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La classe de Karine

La classe de Karine

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Forever in Fifth Grade: Show & Tell Tuesday-Spring is Coming! It's time once again for Show & Tell Tuesday! This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend. Thank goodness spring is almost here! We had four surprise snow days in the last couple weeks, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. It's so nice getting some extra time at home to get things done. This was the view from my office...

Learn how to speak French - Très Bien French Aurelie Therouanne Teaches: French, Spanish, English Hello! What the Teacher Wants!: 2 DIY Projects: Pop of Color and Mason Jar Storage Michael's Craft Store contacted me a little while ago about participating in their back to school Create2Educate Sweepstakes program! I was thrilled to have the chance to be involved! The projects that I planned were all centered around the the idea of cute and functional storage! (This post contains affiliate links.) Projects 1 & 2 the tattooed teacher: it's time...back from break plans as much as I am not ready mentally, physically, or emotionally I don't have a choice! I have to go back to work tomorrow! We had a workday Friday I didn't work my own personal rebellion I guess but it only hurts me I guess! So the best way to prepare is to spend the entire afternoon making plans then posting them on the blog and linking up with Deedee! all while listening to wiggle repeatedly seriously- at least 20 times. this shiz cracks us up! like right now this is my house Hubs, "give me a song!"

Fall Into First: Guess Who? Tooth Edition Hey All! Time to prepare for Science Night! Science Night is a big deal at our school and we spend so much time preparing for it. I thought I would share some ideas and information so you can take a look at this fun event. On Science Night, I hang a giant toothbrush for students and their parent to walk through. Here's an idea: Free French eBook and 5 French websites every French teachers should know! Salut! Hi everyone! If you teach French, you know how tough it can be to find resources for your classroom. My Home Page My Home Page Welcome Kensal Park Families to my class website! My name is Mme Selena Horrell and I am thrilled to be teaching your child. Spelling Letter & Book Report Information - optional until January! (1 baton per question) - scroll to the bottom of the page to download a copy.

French Fun at Calvert: It's More Than a Language Learning French opens up a whole new world of awareness for Calvert students. Not only do they learn how to listen, speak, sing, and write in French, they also learn about the ways in which French is all around them. Here are some of the bulletin boards in the French classroom that focus on French in our world: Artist of the Month Each month a different French artist is highlighted. French is Everywhere Je m'appelle Madame: Interactive Travel Assignment Idea I discovered something awesome the other day, which then resulted in me spending about three hours playing around with it. But the results are AWESOME and I feel like I must share. If you didn't know this already, you can create custom Google Maps with your own locations. This is an AWESOME way for students to go on a virtual tour of a city or even countries that speak a specific language.

Boucles d'or et les Trois Ours - Children's stories in French and English Goldilocks and the three bears Il était une fois trois ours: un papa ours, une maman ours et un bébé ours. Ils habitaient tous ensemble dans une maison jaune au milieu d'une grande forêt. translation ▼▶ Once upon a time there were three bears: A father bear, a mother bear and a little bear. They lived all together in a yellow house in the middle of a big forest. Modern Language Musings: Dynamic Displays Getting your own classroom and being able to decorate it was one of the things I was most excited about when I landed my job. The things you put on your walls can be motivating, inspiring or simply just eye-catching. In this post, I hope to show you how I've made the wall space in my room work for me. Opinions/Adjectives Board This is very much a 'working wall' hence why it is so messy! I always hammer on about how important it is to put opinions in work and this wall really helps pupils to do this in a variety of tenses, instantly making their work more interesting.

Best French Websites French teacher hints, advice and tips: I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire.

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