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VnStat - a network traffic monitor for Linux and BSD. MRTG - Tobi Oetiker's MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher. What it does You have a router, you want to know what it does all day long?

MRTG - Tobi Oetiker's MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

Then MRTG is for you. It will monitor SNMP network devices and draw pretty pictures showing how much traffic has passed through each interface. Routers are only the beginning. MRTG is being used to graph all sorts of network devices as well as everything else from weather data to vending machines. MRTG is written in perl and works on Unix/Linux as well as Windows and even Netware systems.

News Steve Shipway has written a book on MRTG. Download MRTG is free software. If you run into trouble, check out support options. Sans titre. Captures network traffic, calculates statistics about usage, and serves reports over HTTP.

sans titre

Features: Traffic graphs, reports per host, shows ports for each host. Embedded web-server with deflate compression. Asynchronous reverse DNS resolution using a child process. Small. High Performance Network Monitoring Solutions based on Open Source and Commodity Hardware. La cyber-résilience : une approche nécessaire et pragmatique de la sécurité informatique. Accueil > Publications > Le journal des DSE > Nouvelles menaces Les cyberattaques actuelles (plus nombreuses, plus complexes, plus sophistiquées) imposent aux entreprises d’adopter une autre posture que celle consistant à un empilement de solutions de sécurité pas toujours adaptées.

La cyber-résilience : une approche nécessaire et pragmatique de la sécurité informatique

Les organisations doivent modifier leur positionnement en matière de sécurité et passer d’une attitude défensive axée sur les programmes malveillants à une approche à la fois stratégique, proactive et pragmatique : une approche cyber-résiliente. La cyber-résilience consiste à gérer la sécurité en adoptant une approche qui implique les individus, les processus et la technologie. Elle impose une méthodologie à la fois solide et évolutive de gestion, d’analyse et de minimisation des risques.

Elle se pose comme le meilleur garant du capital informationnel des entreprises, organisations, états et individus. La cyber-résilience : une approche nécessaire et pragmatique de la sécurité informatique. VPN. SecurityKISS - Free VPN Service. FREE VPN Service Provider: Online Privacy & Internet Security. 20+ Free VPN Tools for Anonymous Internet Surfing or Browsing. Free VPN tools protect your online identity by securing all web transactions that you do while shopping, filling out forms, and downloads through HTTPS protocol and thus making your identity invisible to third party websites and ISP’s.

20+ Free VPN Tools for Anonymous Internet Surfing or Browsing

These anonymous browsing tools keep you anonymous for your entire web session and protect your passwords, credit card numbers, from hackers or network snoopers. Below is a list of 20 tools that creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop or iPhone and Internet gateway. The impenetrable tunnel created by VPN tools prevents snoopers, hackers, ISP’s, from viewing your web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network. JonDonym Software Downloads. Techniques d'attaques. 10 Ways to Protect Against Hackers. Hackers are a scary bunch—whether working as part of a criminal syndicate or an idealist with a political agenda, they’ve got the knowledge and the power to access your most precious data.

10 Ways to Protect Against Hackers

If hackers want to target a particular company, for example, they can find vast amounts of information on that company just by searching the web. They can then use that info to exploit weaknesses in the company’s security, which in turn puts the data you’ve entrusted to that company in jeopardy. Think of your home computer as a company. What can you do to protect it against hackers? Instead of sitting back and waiting to get infected, why not arm yourself and fight back? Bad guys, beware. Update your OS and other software frequently, if not automatically. ZeuS Tracker. Join the fight against phishing. PhishLabs. Online Webpage Scanning for Malware Attacks. Here Are 200+ Tutorial Videos On Cryptography! 1.

Here Are 200+ Tutorial Videos On Cryptography!

CISSP Training - Cryptography Description: This video on Cryptography is part of our CISSP certification Training Series. (ISC)2 CISSP certification is one of the top security certifications you can achieve, and our expert instructor walks you step by step trough all 10 domains in the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). 2. Theory and Practice of Cryptography This is a talk from Google Tech Talks 2007. 3. Elliptic curve cryptography is an approach to public-key cryptography based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. 4.

This is a class lecture on AES from the Washington University. 5. Tutoaraon homomorphic encryption by Shai Halevi, presented at Crypto 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA. 6. These are 200 tutorial videos that can be quite useful for Cryptography learners. 7. If that's not enough for you, here are another eight tutorial videos on the subject. Want To Learn Wi-Fi Hacking? Here Are 10 Good Websites For You! 1.WildPackets WildPackets Inc, founded in 1990, develops hardware and software solutions that drive network performance, enabling organisations of all sizes to analyse, troubleshoot, optimise, and secure their wired and wireless networks. 2.Wireshark.

Want To Learn Wi-Fi Hacking? Here Are 10 Good Websites For You!

15 Penetration Testing Tools That Every Pen-Tester Can Use! 1) Metasploit This penetration testing framework is very popular amongst hackers and penetration testers all over the world. It is based on the 'exploit' concept, which refers to a code that can break past a system's security measures. 50 Best Hacking Tools! Top 19 Free Or Low Cost Network Defense, Discovery And Mapping Tools. Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC) 6 Months, Training, Course, Certification - Institute of Information Security, Mumbai(India)

CISC is 6 months training in information security for amateurs and professionals to make you an expert in the field of Information Security.

Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC) 6 Months, Training, Course, Certification - Institute of Information Security, Mumbai(India)

The course is ideal for those wanting to differentiate themselves from candidates with an undergraduate degree only, as well as those already in industry wishing to advance their skills in this constantly evolving area. Many companies are actively recruiting security specialists and this course will prepare graduates for senior technical and management positions in many industry sectors. SecureNinja - IT Security Training & Certification Bootcamp. ModSecurity: Open Source Web Application Firewall. CryptAGE, tout sur la cryptographie. PING - Le Tutorial Facile.

Stats Nov 2010 82'909 Visiteurs 146'476 Pages196 paysStatistiques completes Aidez-nous à traduire nos tutoriaux! Réseau Ping Dern. mise à jour: 22-09-2010. Ping Tutorial: 15 Effective Ping Command Examples. As you already know, ping command is used to find out whether the peer host/gateway is reachable.

Ping Tutorial: 15 Effective Ping Command Examples

If you are thinking ping is such a simple command and why do I need 15 examples, you should read the rest of the article. Ping command provides lot more options than what you might already know. Ping Example 1. SMSI et ISO 27001. On réduit souvent la problématique de la documentation d'un SMSI a besoin de construire un systèmes documentaire sur 4 niveaux : Mais les besoins de construire la documentation d'un SMSI vont bien au delà du seul besoin de documenter les processus liés à la sécurité.

SMSI et ISO 27001

La rédaction des procédures doit permettre une meilleure compréhension du processus. Le fait d’écrire facilite un raisonnement rationnel scientifique. Metasploit Fundamentals. TUTO HACK - Attaque avec Metasploit Framework (ARMITAGE) - Pwned & Co © Yeaaaah bienvenue à toutes et à tous sur cet article qui va traiter d'un des nombreux outils disponibles sur Backtrack 5 R2. Nous allons aborder aujourd'hui un outil que j'aime beaucoup car il permet de faire beaucoup de choses. Il s'agit de Metasploit Framework, un outil développé par les labos de Rapid7 en langage Ruby, disponible sous Linux et Windows. Register for FITSP. Apprendre le hacking - Les bases du hack et la sécurité informatique, le site du vrai hacking. iCTF 2011 > Challenge 31 - Reverse 150 Challenge 31 - Reverse 150 Le challenge 31 était le plus facile des reverse de cette année. Le but étant toujours de faire sortir à l'exécutable un numéro de compte. Le main commence à 0x8048514 avec le prompt "Enter key:".

Ensuite, le programme prend 0x30 caractères sur l'entrée standard qui doivent être des chiffres ou des lettres minuscules entre a et f inclus. Apprendre le hacking - Les bases du hack et la sécurité informatique, le site du vrai hacking. Des outils pratiques pour les hackers. Bonjour les ami(e)s, nous avons déjà vu comment devenir un bon hacker, aujourd’hui je vais vous présenter une liste des logiciels et outils qui sont utiles pour les hackers et les auditeurs en sécurité .

Pour cela, il est préférable d’avoir la distribution Backtrack installé sur une machine virtuelle. Des outils pratiques pour les hackers.