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Cloth Doll Making snowy day hat pattern (free!) Friday morning we woke up to a blanket of white snow. I’d been enjoying the snow-free weather, but then I remembered how pretty snow is. So pretty. I love the quiet that comes with it, too. To celebrate the first snow I made a hat from an old sweater. I made a printable pdf for you! Fold your sweater back along the side seam so you have the front and back layers on top of each other. Cut along the pattern piece, adding about 1/2″ for seam allowance. You’ll have a big pattern piece. Fold it on top of itself with right sides together and sew where indicated: Flip your hat open so both back piece are face up and sew the top seam together. Repeat with your lining fabric. With right sides together, pin the lining into the sweater fabric. For the braids, use your sleeve to cut 3 strips. Then sew them together at the top and braid until you are almost finished. Now unpin the earflap part where your lining and outer fabric meet and stuff in the braid. Sew it up, leaving a 3″ space to turn it.

how to make a dream pillow- moon phases free pattern | 5 orange potatoes I like to give my little ladies new dream pillows every year on the night of the winter solstice. I started this tutorial back in July of 2009, but never got around to finishing it. Seriously, this post has been sitting, partially finished, in my dashboard for over a year! I felt now was a great time to share the pattern and how to. What you need:gray felt yellow feltblack cotton emb. flossyellow cotton emb. floss silver shiny emb. flossstraight pinsscissors dry herbs wool or polyfill stuffing Step 1- Cutting out the moon shapes You should have 3 pieces: 2 full moons and one crescent moon. Step 2: The detailing **Click on the orange links for “stitch how to” I used the split stitch for the details in the moon. Now split stitch the eyes and craters on the full moon piece. Whip stitch the crescent moon to it’s gray backing. Step 3: Stitching the moons together Put right sides together of both moons now. Step 4: Add dried herbs and filling. Herbs for the pillow- “That’s all.”

Miss B. Couture | Free Barbie doll clothes patterns ———- Patrons de vêtements de Barbie gratuits Lucky Star Lane: Felted Recycled Wool Mitten Tutorial Today is a snowy, cold day here in Michigan..... an appropriate day for a mitten post! My mom gave me a great pair of mittens made from recycled wool sweaters for Christmas. They are much fancier than this pair I made, with fleece gloves sewn inside them and fancy cuffs. I thought I may be able to simplify the idea. Here are instructions for how I did it. First find a wool sweater. Lay the sleeve out flat, with seams at either side. Trace a pattern for your mitten. Cut out the mitten leaving the bottom cuff intact. I measured the size of my thumb and where it would hit on the mitten. I had some grey fleece leftover from another project, so I cut these shapes out to use for the thumb and palm area of the mitten. I measured the piece of fleece by laying on the mitten and cutting it to size. I wish I would have a better picture of the next step. Flip everything to the right side and check to see if your seams align properly. Sew, Sew, Sew.

Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap Now that you’ve picked out your perfect grill, it’s time to get yourself to the beach! When we saw this wrap in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog we knew we had to make it, and we knew we could make it rock. Head to a fabric store or grab a scarf you never wear, and get ready to wrap it up. Materials: – 1 yard of fabric – lace trim, ribbon, shoelaces – sharp fabric scissors – sewing machine or needle and thread First, gather your materials! For your fabric, we recommend lycra, spandex, sheer mesh, or anything else that doesn’t fray when you cut it, but use whatever you like! We employed two different methods for creating our beach dress. Cut a strip off one end of your fabric. Next, fold over the top two corners of your piece of fabric. Now it’s time to string the strip through! Sew the loop ends together and cut off any excess fabric. Repeat with the other side, and you’re done! And here’s how you put it on. Cutie patootie from any angle! Measure the trim by draping it over your shoulder.

RAGGEDY ANN PATTERNS « Free Patterns anniescupboards: Free Mini Doll House Prim Raggedy Ann Pattern Free Mini Doll House Primitive Raggedy Ann Pattern. Click here for the printable pdf pattern. Raggedy Ann Costume | 110% Low Price Guarantee Raggedy Ann Costume | Don't Pay More Save $10? Free arts crafts projects – Raggedy Ann Pattern Free arts crafts projects – Raggedy Ann pattern. Raggedy Ann – Get great deals for Raggedy Ann on eBay! Beloved by many young children, Raggedy Ann has been around since the early 1900s. Primitive Raggedy Ann Dolls,Country Dolls primitive raggedy ann doll,primitive doll pattern,raggedy ann,country doll,country patte Raggedy ann and andy doll patterns | Shop raggedy ann and andy Raggedy ann and andy doll patterns – Find the largest selection of raggedy ann and andy doll patterns on sale. Raggedy Ann Costume: About Raggedy Ann Created by Johnny Gruelle for his daughter, Marcella, the first Raggedy Ann was an old hand-made rag doll upon which he drew a face in 1915.

101 Things You Can Make With An Old Sweater! {OK…More Like 27 Things} I think I need to make an appointment with my Doctor to have my head examined after putting this post together. What started out as a fairly routine post idea to repurpose something as ubiquitous as an old sweater, somehow took on a life of its’ own. The problem? I just kept finding more and more great things to do with sweaters! I actually CONSIDERED trying out several MORE ideas for this post….but I had to finally cut myself off at some point. :-) I just LOVE the idea of repurposing old sweaters into wonderful new things! If not, head on over to your local thrift store and you will find a virtual treasure trove of old sweaters to choose from…for CHEAP! So here are what I think are some of the best and EASIEST ideas out there for repurposing old sweaters. First off….a nod to the season….a sweater PUMPKIN! Sweater Pumpkin This particular sweater project couldn’t possibly be any easier! Sweater Baby Hats I got the idea for the sweater baby hat from Make It and Love It. Sweater Coasters

42 Creative Ways to Craft with Bandanas {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas} Though red bandanas are typically a staple to every pirate and cowboy {and our doggies – tied around their necks during our outdoor adventures}….the paisley printed squares can be used for so much more. They can found in just about every color imaginable and for just a dollar or so a piece, you really can’t go wrong. This week’s Saturday Inspiration and Ideas is all about utilizing these adorable squares for creative projects for your home, yourself and your little ones. Aren’t bandana crafts fun! The Sunday Showcase Party will begin tonight – can;t wait to see what you’ve been working on this week!

Lillie Mae's Crafts Free Olde Fashion Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll Patterns * Free Primitive Doll Patterns * Free Rag & Cloth Doll Patterns * Free Country & Folk Art Doll Patterns * Free Vintage Doll Patterns * Free Collector Doll Patterns * Free Primitive & Folk Art Stitchery Patterns * Free Critter Patterns * Free Primitive Lighting Patterns * Free Ornie Patterns * Free Primitive & Folk art Pocket Patterns * Free Holiday & Seasonal Craft Patterns * Free Shelf Sitter Patterns * Free Cloth & Fabric Flower Craft Patterns All patterns included here are FREE!!! To download to your computer, click on "download" button. If you are using any of these patterns to create something for a child, please read this first. Free Raggedy Annie Cloth Doll Patterns Annie Blue Eyes & Lil Sis This pattern very quickly became my favorite as it contains my own technique for creating and painting their eyes. To print see instructions on Printing Instructions page. If you are using any of these patterns to create something for a child,

Tips for Sewing Sweater Knit It's the perfect time of year for warm, fuzzy accessories! I love scarves, mittens and snow hats, but did you know you can make them yourself from an old sweater? Today I'll show you how to recycle a sweater into something brand new! Step 1: Use the hemline on your sweater as the hemline for your new piece. Step 2: Mark off the area that you want to sew with chalk or a marker. Step 3: Stitch your shape on your sewing machine. Turn it inside out and it's done! -Always use the existing hem, if you can! -Give yourself extra seam allowance, it's easier to size down than to size up. -Always sew before you cut the knit fabric! -Start with basic shapes like a hat or scarf before you try something more complicated! -Thinner knits are easier to sew with a machine. -If you need to cut your sweater before sewing, baste the edges of the garment before you cut. -Chunkier knits need a bigger stitch length. -Try adding hand stitched details with yarn. Have fun stitching somehting from a knit sweater!

Bang Up Ideas for Bandanas Wise Bread Picks These days, the bandana is so much more than cowboy couture! The classic patterned kerchiefs we know and love have made their way into crafting, fashion, decoration, and even play a role in human health and survival. Here are 20 offbeat, awesome, useful, and sometimes brilliant ways you can rock a bandana. (See also: Practical Uses for Bobby Pins) 1. Bandanas are a cheap and fun way to give a dinner party, barbeque, or picnic a little extra pizzazz. 2. Wearing a bandana will keep your neck from being too cold, too hot, or too sunburned. 3. Because bandanas are so easy to see and to tie, they're great to mark a trail for those who are following you, or in case you yourself get lost. 4. When the summer months are upon us, it's important to feel comfortable. 5. When your hair needs to be tied back and out of your face, a bandana can help. 6. A bandana's size and thickness makes it a great candidate for a makeshift ice pack if you're sore or sustain an injury. 7. 8. 9. 10.

T Shirt Quilt Free Instructions Goose Tracks Quilts Basic T-Shirt Quilt Instructions These instructions are for making a traditional style T-Shirt Quilt top. It will have all the same size shirts with fabric sashing between the shirts and a fabric border. The instructions are based on a 14 1/2" finished square T-shirt block. First, check all your tee shirts to make sure that the designs will fit into a 14" square. 12 shirts will make a throw-size quilt, approx. 48" x 64" - 3 across x 4 down. 20 shirts will make a twin size quilt, approx. 64" x 82" - 4 across x 5 down 30 shirts will make a full size quilt, approx. 82" x 96" - 5 across x 6 down. 36 shirts will make a queen size quilt, approx. 96" x 96" - 6 across x 6 down. 42 shirts will make a king size quilt, approx 110" x 96" - 7 across x 6 down. Step 1 - Select Shirts - Shirts should be clean and in good condition.