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15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts / JavaScripts / SPLASHnology -

15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts / JavaScripts / SPLASHnology -
inShare11 Plotting your data can serve as a replacement to tabular data, and is also a great way to add practical graphics to your web page or application. There are many ways you can plot data, but here I have included 15 Awesome Free JavaScript Charts In Your Sites/Blog Pages which serves as a easy Charting solution. FusionCharts – Delightful JavaScript Charts for your web & mobile apps FusionCharts Suite XT gives you delightful JavaScript charts that work across devices and platforms. Website: Trial: RGraph: HTML5 & Javascript charts for your website RGraph is a charts library written in Javascript that uses HTML5 to draw and supports over twenty different types of charts. RGraph is free to use on non-commercial websites such as personal blogs, educational or charity sites. Website: InfoVis Related:  free web resources

11 Ways to Visualize Changes Over Time – A Guide | FlowingData Deal with data? No doubt you've come across the time-based variety. The visualization you use to explore and display that data changes depending on what you're after and data types. This is a guide to help you figure out what type of visualization to use to see that stuff. Let's start with the basics: the line graph. An example: Comparing Roger Clemens to Hall of Fame Pitchers Scatterplots work well if you have a lot of data points. An example: Oxygen Concentration Over Time Bar charts work best for time series when you're dealing with distinct points in time (as opposed to more continuous data). An example: Who’s Going to Win Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? Use this the same way you would a bar chart when you have multiple categories (hence the stacking). An example: Bad Housing Loans in Forclosure The stacked area is the stacked bar's more versatile sibling. An example: Past 25 Years of Consumer Spending An example: Income per Person and GDP by Gapminder

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Coda Popup Bubbles In particular, Jorge Mesa writes to ask how to re-create their ‘puff’ popup bubble shown when you mouse over the download image. In essence the effect is just a simple combination of effect, but there’s a few nuances to be wary of. How to Solve the Problem To create the puff popup bubble effect, we need the following: Markup that assumes that JavaScript is disabled. It would be fair to say that the popup would be hidden from the CSS.The hidden popup, correctly styled for when we make it appear.jQuery to animate the puff effect on mouseover and mouseout. The biggest trick to be wary of is: when you move the mouse over the popup, this triggers a mouseout on the image used to trigger the popup being shown. I’ve provided a screencast to walk through how create this functionality. Watch the coda bubble screencast (alternative flash version) (QuickTime version is approx. 23Mb, flash version is streaming) View the demo and source code used in the screencast HTML Markup jQuery Mouse Over Mouse Out

9 Ways to Visualize Proportions – A Guide | FlowingData With all the visualization options out there, it can be hard to figure out what graph or chart suits your data best. This is a guide to make your decision easier for one particular type of data: proportions. Maybe you want to show poll results or the types of crime over time, or maybe you're interested in a single percentage. Here's how you can show it. We all know about the pie chart. See the pie in action: What Do You Use to Analyze and/or Visualize Data? Oh yes, it's pie's lesser-used cousin, the donut. See the donut in action: What Britain Has Eaten the Past Three Decades Use the stacked area chart if you want to show changes over time for several variables. See the stacked area in action: (Baby) NameVoyager If you have only a few distinct points in time, you can use the stacked bar chart in the same way you use the stacked area (just set the bars vertical). See the stacked bar in action: New York Times Poll Watch Now we're getting into more advanced stuff. Did I miss anything?

Data Visualization Techniques The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Rob and Duncan are currently in Seattle, with this week full of interviews of SEO consultants for our US office. Since the announcement in February, we have been working flat out with a bunch of new clients and dealing endlessly with the US immigration service. With people on the ground, I guess we're now officially participating in the American dream, so to celebrate I'm going to spell Visualization with a z throughout this post. I can't guarantee full American spelling for everything I'm afraid - muscle memory is a powerful thing. Anyone who has heard me speak will know about my love of data. I expect that everyone in SEO has spent at least some time recently thinking about data visualization techniques. 1. Over the weekend, I had a bit of a think about what kind of data I wanted to be able to visualize. 2. 3. I'm not a designer. 4. 5. Source: LocateTV

Disk Inventory X 2 Gain Sales - Building a Buzz For Your Biz 2008 - A Year of Awesome JavaScript Games It's been a great year for JavaScript games. It looks like DHTML and canvas-based games are now capable of taking over some of the areas where Flash used to dominate. Many people have been building remakes of classic video games like Super Mario, Pac-Man, Breakout, Space Invaders, Bomberman or T&C Surf Designs. Others took the old arcade traditions and applied them to their own ideas, giving us cool games like Matt Hackett's Spacius, Mark Wilcox's Invaders from Mars, VertigoProject's RedLine Racing or a twist on the classic Tetris game. We've even seen some roleplaying games, like the very cool Tombs of Asciiroth or the more graphical CanvasQuest by Andrew Wooldridge and the Prototype based ProtoRPG by Pierre Chassaing. 2008 also saw a few libraries for JavaScript / DHTML game development pop up, most notably GameJS (pictured to the left with its demo game, Jetris) and GameQuery, the latter being an extension to the popular jQuery library. Demos Emulation Graphics Audio Odds and ends

Une société de la requête (2/4) : Comprendre la nouvelle économi Par Hubert Guillaud le 16/12/09 | 4 commentaires | 2,122 lectures | Impression Suite à la publication de l’article de Geert Lovink sur la société de la requête et la googlisation de nos vies, celui-ci a organisé mi-novembre 2009 une conférence sur ces sujets, visiblement très riche. Le blog de comptes-rendus a servi de trame pour essayer d’en rendre un aperçu – notez que toutes les vidéos des présentations sont également accessibles en ligne. Nous sommes tous les ouvriers de Google ! La conférence a été introduite par l’économiste Yann Moulier-Boutang, qui avait coordonné cet été un passionnant numéro de Multitudes sur la question, une revue dont il est le directeur. Image :Yann Moulier-Boutang photographié par Anne Helmond. “Vous travaillez pour Google ! Pour Moulier-Boutang, ce nouveau modèle économique est en train de remodeler le capitalisme sous la forme de ce qu’il appelle un “méta-marché“. La science des bases de données transforme notre société Le parasite Google Hubert Guillaud

10 Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs | DJDESIGNERLAB - Find All Your Design Inspirations From This Laboratory The visual structures such as Graphs and Charts are a valuable presence in web development. The visual structures can easily simplify complex data and output that can be chosen to put a list of JavaScript graphs. Today we present 10 such JavaScript solutions for Charts and Graphs to make easy your website development much easier. JS Charts JS Charts is a JavaScript chart generator that requires little or no coding. jQuery Visualize The Visualize plugin parses key content elements in a well-structured HTML table, and leverages that native HTML5 canvas drawing ability to transform them into a chart or graph visualization. Highcharts Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application. jqPlot Computation and drawing of lines, axes, shadows even the grid itself is handled by pluggable “renderers”. TufteGraph PlotKit PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. jQuery Sparklines Raphaël

Tux vectorisé #linux #free Linux! Je fais du Linux! L’occasion fait le larron, j’ai un besoin ponctuel pour un projet de déposer un site PHP sur un PC frontal que mon cher collègue spécialiste en la matière m’a installé en RedHat. Faut donc que je me mette un minimum à la page. A presque 43 ans, je prends toujours autant de plaisir à redémarrer un truc de zéro et de refaire le noob. L’occasion pour moi aussi de vanter une fois de plus le monde merveilleux des tutos et plus précisément en l’occurence le site du zéro que je connaissais mais que j’exploite vraiment pour la première fois: de la bombe baby! Quel drôle de métier que le notre tout de même. Quant à mon boulot, même si je ne néglige pas la culture générale de ma formation d’ingénieur, je peux dire que 95% de ce que je fais aujourd’hui ne viens pas de l’école, je l’ai appris tout seul, de longues soirées passées à pomper le savoir dans la toile. PNG avec transparence Illustrator (CS4) Flash (.fla) avec petite animation des paupières Like this:

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