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Simple mind mapping online

Simple mind mapping online

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Paintings Paintings The National Gallery houses one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world. Enjoy free entrance 361 days a year. Explore the collection Where Children Sleep Where Children Sleep Where Children Sleep- stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms. When Fabrica asked me to come up with an idea for engaging with children's rights, I found myself thinking about my bedroom: how significant it was during my childhood, and how it reflected what I had and who I was. It occurred to me that a way to address some of the complex situations and social issues affecting children would be to look at the bedrooms of children in all kinds of different circumstances.

Story Spine Description This is an idea/tool about the spine of any story. The whole point of the tool is to provide a model for a well-constructed story with a beginning that establishes a routine, an event that breaks the routine, a middle that shows the consequences of having broken the routine, a climax that sets the resolution to the story in motion, and the resolution. It goes like: HelpKidzLearn Jigfour Can you put all the pieces in the jigsaw? Card Maker - Lite 10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use I'm often asked for recommendations on how to help students use Google more effectively. This morning I sat down and thought about the recommendations that I make most frequently when I am asked. I wrote up my list and put it into PDF form for you to download and print if you like. wheretostartwithwikisandblogs.wikispaces Get your brand new Wikispaces Classroom now and do "back to school" in style. guest Join | Help | Sign In

Start teaching lexically in 2013 Many readers of this blog have read my rants about badly designed coursebook or digital activities and heard me moan about preoccupation with single words in ELT. This has probably left you wondering what kind of approach to teaching I actually believe in. This post describes the main principles of lexical teaching. The term "teaching lexically" was coined, I believe, by Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley, coursebook writers (Innovations, Outcomes) and teacher trainers (University of Westminster), who have proudly taken over from retired Michael Lewis as torch bearers of the Lexical approach.

Record Your Story Record Your Story STEP 1: Make a reservation Think of a person whose stories you would like to hear, or someone who might like to ask about yours, like a grandparent, sibling, or friend. Then find the location nearest you and reserve an appointment online or by phone. 65 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive whiteboards, there are tons of free sources to help teachers learn about and use IWBs with students to further their use of technology in the classroom. Here is a list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning: General Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers Use these teaching strategies to help students spot and avoid believing fake...

Apple TV In The Classroom: 4 Reasons To Try It Out If you like to use your iPhone, iPad or laptop in your classroom because it allows you to effortlessly navigate the learning space, one of the greatest frustrations can be having to constrain yourself to the vicinity of the projector cable every time you want to share your screen with the class. I have seen this as a common practice even in open plan learning environments, which instantly does away with it’s greatest feature by forcing the teacher to move back to the front of the room. Whilst you can get wireless projectors at great expense, have you ever thought of using Apple’s $99 Apple TV? I hadn’t until recently, but since using it I could never go back to a physical projector/tv connection for the following 4 reasons: 1. No Wires!

Create Organizational Charts Online using Org Chart Software Org Chart Software Packed with Features Our org chart specific features like filtering makes it super easy to add/remove fields from your entire org chart in 1 click. This means you can do things like show telephone no to HR department while hiding the contact details to rest of the company in one single click.

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