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I don't understand how the comments work at all. I will receive comments about one of my pearls but it doesn't seem like it is even addressed to me. ???? I also don't understand the "team" thing. by lindalib Aug 29

I hate that reorganization thing too!!! I tried turning it off that way as well, hope it works. by alwayshiei Aug 29

I'm having a pretty bad organization problem myself. I've become a sort of website hoarder, and can't seem to find an efficient organization strategy...i'm pretty sure pearling less would help with the issue, but i'm not gonna make those kinda commitments...i've just been using my drop zone lately and that helps a bit with pearls not scattering themselves about. by puffymo Aug 28

hello all.... glad to see some interest and conversation.... i almost never use the community/interactive features of pearltrees, but every once in awhile there are worthwhile comments and info that come through. regarding my pearltrees collections, all are works in progress, constantly in need of better organizing. also, the way that pearls/trees are automatically re-organized when they get too full is really annoying, screwing up much work that was done in the first place ... oh well. i tend to fill them up rather quickly. by lovevolv Aug 28

I haven't hunted around other people's trees much, but I'm always getting notices of people using my pearls. I didn't know we could have conversations, either. I'm still reorganizing after the great Delicious migration. by stacyw Aug 28

I usually delete any emails I get about pearltrees immediately. I didn't even know people could comment and now I'm wondering how many conversations I've missed out on o__O by alwayshiei Aug 28

Note that comments on a pearl go to all users who have the same pearl on their tree. :) by anniehuley Aug 27

Anyone is able to register on most of the sites for free. It does require your create a user login and password, however if you have an interest in books, or archives manuscripts, you should be able to view the materials on the sites with no issue. As I mentioned, many of the pearls I have I were imported from Delicious bookmarks and I have yet to go through and edit everything on my Pearltree site. Perhaps the best thing is to make them private to elimate any confusion or issue for other users. by desibec Aug 27

I'm sure that may be the case with many of my pearls as they are imported from my Delicious bookmarks. I am an archivist and use many library and reference sites. by desibec Aug 27

Have you checked to see how many unique sites are on your tree. You have a lot of good pearls but most require joining to obtain a user number in order to access sites I can get to without the main pearl (for example your link to the Guttenberg Library). I'll check some of yours to see if there is not a more direct way to access without joining a site first. Thanks for letting me know your picks are online. by lqguitarist Aug 27