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SEO Trends 2014: Top 10 SEO Tips. SEO is a fluid and changing concept that constantly adapts to the business world as well as the Internet. In fact, SEO changes so rapidly that compiling this list of "SEO Trends 2014" proved difficult. SEO trends change daily, and so SEO tips that remain relevant are hard to find. The SEO advice below, however, has been carefully hand-picked as the best the Internet currently has to offer. SEO Trends 2014: The best SEO advice for today’s Internet 1. Content is still king. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

It's difficult to put all of the best SEO tips in one article, but "SEO Trends 2014" is the best compilation of SEO advice you'll find today. Understanding Algorithms: | How Google Search Works. In his latest quest to be the SEO solver, Matthew Cutts referenced an interactive infographic called "How Search Works" in a YouTube video of the same name.

If you've ever wondered how Google finds the information that it does and ranks most of the content on the Internet, this infographic can give you some more information. The infographic is not a PDF but rather an interactive set of pages that go through the process of Google search. Ultimately, it gives the viewer an in-depth look into how Google search works both on the surface and behind the gears. While it's an interesting view if you want to learn about Google search and other search engines, it's actually a great tool to use for publishers and marketers when Google is not happy with their site. Take A Look at Crawling and Indexing The infographic has three main sections, which begin with how Google actually has found those trillions and trillions of web pages. How Pages are Ranked "We Fight Spam 24/7" Are Responsive Designs bad for SEO? | Knowledge Center. Matt Cutts answered a question today on the YouTube Google Webmaster Channel if responsive designs are bad for SEO ranking purposes.

He answers that responsive designs are not bad for SEO ranking purposes when you setup the URL direction properly for your website. It's important to not divide your PageRank (which hasn't been updated since April 2013) between your desktop version and mobile version. Responsive designs prevent this from happening by keeping the single site versus directing someone to a (mobile subdomain) using CSS manipulation. Responsive Design: Adapting to Mobile Devices Mobile websites started as a way to deliver a page of content easily to the latest phones with Internet capabilities.

The sites were usually quite simple and coded specifically to help the mobile user quickly load pages and navigate to different links. However, now mobile websites are much more complex. What is Responsive Typography? User Accessibility is Key. How to Properly Use The Google Disavow Tool | Knowledge Center. The Google Disavow Tool - What is it, and what can it do? This section of the Knowledge Center covers what the Google Disavow Tool is, how to properly use the Google Disavow Tool, and the step-by-step process for using it for your website.

For a long time, site owners or webmasters would build links or "votes" from other websites to give validation from one source to another with a stamp of approval. This tactic was deemed worthy for a long time, until it became saturated like every other "flavor of the month" tactic novice marketers would implement before the next Google algorithm or data refresh was released. Not until most recently with the Panda and Penguin updates have webmasters been able to control what sites give credit to their website when being accessed. The Google Disavow Tool was released late last quarter after some algorithm updates. The “disavow link tool” allows you to sync your site with Google and grants access to your back link profile. Step 4: Now the fun begins! Helpouts by Google - Expertise Coming Soon | Helpouts by Google - Expertise Coming Soon. The launch date has been set for Google Helpouts, which will be an all-new way to get help from Google.

The launch of Google Hangouts has been largely successful, and with this new platform, it looks like the biggest search engine wants to give people another way to ask questions and get answers with others who who can provide assistance and advice. Google+ communities have been buzzing with excitement over this new release, and it looks to be largely successful. What are Helpouts? Google Helpouts will be the new way to find connections with others who can help, or you can offer help to others with live video. These sessions can happen at any time and any place. Many people have already been approved to join Google Helpouts, so if you received an invitation code this past October and sent in your listings, you will likely see an approval within the week. When Can I Use Helpouts? How It Will Help Businesses and Experts What are Current Help Topic Categories?

What to Expect from Helpouts. It's here: | All New Google Plus Cover Photo Look. If you haven't already noticed yet, the Google Plus Cover Photo has a new look. As most of us were just getting used to the look and feel of Google+, they shifted the profile UI (User Interface) to have a more Twitter / Facebook feel rather than the giant canvas image up top. Here's a look at what the Google Plus Cover Photo used to look like before the change: You'll notice that before the change, the Google Plus cover photo was enormous, showcasing beautiful background images, but it was a little slow to load initially and sometimes difficult for users to understand there is something below the fold.

Now here's a look at the all new Google Plus cover photo look: You'll notice the same image in the cover photo, but they've shrunken it down a ton, as well as moved the information about the Googler over to the left hand side with their profile picture. Let's also take a look at some past Google+ redesigns as the year has passed. It's here: Custom URLs for Google Plus Pages. Today, alongside all of the other recent exciting update announcements, Google started releasing custom URLs en-masse for many business pages. This proves the longevity of Google+, showing that the social media is clearly here to stay. Custom URLs for Google Plus Pages - it's about time! Businesses and individuals can now connect and share things with people more easilyby directing them to a URL (e.g.,

Although it is kind of a bummer that we can't get the same URLs we have on our other social media sites... From what I've seen, they're releasing more of them to pages first and profiles are said to be on the way. Requirements to Create a Custom Google+ URL Google+ announced a few requirements that must be met in order to be able to create a custom URL for a Google+ page.

The page must have a profile photoThere must be a minimum of 10 followersThe account must also be 30 days or older Custom URLs for Brands & Businesses Benefit of Custom URLs. How can you benefit from it? | Google Ripples - What is it? If you enjoy graphs, charts, and other visual representations of data, you're sure to like Google Ripples.

Of course, you might be like many people who haven't yet heard of this service, even though it can help Google+ users and perhaps be a new way for marketers to look at social media. However, Ripples has been around since 2011, so we're here to give you the rundown. Ripples Making Waves To put it plainly, Ripples allows you to see a post go viral when you share it publicly. Ripples works like this. The original poster appears in the center of the diagram. As you'd expect, the bigger the circle, the more secondary shares the item has gotten. One of the fun features of Google Ripples is the ability to view shares over time. Viewing Google Ripples Ripples are easy to see. Replace "URL" with the actual page. If a website hasn't been shared publicly to Google Circles, no Ripples will appear.

Using Ripples Still An Experiment. A Closer Look at the 2014 Web Design Trends. The Web is a continuously-evolving mechanism, and what was popular this year may not be the same for the next. There are various 2014 web design trends to follow and even use on your site for the next year. There are always edgy techniques and ideas that are constantly upgrading the user experience.

In the end, your content, site design, and features can always be upgraded and tweaked to provide a better experience for the user and even give you some essential tools to create better content and drive traffic. While a 2014 web design trend may not be specifically geared for your audience, it's a good idea to keep updated on what's available and what has become popular for all types of site design. One thing is clear: Web design is utilizing various responsive designs to handle all of the traffic from mobile devices, and it's likely that this will evolve further for 2014. Here's a look at some of the other web design trends. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Upcoming 2014 Web Trends: Desktop Sites Synced with Mobile Devices | Upcoming 2014 Web Trends: Desktop Sites Synced with Mobile Devices. We live in a digital mobile world. Did you know that more than four billion mobile devices are currently activated across the globe?

It's a technology that is forcing those in web design to develop methods to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users that are browsing the Internet. As these innovations continue to grow, the need for integrated desktop management is becoming more and more prevalent. With the closing months of 2013, technology makes many think of what 2014 web trends will be forthcoming. Crossing Barriers of Programming Languages Before the advent of universal languages that can be used on virtually any device, such as JAVA and HTML, computer systems relied on specific coding dedicated to its operating system. What kind of implementation does this cross-device integration have on the general populace of those using mobile technology?

Syncing the Desktop World with Mobile Technology The Effects of Desktop Synchronization The Future of Web Design Security Implications. Responsive Typography an Upcoming 2014 Web Trend. Responsive design for websites is undoubtedly one of the trends dominating the online marketing world going forward. Any company that is looking to survive and thrive in the new business landscape must incorporate at least the basics of responsive design into its website. Having mobile ready sites with responsive design includes responsive typography, which many reputable sources consider to be the bulk of the actual functionality of responsive web design. Having responsive typography is therefore becoming ever more important, especially in industries that are based on technical skill. Many designers don't take typography seriously, but it can seriously have a positive or negative effect on the user browsing. What is Responsive Typography? When a company incorporates responsive typography into its responsive web design, it is basically designing web copy to fit the various screen sizes that exist in different industries.

A. B. How to Determine the Best Technology to Use Optimal Typography. What is Parallax Storytelling? Parallax is a word that many people aren't familiar with. Originally used as a video game design element, the parallax movement was revived in the last few years. It became one of the Web design trends that could greatly influence user experience. Even though parallax is popular, it's difficult enough to implement that not everyone has tried their hand at it. In the right hands, however, this trend is functional and beautiful.

Websites that tell stories can especially benefit from this type of scrolling, which is why parallax storytelling might be the next big thing of 2014. Parallax scrolling hit the Internet in 2011 with Nike's "Better World" website. In a traditional example of parallax storytelling, clicking the different options in the navigation menu moves you further down the page rather than to a new one. Because some images appear "closer" to the viewer than the background, parallax is like watching a movie. It's not just small websites that use parallax, either. Time to Upgrade! | Why You Need a Responsive Design in 2014. Among popular web design trends, responsive design (RWD) is by far the most relevant and effective when it comes to creating a professional web design. The vast majority of consumers use a mobile device to access crucial online services, so having a website that looks great on mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers is essential.

Responsive websites automatically adapt to fit the resolution of the device your visitors are using, ensuring that your website looks the way it was meant to no matter where your visitors are viewing it from. Versatility and innovation are the qualities that make RWD one of the most exciting upcoming 2014 web design trends. Unique from Mobile Websites Unlike mobile websites, responsive web design allows you to use the same code across all devices. While dedicated mobile websites operate on an individual server and require unique coding, responsive design all works off of the same framework. Improved Visuals Search Engine Optimization Applications. Are Responsive Designs bad for SEO? | Knowledge Center. Benefits of Responsive Websites. Web Design Flashback! | The Top 2013 Web Design Trends Recap. It's safe to say that the Internet has grown substantially in the past few years, but it felt like there were even more trends and changes in 2013 for web design specifically.

From content to responsive site design, there are a few 2013 web design trends that were more prominent than others. These were the top 10 that simply stood out for web development and design in 2013. 1. Content is King If you venture into the web design world long enough, you'll inevitably see a never-ending mantra on the keys to good content, how to avoid bad content and how to spruce up your boring, old content. 2. As the number of devices that can view web site content has increased, the main goal for web designs has been to simplify design and make options more accessible for users on all devices. 3. Possibly now more than ever, web design trends focus on the user's experience with a site. 4. Ever since Windows 8 for desktops, it's clear that there is a new type of interface in town for desktop browsing. 5. Google Algorithm Updates: | Penguin 2.1 - It's going to be Cold this Winter.

Google is constantly striving to make a better experience for its users. Implementing SEO has always been a key part of creating a positive experience, however, some web developers are having difficulty keeping up with the constant changes. The newest addition to the Google algorithm builds off of the 2012 release of Penguin. The new Google algorithm update, Penguin 2.1, has been designed to further perfect the system.

Alongside Penguin 2.1 is Google Hummingbird, an additional algorithm that was unveiled a few months ago, further filters results. These new results are displayed on a brand new engine that combines new and old features. Does Penguin 2.1 Affect You? Most people are apprehensive whenever Google announces a new update. Penguin 2.1 launching today. For the most part, “white hat” SEO techniques will not be affected. To check to see if you are affected by this update, simply start monitoring traffic. Prepare for Penguin 2.1 One of the biggest changes is how Google views links. SEO in 2014: | The 2014 SEO Ranking Factors.

All New # Hashtag Google Search Available in the SERPS | All New # Hashtag Google Search Available in the SERPS. Site Names Replacing URLs in Google SERPs? | Site Names Replacing URLs in Google SERPs? FAQs: | Troubleshooting Google Authorship Guide. Google In-Depth Articles: Long Articles Now More Desirable. AuthorRank. The Reduction of Google Authorship in SERPS Confirmed. New Bing Authorship Addition with Klout Integration | New Bing Authorship Addition with Klout Integration. 2014 SEO Trends to Remember in the New Year | 2014 SEO Trends to Remember in the New Year. Linked Open Data (LOD) - The Future of Subject Engine Optimization. SEO Tips: | How Google Trends Can Help Your SEO. SEO Trends: | Unlocking SEO Possibilities with Semantic Search in 2014. How to Conduct Keyword Research? | Keywords Not Provided are Now Organic Referrals. How Social Media Plays into Local SEO | How Social Media Plays into Local SEO.

The All New Google Hummingbird Algorithm Is Here | The All New Google Hummingbird Algorithm Is Here. SEO in 2014: | What Does Google Hummingbird Mean for Small Businesses. Google Celebrates 15 Years of Search with Hummingbird Engine Overhaul | Google Celebrates 15 Years of Search with Hummingbird. Google Hummingbird Social Signals: What Everyone Forgot About. Pubcon 2013: What to Learn and Expect in 2014 from Google.

How Semantic Search is Being Used | How Semantic Search is Being Used. The Importance of and Search. Subject Engine Optimization: The New SEO. Are Directory Links Dead? It's about Niche Directories | Are Directory Links Dead? It's about Niche Directories. Canonical URLs. Ecommerce Marketing Checklist 2013 | Ecommerce Marketing Checklist 2013. The Rise of the Google Zebra Algorithm | The Rise of the Google Zebra Algorithm. The Merchant Quality Update aka Google Zebra Algorithm. Internet Marketing. No Digital Marketing, No Business | No Digital Marketing, No Business. Business Social Media.

Why is there no Degree for SEO? | Why is there no Degree for SEO? Mobile Search Engine Algorithm Update | Mobile Search Engine Algorithm Update. 7 Things We've Discovered About Google Local Maps | 7 Things We've Discovered About Google Local Maps. Google Local Carousel Clicks Case Study | Google Local Carousel Clicks Case Study. New Hover Feature for Google Maps Local Search? | New Hover Feature for Google Maps Local Search? Google Local or Google Places - Which is More Effective? | Google Local or Google Places - Which is More Effective? Is PageRank Dead? Or Just due for a Refresh? | Is PageRank Dead? Or Just due for a Refresh? PR Jump. 2013 December Pagerank Update Goes Unnoticed for Most. We Weigh in on the Press Release Link Value | We Weigh in on the Press Release Link Value.

Watch Out Businesses - | Reputation Management Targeted by Google. Are Google Search Results Becoming Too Ad Cluttered? | Are Google Search Results Becoming Too Ad Cluttered? Google Shared Endorsements: Your Face to Appear Soon. Google Announces Changes to Adwords Quality Score | Google Announces Changes to Adwords Quality Score. Large Banner Ads Showing on Branded Queries within Google SERPs.