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Health. Treats. Toys and Fun Ideas. Making an escape proof x-pen and toilet training ideas for crates. If you have a Precision exercise pen, doesn't matter what the hight, and you buy one of the size of 24 inches in hight, you can take apart the 24 inch pen- so that you have two segments consisting of 2 panels.

Making an escape proof x-pen and toilet training ideas for crates

Then if you zip tie the two segments together so they form a square of 4 segments, you can then zip tie this 'roof' to the top of your original x-pen when it is in the shape of a square- you will leave one segment free of zip ties to be used as a 'door'. Once you have completed zip-tying, remember to cut off the hanging bits. You can use the fasteners that came with the x-pen to lock the 'door' when you leave the dog alone.

If your dog is not yet house trained you can try this method of preparing the base of the crate, this particular method is for a dog that doesn't like chewing and tugging. Do More With Your Dog! Trick Dog titles, instructor certifications. How to Occupy (and Tire Out) a Dog Who's Bored and Restless. 6 Ways I Deal with My Dog, Whose Energy Level Is WAY Higher Than Mine. I’ve read tons of articles advising prospective dog owners to choose a dog that matches your energy level.

6 Ways I Deal with My Dog, Whose Energy Level Is WAY Higher Than Mine

Dog Star Daily. Part 2: Dog Body Language: How to Tell if a Dog is Happy, Frustrated, Scared, Annoyed - Smart Dog University. Imagine that from the minute you wake in the morning until you lay your head down at night, that someone is bugging you.

Part 2: Dog Body Language: How to Tell if a Dog is Happy, Frustrated, Scared, Annoyed - Smart Dog University

You've got someone tugging on you, someone talking to you, you can't get a moment to yourself. Not one second to yourself. Now imagine that's what happens every day. You've tried to hide from the person, you've tried giving them the slip, you've tried ignoring the person. Nothing. What Leash is Best for Your Dog? (Video) - Smart Dog University. Wait and Stay: What's The Difference? - Smart Dog University. Three Cool Calm Dog Tricks. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS June 19, 2009 Play dead (a.k.a.

Three Cool Calm Dog Tricks

Lie on back or sunbathe) You know your dog is the coolest canine on the block. Want your friends and family members to know too? Whether your pooch is 7 weeks or 17 years old, he can learn flashy tricks and enjoy performing them too. Bang (a.k.a: Lie on your side) Start with Fido lying down with his belly on the floor. First, place the treat to the side of his nose just enough so Fido will turn his head a little. With each step, lure with the treat so that he turns his head more. When you get to the point that it's easy to present a treat and have him immediately lie on his side, where he stays, you can start pointing your finger like a toy gun if you're going to call the trick "bang.

" Next add the cue word. Play Dead (Lie on Back) With a slight revision of "bang" you can change the trick to "lie on back. " By the way, when my Jack Russell wants my attention at night, he sometimes lies on his back and then growls while wagging his tail. Intro. to Treibball K-9 Coach™ - K-9 Coach™ - Bed & Bark. Animal Training and Behavior Resources. DrYinPupSocializationList.pdf. Free Downloads: Posters, Handouts, and More! For those of you who are new to this web site or who have not had a chance to examine it thoroughly yet, I want to direct you to the many free, professional-grade, downloadable resources.

Free Downloads: Posters, Handouts, and More!

Feel free to share these resources and link to these pages, using the title of the pages as your linking text. Buffalo NY Dog & Puppy Training, Obedience, Behavior Modification. Need help training your dog? Learn all the best methods! Your Dog Isn't the Only One Pulling! Leash Skills for Humans. Atlanta Dog Trainer, K9U certified professional dog trainer Susuan Giordano. About K9U K9U’s owner Susan Giordano is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Atlanta Dog Trainer, K9U certified professional dog trainer Susuan Giordano

Susan graduated from Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws Intern Academy, one of the country’s most respected and comprehensive dog trainer programs. She regularly attends seminars and workshops given by the best instructors and theorists in the dog training field, including Bob Bailey, Karen Pryor, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Susan Garrett, Temple Grandin, Kathy Sdao, John Rogerson, Myrna Milani, Veronica Boutelle, and Kathy Cascade (T-Touch Practioner). While running her own business, Susan was also the Director of Training & Education for rescue organization Our Pals Place.

Susan holds a Master’s degree in Education from Boston University. Philosophy Susan believes in doing no harm, emotionally or physically. Treating Reactive Barking. The sport for vermin hunting dogs of all sizes. BAT Steps for Reactivity. BAT® helps animals gain confidence and social skills.

BAT Steps for Reactivity

BAT is a natural method that creates an emotionally safe interaction with minimal intrusion. BAT is especially useful when the “triggers” for frustration, aggression, or fear are living beings, for example when dogs bark at or bite other dogs or people. BAT gives animals maximum control of safety and other significant events in their lives.BAT arranges safe scenarios where animals can socialize naturally and interact with triggers in socially acceptable ways. What to Practice: Recall cueBAT Leash Skills – practice wandering walks without a triggerBAT set-ups (See the new BAT Bascis PDF)Survival Skills for Real Life. Dogmantics Dog Training.