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28C3 We, Sebastian and Julian, are part of last year’s core team of live interpreters. In the past we have translated at several Chaos Communication Congresses, together with Volty who cannot be there this year and many others. We want to continue this tradition of translating important talks such as the Fnord News Show and the Hacker Jeopardy, but also others, depending on our resources. The talks we want to interpret are: Now, as we have gathered some experience in the past few years, we would like to intensify our efforts and get even more important German talks to be translated even better. Jobs to be done: Interpreter Director We also need some very few “Directors”. Rules: 1. GRAIN — Home

(6) Démocratie Réelle Maintenant - Rennes Besoin de soutiens à la ZAD Forages en cours sur la ZAD Ce lundi 10 au matin, des flics se sont positionnés vers 9h pour protéger des forages visant à priopi à poser des piézomètres (tubes permettant la mesure du niveau d’eau dans le s...ol) au lieu-dit La Noë Verte (carte) entre La Noë Bernard et la ferme de la Noë Verte (au bord de la D326 de la Paquelais à Grandchamps). Des camarades présents sur place appelaient vers midi à les rejoindre. Soyons vigilant-e-s et prêt-e-s à se mobiliser demain et dans les jours qui suivent si illes reviennent ! Mardi 11 9h : les forages continuent : deux fourgons blancs d’experts, un bulldozer, une foreuse, protégés par 2 fourgons de gardes mobiles sont signalés, sur la route de la Noé : 2 à 4 fourgons et 1 estafette. D’après des informations de personnes ayant croisé leur véhicule les semaines précédentes, c’est l’entreprise Aquabio qui se charge de cette étude.

Plain Old Documentation Plain Old Documentation, abbreviated pod, is a lightweight markup language used to document the Perl programming language. Design[edit] Pod is designed to be a simple, clean language with just enough syntax to be useful. It purposefully does not include mechanisms for fonts, images, colors or tables. Some of its goals are: Easy to parseEasy to convert to other formats, such as XML, TeX or MarkdownEasy to incorporate sample codeEasy to read without a pod formatter (i.e. in its source-code form)Easy to write in An extended version of pod that supports tables and footnotes called PseudoPOD has been used by O'Reilly & Associates to produce several Perl books, most notably Programming Perl by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant. Pod makes it easy to write manual pages, which are well suited to user-oriented documents. Use[edit] Pod is rarely read in the raw, although it is designed to be readable without the assistance of a formatting tool. Example[edit] Formatting details[edit]

FAQ 1/ Pourquoi utiliser une licence Creative Commons ?2/ Qui peut utiliser les contrats Creative Commons ?3/ Comment mettre mon oeuvre sous CC ? 1/ Pourquoi utiliser une licence Creative Commons ? Creative Commons est un complément au droit d’auteur qui s’adresse aux auteurs souhaitant : - partager et faciliter l’utilisation de leur création par d’autres - autoriser gratuitement la reproduction et la diffusion (sous certaines conditions) - accorder plus de droits aux utilisateurs en complétant le droit d’auteur qui s’applique par défaut - faire évoluer une oeuvre et enrichir le patrimoine commun (les biens communs ou Commons). - économiser les coûts de transaction. - légaliser le peer to peer de leurs œuvres Creative Commons fluidifie la diffusion et l’utilisation des oeuvres en autorisant à l’avance l’exercice de certains droits pour lesquels le droit d’auteur requiert une autorisation et une démarche administrative et contractuelle plus conséquente. 6/ Que faire en cas de litige ? 1. 2.

Occupy the Future To read more articles by Noam Chomsky and others in the Public Intellectual Project, click here. Delivering a Howard Zinn lecture is a bittersweet experience for me. I regret that he's not here to take part in and invigorate a movement that would have been the dream of his life. Indeed, he laid a lot of the groundwork for it. If the bonds and associations being established in these remarkable events can be sustained through a long, hard period ahead, victories don't come quickly, the Occupy protests could mark a significant moment in American history. I've never seen anything quite like the Occupy movement in scale and character, here and worldwide. That the Occupy movement is unprecedented seems appropriate because this is an unprecedented era, not just at this moment but since the 1970s. The 1970s marked a turning point for the United States. Even in dark times, the expectation was that the progress would continue. Under popular pressure, New Deal legislation was passed.

Forum Mondial Sciences et Démocratie (6) Les indignés Grenoblois ROBODoc - automating the software documentation process It is difficult to keep documentation in sync with source code. One of the reasons is that documentation and source code are stored in separate files that usually also require different editors to edit them. ROBODoc solves this problem. This way ROBODoc allows you to include your documentation in the source code. ROBODoc can be used to document functions, methods, classes, variables, makefile entries, system tests, and anything else you can think of. ROBODoc works with C, C++, Fortran, Perl, shell scripts, Assembler, DCL, DB/C, Tcl/Tk, Forth, Lisp, COBOL, Occam, Basic, HTML, Clarion, and any other language that supports remarks.

Commons:Derivative works Decision tree for derivative works on Wikimedia Commons Note: incomplete simplification; exceptions exist. Many creative works are a derivative work of something, but in most cases, copyright can't be claimed on them because of varying factors. For photographs for example, exceptions include it not being a creative work, having a subject which is a non-artistic object with utilitarian functions, freedom of panorama exemptions, being freely licensed and so on. However, in all other cases, only the copyright holder has the right to authorize derivative works. These include pictures of sculptures, action figures and other copyrighted works. §What is a derivative work? This photograph of the Venus de Milo is a derivative work. Derivative works, according to the U.S. In short, all transfers of a creative, copyrightable work into a new medium count as derivative works. § If I take a picture of an object with my own camera, I hold the copyright to the picture. No. No. §Text[edit] §Maps[edit]

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