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First Chapter Fridays Are a Fun Way to Introduce Students to New Authors. Have you heard about First Chapter Fridays yet?

First Chapter Fridays Are a Fun Way to Introduce Students to New Authors

They’re taking over the (bookish) world! First Chapter Friday is a fun, super-simple way to bring modern voices into your English curriculum each and every week and encourage your students in their independent reading. Plus, they work easily whether you’re remote or in person. How do First Chapter Fridays work? The concept is simple. Supplement your curriculum. First Chapter Fridays Are a Fun Way to Introduce Students to New Authors. Balloons Over Broadway - Google Slides. Mrs. Palin's Book Reviews. Support Online Learning with Powerful Thinking Routines – Dr. Catlin Tucker. Project Zero at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education has created a collection of Core Thinking Routines as part of their Visible Thinking Project.

Support Online Learning with Powerful Thinking Routines – Dr. Catlin Tucker

Teachers can view the entire collection on the Project Zero website, where each routine is described in detail (e.g., purpose, application, launch) in both English and Spanish. A Collection by Destiny of Virtual Field Trips For Anywhere Learning! Home Page - A Book And A Hug. 3:15 — Patrick Carman. 3:15 - Multi platform for ages 10 and up Read, watch, and listen to each chilling story in 15 minutes or less!

3:15 — Patrick Carman

3:15 means several things. It’s a time when things go bump in the night. A place where spooky stories find a home. A feeling . . . that chill running down your spine. Smore Newsletters for Education. Summary The barbershop is where the magic happens.

Smore Newsletters for Education

Boys go in as lumps of clay and, with princely robes draped around their shoulders, a dab of cool shaving cream on their foreheads, and a slow, steady cut, they become royalty. That crisp yet subtle line makes boys sharper, more visible, more aware of every great thing that could happen to them when they look good: lesser grades turn into As; girls take notice; even a mother's hug gets a little tighter. Everyone notices. A fresh cut makes boys fly. Depth & Complexity Icons – Curriculum – Carlton Avenue School. The Depth and Complexity Icons are visual prompts designed to help students go beyond surface level understanding of a concept and enhance their ability to think critically.

Depth & Complexity Icons – Curriculum – Carlton Avenue School

These critical thinking tools help students dig deeper into a concept (depth) and understand that concept with greater complexity. Carlton staff has incorporated D&C Icons into many lessons to support student learning and encourage critical thinking skills. The main Icons are listed below: Language of the Discipline- The meaning of this icon is pretty self-explanatory. The lips represent specialized language related to a topic or concept. Technology Teaching Resources with Brittany Washburn: Free Online Games that help make Reading Fun. Want to make reading fun in your classroom?

Technology Teaching Resources with Brittany Washburn: Free Online Games that help make Reading Fun

Here are some games to help you out. Games can also help your students with various computer related fine motor skills such as clicking and dragging, typing and hand eye coordination. Games with verbal instructions for struggling or pre-readers, encompassing a wide range of game types and reading skills. Sway. Digital Escape Room. Gregory Goyle: A resident of Slytherin House and friend of Draco Malfoy.

Digital Escape Room

Never turns down food. Enjoys playing the role of beater in Quidditch and picking on those who don't match his idea of what a wizard should be. He does whatever Draco Malfoy tells him to do no matter the cost or what it is. He's never seen without food, Draco, and is a follower of Voldemort who will do what he can to protect the future he wants. Draco Malfoy: Slytherin House bad boy. Ron Weasley: Carefree friend of Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger: Resident know-it-all of Hogwarts. Harry Potter: Known as "The Boy Who Lived". Free Digital ABC Memory Booklet - Teaching with Jennifer Findley. Are you needing digital end of the year activities to wrap up the school year with your students?

Free Digital ABC Memory Booklet - Teaching with Jennifer Findley

I have shared my printable ABC memory booklet several times on the blog (click here to see it and a few other printable End of the Year freebies). It is always a favorite collaborative class project for the end of the year. And now, I have a digital version to share with you! Happy Earth Day Choice Board! As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day this week on April 22, I brought together several of my favorite Capstone eBooks, PebbleGo articles about Helping the Environment and the special... ...2020 Earth Day Pledge poster that goes along with the Earth Day story and song.

Happy Earth Day Choice Board!

Many of the eBooks in the Earth Day Choice Board, including Earth Day, The Story of Earth and this series, Caring for Our Planet, are Cantata Learning book which are paired with songs and music making it fun for families to learn about these important topics together. These two eBooks are part of the Exploring the Planet with Science Projects series bringing meaningful activities around the Earth to homes too.

You will find the Happy Earth Day Choice Board here. Feel free to share it with your students, families and community too. Online Poetry Activities for National Poetry Month. National Poetry Month is celebrated in April to remind us that poetry matters.

Online Poetry Activities for National Poetry Month

Poetry can offer solace during trying moments, and now might be the time to show our learners how that works. Below are some lesson ideas that might inspire learners to document their thoughts and feelings with poetry. 16 Words: William Carlos Williams & “The Red Wheelbarrow” Are you familiar with the poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams? I learned about this poem by reading 16 Words by Lisa Rogers and Chuck Groenink. - online reading for free. Poetry Choice Board - Google Slides.

Educational Resources – MAIN TAB Landing Page - Bound to Stay Bound Books. Dreamscape - Training Page. NetGalley. WHERE AND WHAT ARE YOU READING? Welcome to Open Library. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Teachers Guides. Home - AMP Kids. PebbleGo by Capstone. LEGO MASTERS - BUILD A STORY.pdf. Moodle. Books To Enjoy...We Are One World. +50 Awesome Reading and Writing Websites to Keep Kids Learning at Home.

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Best Reading Websites for Kids (Approved By Teachers!) Audible Stories. 30 Inspiring Poetry Games and Activities for the Classroom. Some kids love poetry. Their eyes light up when they get the chance to compose their own verses. Invite Kids to Take This Color-as-You-Go Reading Challenge. Getting Primary Students Ready to Research - Staying Cool in the Library. Richard's Animorphs Forum - Animorphs eBooks. Amazing People Coming Together to Provide Online Literacy Resources. ICDL - International Children's Digital Library. Free Resources - Teachers and Parents Love Our Books! Interactive Writing and Grammar.

Squiggle Park. STORYTIME WITH RYAN & CRAIG. PebbleGo by Capstone. Macmillan McGraw-Hill.