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No Meat Athlete

No Meat Athlete

» A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet Post written by Leo Babauta. If I could make a single dietary recommendation to people looking to get healthier, it would be to move to a plant-based diet. Eating plants has been the best change I’ve made in my diet — and I’ve made a bunch of them, from intermittent fasting to low-carb experiments to eating 6 meals a day to eating almost all protein to eliminating sugar (all at various times). Plants have made me slimmer, healthier, stronger, more energetic — and have increased my life expectancy (more on all this below). Of course, the diet is simple, but moving away from the Standard American Diet to a plant-based one isn’t always so simple for most people. Changing your diet can be difficult, but in this guide I’ll share a bit about how to change, talk a bit about why, and what you might eat. What’s a Plant-Based Diet? The simple answer, of course, is that you eat plants. Why Should I Change? There are a few important reasons to eat plants: Health. How to Change Slowly cut out meat. A: No.

Plant-Based Ultraman Rich Roll's New Cookbook & Food Philosophy When we interviewed plant-based Ultraman, Rich Roll earlier this year, we were blown away by the positive response. From Ironman Champion triathletes to people who had never hopped on a bike, everyone was inspired by Rich's transformation of his body and mind. Much of the curiosity focused on one key part of Rich's reinvention: food. So while we're on the subject of eating plant-based and awesome vegan cookbooks (and this one is a bargain at $9.99), I talked to Rich about his food philosophy, the misconceptions of being a plant-based athlete, and about getting started with a plant-based diet. MBG: What's your food philosophy? RR: Food is so much more than calories. In addition, it was important to us to make it fun and inclusive -- accessible to everyone. I don't have time! Our goal is to show people they too can do it. The other aspect of the book that distinguishes it from other cookbooks is the lifestyle component. We don’t preach. Eat more plants. It really is as simple as that.

Lowtech Magazine Natural Running Fuel Recipes and Guidelines Vegetarian, vegan, or neither, what you eat around your workouts plays a big role in how you perform and recover. Conveniently for plant-based eaters, this diet is a natural fit for the common workout nutrition guidelines that focus, in general, on “lots of carbohydrate, a little bit of protein.” Here you’ll find articles on what to eat before, during, and after your workouts, as well as information on protein and other important considerdations for athletes. And of course, to help you meet these guidelines, several standby recipes that make getting the nutrition you need easy, convenient and tasty. Guidelines for fueling your workouts 10 Simple Guidelines for Eating Healthier than Ever 5 Keys to the Pre-Workout Meal Everyone Should Know The Least You Need to Know About Fueling Your Run The 7 Secrets of Post-Workout Recovery 10 Foods Worth Eating Every Single Day The Vegetarian Athlete Diet Protein: A Primer for Vegetarians Protein for Vegetarians — A Simple Guide to Getting What You Need

8 Vegetarian Athletes Martina Navratilova She has been a vegetarian for many years. Her record is one of the most impressive in professional sports. She won 18 Grand Slam titles, 31 Grand Slam women’s doubles titles, and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. She even won a Wimbledon doubles title at the age of forty-six. Phil Mickelson A three-time Master’s champion, and one of the best in the game of golf, recently he turned vegetarian in order to help combat a condition he has been suffering from called psoriatic arthritis. Carl Lewis One of the most celebrated Olympians and most decorated track and field athletes in history. Joe Namath He won a Super Bowl and was a fan favorite NFL quarterback. Mac Danzig A vegan mixed martial arts fighter who says not eating meat doesn’t hurt his performance at all. Prince Fielder A professional baseball player who stopped eating meat, he says going vegetarian made him feel better and more energetic. Brendan Brazier Robert Cheeke Related Links

4 Vegetarian Recipes for Athletes A typical athlete’s diet can contain more than 3,000 calories a day, and it's usually rich in meat and other animal proteins. But more and more successful athletes are defying the stereotype that all vegetarians are skinny and weak by taking meat out of their diets and excelling in their sports. Check out our four vegetarian recipes for the athlete’s diet, and get inspired by superstars who are doing it right. — Mary Mazzoni, Earth911 Pack on Lean Muscle When Minnesota Twins reliever Pat Neshek decided to go vegan, he wondered if he would get the iron, calcium, and other essential nutrients he needed to face the long slog of a 162-game season. He’s since adopted a diet of legumes, brown rice, and tofu, combined with juicing recipes like this one from U.K. nutrition guru Jason Vale (aka The Juice Master), whose books inspired Neshek to go veg. Dr. What you need: How to make it: You do need to have a juicer for this recipe. Build Endurance Curried Lentils with Spinach via Veg Kitchen

DoctorMyhill Lowimpactman’s Weblog See, This Is Why People Hate Vegans I hate passive aggression, so I love It's been one of my favorite time-wasting sites for years now. My friend Linda sent me a link to this recent installment, in which a self-righteous vegan leaves her omnivorous roommate a (not so passive aggressive) note, making ridiculous impositions. In case you can't make it through the whole thing, here are a couple quotations: "I can no longer tolerate seeing meat, eggs, dairy, honey, or any other products from animals in our kitchen or anywhere else in the apartment. "You could at the very least eat these things away from me, like when you're out of the house. As a vegan, I am embarrassed by things like this. The appalled reactions in the comments section reflect the damage done. I don't want people to hate vegans.

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