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Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game. Welcome to Open Library (Open Library) iPad/iPod Resources. Critical Evaluation of Apps. English Writing. Visualization. A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. 15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management. Since I started my quest a few years ago searching for the ultimate knowledge management tool, I’ve discovered a number of interesting applications that help people efficiently organize information.

15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management

There certainly is no shortage of solutions for this problem domain. Many tools exist that offer the ability to discover, save, organize, search, and retrieve information. However, I’ve noticed a trend in recent years, and some newer applications are focusing more on the visual representation and relationship of knowledge. I believe this is in part due to the wider adoption of mind mapping (and concept mapping), and leveraging concepts and advances in the semantic web community. Most traditional personal knowledge management (PKM) or personal information management (PIM) applications offer the same basic set of features: These are essential features, however don’t offer too much to the more visually-inclined knowledge junkies. 15. Link: Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux Cost: Free (Open Source) 14. Learn how to code. Digital Story-Telling.

Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. Awesome Visual on How to Use Google Drive with Students. Got Permission to Upload that Video? A parent video records your spring concert and posts it online.

Got Permission to Upload that Video?

What’s to worry? A lot. You need permission from two sources: Individuals in the video or their parentsThe copyright owner. Games & Puzzles. Math Games, Worksheets & Homework Help for Kids, Parents & Teachers. Jeopardy Rocks - Jeopardy game creator for teachers. Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities. BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper. Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. National Geographic Education - National Geographic Education. This website would like to remind you: Your browser (Firefox 17) is out of date.

National Geographic Education - National Geographic Education

Update your browser for more security, comfort and the best experience on this site. Educators! Take our survey for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Xpeditions is now archived in National Geographic Education's new website— If you liked Xpeditions, you'll love the new media-rich Please note: to search for Xpeditions content, check the “include archive” filter. National Geographic Education Twitter Facebook Google+ Email Quiz Connection! Most Popular Latest Videos Giant Traveling Maps. - Maggie's Earth Adventures. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. Empowering The BYOD REVOLUTION. Sign up, Sign in.

Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. Teaching Tolerance. Online english literacy & mathematics. Kids activity games, worksheets and lesson plans. PBS KIDS Lab. Discovery Kids. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. ISRI and JASON are proud to partner on a national recycling awareness campaign to help students and educators understand the importance of recycling and the recycling industry, as well as the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics that relate to recycling.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

The campaign includes rich, standards-based, multimedia curricular experiences for students in grades K–12, to be composed of the following elements: an annual recycling competition, interactive Web-based experiences to enhance student engagement, classroom posters featuring ISRI’s key educational messages, age-appropriate hands-on activities for students in three grade bands from kindergarten through high school, fact sheets, live events with STEM role models, a national distribution network, strategies for school visits to ISRI facilities, and more.

Visit (link is external) or watch this video (link is external) to learn more about the recycling industry. Architect Studio 3D, from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. Search, Collect, and Share. SAS® Curriculum Pathways® English Lessons On American Presidents - U.S. Presidents. YouAreHere - where kids learn to be smarter consumers! In our virtual mall, you can play games, design ads, chat with customers and store owners, and much more.

YouAreHere - where kids learn to be smarter consumers!

You’ll learn key consumer concepts, such as how advertising affects you, how you benefit when businesses compete, how (and why) to protect your information, and how to spot scams. What better place to do it than at the mall! Each area of the mall focuses on a different topic. To enter, choose an area. In the mall, scroll over a store to find out more about it, then click to go inside. StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library. Elementary Nutrition Education - Childhood Health, Obesity Prevention, Nutrition Tools for Teachers, Elementary Schools, Parents Involvement, School- Home Partnerships. Welcome Health & Nutrition Providers and Professional Educators Nourish Interactive is a completely free, English and Spanish website that provides nutrition educators and healthcare providers with a variety of interactive nutrition tools to assist you in teaching the key elements of nutrition to children and parents.

Elementary Nutrition Education - Childhood Health, Obesity Prevention, Nutrition Tools for Teachers, Elementary Schools, Parents Involvement, School- Home Partnerships

We designed the website so that the parents’ webpages and nutrition tools complement the children’s games and nutritional messages. Each one of our computer games has free nutrition lesson plans. We provide a website that supports using technology in the classroom with children while facilitating promoting nutrition in the home.

This way parents and children can work together to make nutrition a key part of their everyday lives. 8 Great Word Patterns Diagnostic. Technology Flashcards. Creative applications for Makers. A Noise Level Meter built for the Classroom.  Three Ring. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Get Started With Skype. BiblioNasium - Kids Share Book Recommendations. Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books At Their Reading Level. The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education.

What is a hashtag?

The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education

A word or phrase preceded by a “#.” How do hashtags work? Twitter can be a busy place with lots of tweets–and thus lots of “noise.” A #hashtag is a way to aggregate tweets that are appended with a hashtag. Picture it like a magnet that attracts all messages categorized by that topical word or phrase. See also 50 Of The Best Education Accounts On Twitter Who can use hashtags? Anyone. Award-winning learning management system for teachers and school administrators. Livemocha - Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online. Welcome to Projects By Jen. Education.

ThingLink for teachers and schools Create visual experiences for student-centered learning Start now Trusted Partners Sign up now or contact your closest Microsoft or Google for Education reseller.


K-12 News, Lessons & Shared ResourcesBy Teachers, For Teachers. 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry. They are wrong. K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies. The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to Twitter in the classroom to create important and lasting lessons. 1.

Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments. One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in the classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes. National 4-H Curriculum. New Curriculum: What's On Your Plate?

National 4-H Curriculum

: Exploring Food Science The latest National 4-H Curriculum title examines food science with a collection of hands-on experiments-you-can-eat. Educator Overview. Engineering Adventures Curriculum Units. Station Spacewalk Game. <center><div class="site_errors"><div class="floatType_site_error_top"></div><div class="floatType_site_error"><table summary="layout table"><tr><td bgcolor="#000000"><font color="#ffffff"><h2><img src="/templateimages/redesign/modules/overlay/site_error.gif" title="Site Error" alt="Site Error"/>There's a problem with your browser or settings.

Station Spacewalk Game

</h2></font><font color="#ffffff"><p>Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. To get the best experience possible, please download a compatible browser. Code Fred: Survival Mode. Education. PowerUp Game Story. If any one out there is listening, Planet Helios is being destroyed and we need your help!

Hundreds of years ago the nations of our planet realized that the side effects from burning fossil fuels for energy were damaging the atmosphere and changing the climate. They joined together to develop and build technologies to create electricity from available renewable energy resources like wind, sun and water power. Meanwhile the planet's citizens–our ancestors– pulled together and pledged to use less energy. This ushered in a Golden Age of energy balance and ecological harmony. But a few generations later energy was plentiful, clean and cheap and conservation was no longer in fashion. CyGaMEs Selene. Wonder City Interactive Game. Web 2.0 Tools. Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment. Collaboration Web Tools. Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly Resources -

National Lab Network. Great Websites for Kids. OPEN SOURCES. Search Engines for kids! I pad project. WHEN WORKS PASS INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. The Guide to Technology Requirements. Teachers iPad Apps. Teachwithyouripad - Technology Education Apps. The best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning. Through coverage of the market, research and up-to-date analysis, Games and Learning reports on the opportunities and challenges facing those seeking to unlock the educational power of games.

Find, create and share lesson plans and teaching tools to empower your classroom. Edtech Index. Great Websites for Kids.