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ROLLIN` SAFARI - what if animals were round?

ROLLIN` SAFARI - what if animals were round?

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Photographs taken inside of instruments There’s something other-worldly about these shots by Mierswa Kluska for the Berlin Philharmonic, which take a fascinating perspective from within the acoustic instrument. The internal landscape draws parallels to the architecture of buildings, and with a bit of imagination you can almost feel the unique tone and life of each acoustic instrument just by looking inside them. Inside instruments

Bonnes blagues de matheux Plus y a de gruyère, plus y a de trous. Et plus y a de trous, moins y a de gruyère. Donc plus y a de gruyère, moins y a de gruyère. Les amis de mes amis sont mes amis, Les amis de mes ennemis sont mes ennemis, Les ennemis de mes amis sont mes ennemis, Les ennemis de mes ennemis sont mes amis.Une illustration appropriées de la règle des signes ! L'arithmétique, c'est être capable de compter jusqu'à vingt sans enlever ses chaussures.Walt Disney Alliances pour matheux !

Simon's Cat Welcome to the Simon's Cat Youtube channel! Don't forget to subscribe! If you're already a fan on YouTube, why not check out our Facebook page too! mechanisms-steampunk-armored.html?fb_action_ids=10151937692971805&fb_action_types=og Vladimir Gvozdeff's illustration series Mechanisms depicts a wonderful bestiary of armored, mechanical creatures in steampunk style, surrounded by the detritus of contrafactual Victorian inventorship. Some of my favorites after the jump: владимир гвоздев & gvozdariki (via Pipe Dream Dragon)

énigmes et puzzles – table des matière A >>> Cadenas >>> Cailloux d'Ozanam >>> Calabi (nombres de - ) Take college and university courses online completely free In recent years massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a trend in online education. The term was coined in 2008 by David Cormier, manager of web communications and innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island. The first MOOC was created the previous year, at Utah State University. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of courses available online at no cost. Défis de calcul posé Depuis plusieurs années je fais, une fois par semaine, ce que nous appelons un défi des 10 minutes. J’affiche 3 opérations. Les élèves ont 10 minutes chrono pour les poser, faire la somme des 3 résultats et décoder un mot-mystère.

Meet the 20-Year-Old Who Built a YouTube Product Review Empire Robyn Twomey Marques Brownlee is a YouTube sensation. The tech-review prodigy has 1.8 million subscribers—more followers than Kanye West, Marvel, or Disney Animation. Under the username MKBHD, he tests everything from cameras and headphones to Google Glass and the latest Tesla. This summer he got his hands on a sapphire crystal display rumored to be for the iPhone 6. Humour/bêtisier dimanche 23 février 2020 Crypto, l'affaire d'espionnage qui ébranle la Suisse Par Didier Müller, dimanche 23 février 2020 à 06:46 - Humour/bêtisier lu 393 fois - aucun commentaire lundi 13 janvier 2020 Qu'est-ce qui gravite autour de la Terre ? Something surprising happens to your body when you freedive Featured image: Photo of freediver Hanli Prinsloo by Annelie Pompe. In 1949, a stocky Italian air force lieutenant named Raimondo Bucher decided to try a potentially deadly stunt off the coast of Capri, Italy. Bucher would sail out to the center of the lake, take a breath and hold it, and free-dive down one hundred feet to the bottom.

Jeux Strag : le défi Strag est un jeu de stratégie opposant deux joueurs, dont le but est de contrôler la couleur du dernier pion restant. Jouer à Strag contre l'ordinateur. How to Study Abroad in Europe Without Breaking The Bank by Robert Montenegro Studying abroad is awesome. Anyone who has the opportunity to do so yet opts not to is really missing out. I personally believe immersing yourself in another culture makes you a better, more empathetic person. It's the whole "seeing the world through other people's eyes" thing. The whole experience is also loads of fun and, depending on how you play your cards, a relatively affordable way to see parts of the world you'd otherwise not be able to visit.