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2 Expert Tips to Give Your 3D Prints Smooth, Colorful Finishes The September edition of the Maker Educators Meetup at the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland, featured two remarkable 3D print finishing technique demos presented by co-hosts Shawn and Steph Grimes. I have attended dozens of presentations on this topic, and having written previously for Make: on the subject of finishing — I found these two demos to be well worth the attention of Maker Educators looking to incorporate 3D printed parts into their curriculum! If you find these techniques to be helpful, consider checking out their 3D Printing for Educators 4-day workshop coming up in October! An Educator’s Guide to Affordable 3D Parts Painting Techniques Steph Grimes, DHF’s Director of Education, was the first to share. She presented the results of a series of experiments with affordable hobby paints on printed parts.

BUILD A HAND – Enabling The Future Find the files and assembly instructions you need to build a hand! The e-NABLE community has developed a collection of different 3D-printable assistive devices that are free for download and fabrication by anybody who would like to learn more about the designs or fabricate a device for somebody in need. Step 1: If you do not have access to a 3D printer of your own and need ideas for locating one near you – please visit our 3D Printing Options page with links to libraries, makerspaces, schools, fablabs and where you can find information on purchasing your own 3D printer! Step 2: Determine which design works best for your needs or which design you want to print! Feel free to ask for guidance and help from our volunteer community!

Challenges - It is evident that 3D printing has place in schools and will continue to have a significant impact and value for education. That's why we decided to contribute to the worldwide initiative and organize an educational project called "History Through 3D Printing". The expected outcomes will be grouped in two model categories: 1. Miniatures / busts of US presidents 2.

Stencil-o-Matic by Benjamin Stencils from images of your choice. First step is the Stencil Then "Open in Customizer" and paste in "input". Voilà votre pochoir ! Making music with JELL-O and 10 other foods And to think, we were always told as kids not to play with our food! Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a number of edible musical arrangements from chicken nuggets to sushi. Thanks to Nashville and Atlanta-based ad agency redpepper, we can add one more piece of food to the list: JELL-O. In an effort to “make capacitive touch more festive and jiggly,” the team created a keyboard using an [Atmel-based] Arduino and several LED lights embedded inside small JELL-O molds, each programmed to play different Piezo tones when tapped. Hungry for more meal-inspired, piano-like music? Check out some of these sweet creations — a number of which are powered by an Atmel ATmega32U4.

The Secret in the Library....Shhh...It's a 3D Printer! Word of the 3D Printer in the JCHS Library MakerSpace is still getting out, but for those who have discovered it, cool creations have come to life! Students who are "in the know" printed gifts for family members for just 20¢ per gram! One student created a Barbie purse with his sister's initial on the front using the 3D printer. I wasn't sure how to change the initial on the purse from the one that was on the sample so I reached out to the amazing Dr. Anna Wan (Columbus State University, GA) for assistance. Via Google Hangout, Dr.

The Amazing Gyroscopic Cube Gears! by joefe Update - I have re-printed and assembled this and in the process made several changes to make this much easier to print and assemble. With the changes that I made, I only had a couple spots where I had very minor edge cleanup because of the first layer being squeezed for adhesion. I have removed the need for sanding and other finish work that was previously needed. (I do however still recommend lubrication). □drooloop flowers - customizable – Featured on the Ultimaker blog! These are really fun to design and print. Each print job is fun since there's a slight element of randomness. The randomness is because we are deliberately "printing in the air" to create the "drooloops" (droop+loop) that make these flowers look so amazing. I have uploaded both openscad design file AND the gcode files for ten different flower shapes that you can download and print right away. I have used a naming system so you should be able to see images of the design that goes with the gcode.

Mathematics collection View More Collection Cover Remove Spiral Fractal based on an Affine IFS by mollyholderr Jan 14, 2015 Nautilus Gears - One-sided bar with caps by alex80it Jul 9, 2015 Fractal Pyramid with Continuous Cross-section by ricktu Feb 20, 2016 Theremin based Musical Baguette For this part, I have used this tutorial and haven't changed anything. The weak part in my system was the antenna: thinner than the one adviced and not in a ring shape, because I then put it inside the baguette. Note: I recently used a coke can as an antenna and it worked even better than with a cable. If you followed the tutorial. You should have connected the Arduino to your computer and run the Adruino code they give. Cheat Sheet: CNC and 3D Printing Software Terms Screenshot of OnShape CAD software; Plane design by Kurt Hamel With the rapid expansion of hobbyist-class digital fabrication equipment and the always-plummeting price points, new enthusiasts step into a world of acronyms, software packages, and terms to master. Here’s a cheat sheet to get you started. Computer-aided design is software that allows the user to create models in 2D or 3D formats. While CAD was initially common only in architecture and manufacturing, enthusiast-oriented packages are now readily available at low (or no!)

An Open Source 3D Printed Sundial That Reads Digital Time Do you remember the first time you grasped the concept of a sundial, the idea that we can tell general time from observing the shadow cast by the sun via an object designed for this purpose? It seemed like a pretty magical concept, and it also introduces basic concepts about math and astronomy in an interesting and beneficial way. It was Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy that gave us the first sundials, and since then they have been used as serious objects of mathematical study and as decorative objects because they represent technology of the past that was streamlined over time.

Filament Clip With this simple clip you keep your filament organised while not in use. Description Use this clip to store your filament spool and prevent it from unwinding itself. Instead of clipping the filament the the spool itself, this clip is attached to the filament itself. Therefore it can be used with any kind of spool.The clip is originally designed for filament up to 3mm and is very easy to use. 3D Slash - a 3D piece of cake Select the unit. You can change it later at any time. mm cm

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