructional routines from Empowering Teachers.

Using Pop Songs to Improve Language Listening Comprehension Skills Songs have long been a favourite resource among EFL teachers. In this article, Larry Lynch shares his ideas for getting the most out of music in the classroom. Are your students sometimes bored in spite of your best efforts? Are you looking for some new and different techniques?

This article provides 10 different strategies for helping students become fluent readers, but what I liked about it, is that almost all of the strategies have links to helpful tools provided within the strategies. Another really cool thing about this resource is that it is written by a blogger, and at the end it includes links to other blogs on the topic. by ttribou Jul 24

I like the top ten strategies and the detailed explanation of each. I enjoyed the design of the activities for each grade level and can see how student's would enjoy, too. by calisc Jul 22

This blog is written by an elementary school teacher and reading coach.I liked the six minute solution myself. In addition to tips and ideas on improving fluency, she provides links to software, books and interactive games. by mkknowles Jul 17

This blog is great! I have used it in the past and this link is good as a fluency actvity reference. I particularly like the poetry station for improving fluency. by kjames15 Mar 11

This is an AMAZING website and honestly one of my favorite to date! This site focuses on various, fluency reading strategies, including the top 10 tips for building fluent readers with a plethora of research-based resources and ideas designed for classroom implementation. I especially enjoyed the second grade poetry fluency centers (older readers) and the vibrant task cards. I really enjoyed the bright colors and graphics found throughout the entirety of this particular site as well. by jlehman Mar 9

Went to this website just because of its name(!), but it's absolutely brilliant, too! by mcussen Feb 17

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