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Comment réaliser un livre au format EPUB ?

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HTML5 for Ebooks FAQ I recently gave a presentation during a webcast for Digital Book World called “Unlocking the Power of HTML5/CSS/Javascript.” To demonstrate the power of HTML5, I created my entire presentation with example code in HTML5 (you can purchase it here). During the presentation many questions were asked and I did not have the time to get to all of them. Below are some of the questions from the presentation and my answers.

Bookcrossing If you love your books, let them go! Sign Up | Login English (USA)en-US Pas Vrijgelaten Pas Gevangen Social Links Streaming eBook Reader, AirBookReader. Connect to your Home PC and Read All! - FAQ Broken Text (Encoding Issue) If text viewer shows broken texts, update the AirBookHome server up to date and try it again. If the problem is not fixed by updating AirBookHome, go to Advanced Settings of the AirBookHome server and change Default Text Encoding to the encoding type of the text files. How to Convert PDF to EPUB? Are you new to PDF and EPUB? Converting PDF to ePUB There are different e-book file formats and PDF is one of the e-book file formats which is independent of computer operating system, hardware or software. Computer operating system controls how computer hardware and software work whereas computer hardware are the visible parts of a computer such as the screen and the keyboard, computer software are application programs that control how computer hardware operate such as increasing brightness on the screen. PDFs are therefore readable on many computer devices since their readability doesn’t depend on computer software, hardware or Operating Systems.

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