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Sweets from the Earth | Sweet. Natural. Sinfully Delicious Desserts! Urban Herbivore. Chocolate Cranberry Bread Pudding - In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita. Juice Bar & Café New York | The Butcher's Daughter | New York, NY 10012. The 12 Hottest Cheap Restaurants in Montreal. Ian Harrison on Jul 13, 2015, 10:04a Sumac Randall Brodeur Welcome to Eater Cheap Eats Week, where flavour and frugality live in harmony.

To kick it off, here are the top new cost-effective, quality restaurants in Montreal. These 12 spots have all opened, reopened, or relocated, over the past year. The 12 Hottest Cheap Restaurants in Montreal 1 Cafeden Finally, a Vietnamese restaurant that deviates from the stock Tonkinoise pushers all over town—and in the vicinity of Little Italy and Mile-Ex, no less. Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S 3C6, Canada 2 Cantine l'Orignal L'Orignal's remake of Le Gros Jambon diner includes solid sandwich trios and comfort brunch fare like this Florentine cheese curd soufflé with bacon.Photo: Cantine l'Orignal 286 Notre Dame O Montreal, QC H2Y 1T7, Canada 3 Farine La Salle à Manger chef Samuel Pinard's bakery recently opened in Mile End and could be just what Saint-Viateur Ouest needs. 102 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest Montreal, QC H2T 2L1, Canada 4 Fortune 5 GaNaDaRa.

The 38 Essential Montreal Restaurants, July 2015 - Eater Montreal. Ian Harrison on Jun 7, 2015, 9:00a La Chronique It's time to deliver a new Eater 38 for Montreal. This indispensable group of restaurants, listed in alphabetical order, covers many neighbourhoods and styles, and much like the scene it represents, is a dynamic work in progress. Every few months, newer restaurants, open a minimum of six months, will be considered, alongside worthy older ones. With that, please welcome three new entries to the July 2015 edition. Ferreira Café is closing in on 20 years of excellence in Downtown Montreal.

Antonio Park's parrilla-style restaurant Lavanderia has garnered nothing but raves since it opened last December. What do you think of the Eater Montreal 38? The 38 Essential Montreal Restaurants, July 2015 1 Au Pied de Cochon It's difficult to remember where Montreal's restaurant scene was before Martin Picard wrote his love letter to Quebec cuisine, in the form of Au Pied de Cochon, in 2001. 536 Ave. Montreal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada 2 Bouillon Bilk boul. 7 Hostaria. 9 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool: A growing number of people have sworn off bread and for good reason. If you’re not able to access healthy ingredients and or unable to bake it yourself your options can be very limited let alone excessively expensive.

Well the good news is that there are ways to enjoy and even enhance some of your favorite dishes without having to worry about finding a bread that doesn’t make you feel awful or pollute your body. You’re going to want to save the ideas below because once you try them, you’re going to forget all about your retired packaged bread obsession. After tasting these, they just might occupy your plate more than you planned. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps nomnompaleo Red bell pepper sandwich theprimalparent Paleo sweet potato buns platedwithstyle Grilled eggplant sandwich mealsandmiles Gluten free tapioca wraps glutenfreeonashoestring Plantain tortillas zenbellycatering Cucumber subs makethebestofeverything Tomato avocado burgers theironyou Portabella halloumi burgers.

Chewy Fudgy Homemade Brownies. - Sallys Baking Addiction. Thick, fudgy, chewy homemade brownies made completely from scratch. You will never make a box mix again! Greetings from the plane. Today we’re headed to sunny Mexico for 5 days for my best friend’s wedding. Riviera Maya – so excited to sit back with a margarita in hand and let others do the baking and cooking for me! Share Video Enough about me. Everyone has a favorite brownie recipe. Chewy brownies have a dense structure, but still have a little crumb. If you’re looking for a healthy chocolate brownie recipe, look elsewhere because my homemade brownies are an indulgent dream come true.

Before making a batch of homemade brownies, it’s helpful to know the importance of the ingredients you’re using. Brownie Science, Explained. (nerd alert!) Let’s break down my indulgently rich brownie recipe real quick. The importance of chocolate. Sorry it has chocolate crumbs all over it… Now, the flour. Let’s talk sugar. Ingredients:

Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies. You’re gunna love me when you try these. I mean these are good…like seriously, seriously, WEIRDLY good. Weirdly good considering they are made up mostly of black beans and coconut oil. I know what you are thinking… Because I was thinking the same thing. There is NO way that these brownies taste nearly as good as actual brownies, let alone taste good at all. The first thing that started to change my mind was the brownie batter. I was still incredibly skeptical that the end, baked result would be even remotely similar to the regular rich, fudgy brownies that I love. But oh…my…goodness. I have had some very mediocre experiences with gluten-free baking in the past.

They are rich, decadent, moist, fudgy, and SO chocolatey. No one will ever believe they are made with coconut oil and black beans. I could go on and on about these brownies. However….what’s not so fun is the absurd level of soreness I have been experiencing since then. Those shirts were white before… Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies. Cripsy Chickpea and Edamame Oven Snack. Snacking is so much fun – it’s even better when your snacks are good for you! I don’t know about you, but when I want a snack, it’s usually something salty I want. Better yet, something salty and crispy. Enter crispy chickpea and edamame oven snacks. These will satisfy any crunchy, salty snack craving. I love the mixture of the edamame and the chickpeas, they play off of each other so nicely.

Did I mention how easy this recipe is? It’s super easy. And it starts with canned chickpeas and frozen edamame. My grocery store doesn’t carry edamame that have already been removed from their pods, so I had to remove the edamame by hand. So, let’s start! Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Open the cans of chickpeas, dump them into a colander, and rinse them with water for about ten seconds. Remove your edamame from their pods (if you can’t find the pre shelled kind). So pretty and green :)! Lay several sheets of paper towels down on your counter and place the chickpeas and edamame on top of them.

Ingredients. Roast the Whole Cauliflower. By: Pure Wow Cauliflower is the new rice! With all these fad diets and no-carb this and gluten free that, what is a girl to do? As a foodie, I love to eat good food, but summer is around the corner, and I also want to watch my waistline. I often eat out and like to enjoy hefty portions and still manage to remain close to my desired weight. So how do I do it? If you want to give cauliflower a try for your summer diet, check out 'Pure Wow' via the link below for some great recipes including how to Roast the Whole Cauliflower! Special Offer: Sale 65% OFF Grandmother's Recipe Book Bundle Section: Cooking Get the Recipe by Visting: Pure Wow Thank you very kindly to Pure Wow for sharing this great resource!

Boost Testosterone Naturally. Paris Patisseries | The Pastries & Pastry Shops of Paris. Pâtisserie Paris. Le plaisir de cuisiner. Cuisine, cours, techniques, partage de recettes, photos, vidéos. Index des recettes. Et parce qu'une recette peut en cacher une autre, vous trouverez : - Le glaçage miroir ultra brillant de l'école Bellouet : ici- Le caramel idéal pour les inserts (ou pour être tartiné) : ici- Le croustillant praliné qui reste souple (idéal pour les inserts) : ici- Le biscuit à la cuillère idéal : ici - la crème pâtissière Pierre Hermé ici - la crème pâtissière Olivier Bajard ici - la crème mousseline (pâtissière + beurre) ici - la crème mousseline (pâtissière + meringue italienne) ici - le lemon curd Pierre Hermé ici - le lemon curd Michalak ici - la pâte sucrée Michalak ici - la pâte sucrée Oliver Bajard ici - la pâte sablée de Christophe Felder ici - la crème amandine Michalak ici - la crème amandine Olivier Bajard ici - la crème amandine très simple ici - la pâte à choux Michalak : ici - la pâte à choux de Christophe Adam : ici - la pâte magique aux petits suisses ici - la sauce caramel beurre salé Pierre Hermé ici - la dacquoise à la noisette ici - la ganache au chocolat noir ici.

Les meilleurs Saint-Honoré de Paris | Bec sucré parigot. Le jeudi 16 mai prochain, c’est la Saint-Honoré qui est le nom du saint patron des boulangers, mais aussi celui d’un gâteau apprécié de tous les Français. Inventé en 1847 par la maison Chiboust, un pâtissier localisé rue Saint-Honoré à Paris, le Saint-Honoré – familièrement rebaptisé «Saint-O» – a traversé les siècles jusqu’à devenir l’un des grands classiques de la gourmandise à la Française. Selon le Dictionnaire Gastronomique qui fait référence à la matière, le Saint Honoré est une «pâtisserie parisienne, constituée d’une abaisse de pâte feuilletée, sur laquelle est dressée une couronne de pâte à choux, garnie de petits choux glacés au caramel.

L’intérieur de la couronne est rempli de crème Chiboust (crème pâtissière aromatisée à la vanille, allégée à chaud avec un appareil à meringue) ou simplement de crème chantilly». Depuis sa création, ce gâteau a connu des hauts et des bas, sa recette changeant régulièrement d’ingrédients au gré des modes et des tendances. Dalloyau Les tests gourmands du Figaroscope. JACK MONROE | Anti-poverty campaigner for Oxfam and Child POverty Action Group, and supporting the Trussell Trust. Guardian recipe columnist. Mother. Food blogger. Cookbook author. Twitter@ :MsJackMonroe | Page 2. Blog Lazarus pesto.

Yesterday, we had a large black bunch of mint in the fridge, some sticky soggy parsley and a clump of basil that had seen better days. Add to that a […] Read more Make-me-better morning mug. Scratchy throat, simultaneous blocked and runny nose, muggy head, general air of malaise? Read more A Girl Called Jack book launch party Here’s some of the photos from my book launch party on the 3rd March – there are literally hundreds of photos so here are a few of my favourites! Read more Dagaa. On a recent trip to Tanzania, I came across dagaa in almost every household I visited. Read more Food book of the week: A Girl Called Jack (Daily Mail review) Is Jack Monroe a saint or a martyr? Read more Recipes & Food Love marmalade. What do you do when you have an abundance of oranges in the house and a Saturday morning to kill?

Read more Stuffed cabbage leaves. This is my take on Greek dolmades. Les palmarès gourmands du Figaroscope. Les dix meilleures pâtisseries de Paris - En hiver comme en été, le matin comme au goûter, quoi de plus réjouissant que de savourer une bonne pâtisserie gourmande ? Du Millefeuille au Paris-Brest en passant par l’éclair au chocolat, la gastronomie française est connue dans le monde entier pour ses pâtisseries.

Cependant, toutes les adresses parisiennes ne sont pas à la hauteur de cette réputation. Vitrine d'une pâtisserie parisienne. (Photo: Flickr) Afin de vous garantir de goûter à des merveilles sucrées qui régaleront vos papilles, Allovoyages a effectué cette sélection en collaboration avec Louise Chauchard du site web raids-pâtisseries, crée en 2009. Pain de sucre 3ième, 14 rue Rambuteau En dix ans, Didier Mathray et Nathalie Robert ont fait de Pain de sucre un lieu de rendez-vous pour tous les becs sucrés du coin. Jacques Genin 3ème, 133 Rue de Turenne Ce fondeur en chocolat connu pour fournir en chocolats et confiseries les plus grands hôtels tels que le Ritz ou le Crillon, a décidé d’ouvrir sa propre pâtisserie.

Colorova. Pugliese Pasta and the Art of Making Pasta by Hand: A Lesson with Nonna Vata - Food Lover's Odyssey. When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on a stool in the corner of my nonna's kitchen watching her teach my mom how to roll out pasta by hand. In minutes, my grandmother could roll dough around a rolling pin and spin out a thin sheet of pasta; one that almost covered her 8-person table. She never taught me. Her goal was to teach my mom first, and my mom could teach me. My mom never really learned before my nonna passed away. One of my dreams has always been to have an Italian nonna teach me to roll out pasta dough by hand. This trip to Puglia, I got the chance. Debora brought me to her Nonna Vata's house to make pasta. When it came to making pasta, though, she was all business. There was no written recipe, and she measured nothing. How to make pasta dough according to Nonna Vata: Sift the durham wheat flour through a tamis.

Add warm water, "not cold and not hot," little by little to the flour. She kneaded the dough for less than five minutes until it was the right consistency. 1. How to Make Tortillas | Homemade Tortilla Recipe | Mexican Food. Corn tortillas or tortillas de maíz are a type of Mexican flatbread eaten by themselves or used to make tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas. They are great for dipping, scooping and wrapping just about any kind of food and it’s easy to make tortillas at home. People always look at me like I have “m a s o c h i s t” tattooed on my forehead when I tell them I make my own tortillas. Then, when I tell them it’s less work to make them myself than to go and buy them, they conclude that the tattoo actually says “m o r o n”. But it’s true, the nearest grocery store that carries corn tortillas is 3 stops on the subway followed by a 20 minute walk.

Plus they only seem to come in bags of 1000, so it’s inevitable that I will end up with fuzzy green frisbees at the back of my fridge. Equipment you'll need: corn tortilla recipe2 C masa harina 1/2 tsp salt kosher salt (less if using table salt) 1 1/4 C warm water Mix the salt and masa harina then add the water. Galette frangipane : les secrets de Raoul Maeder. Pour faire suite au séisme ébranlant les galettes des boulangers de quartier, je vous présente cette semaine une galette frangipane 100% artisanale, préparée avec goût et passion : la galette de Raoul Maeder. Belle, simple, généreuse, croustillante, équilibrée ... cette galette a tout pour plaire. Elle a par ailleurs remporté le titre de meilleure galette de Paris en 2004 (et de meilleure galette de Paris Raids Pâtisseries!).

Pour connaître les secrets de cette délicieuse compétitrice, direction le 17ème arrondissement, au 158 boulevard Berthier. Vous avez l'eau à la bouche ? Voici les principaux tours de mains et étapes réalisés par Raoul Maeder et ses touriers, Boris et Pauline: 1/ Raoul Maeder réalise d'abord une pâte feuilletée inversée, aussi fondante que croustillante. La pâte feuilletée est préparée à l'avance car elle exige un temps de repos important. La pâte est "soufflée" (=délicatement soulevée en divers endroits), pour éviter qu'elle ne se déforme à la cuisson 75017 Paris. Donna Hay - Home Page. Probably The Best Zeppole In Montreal. For More Stories Like These Photo cred – Also known as ‘Bignè di San Giuseppe’ they are a deep-fried dough ball filled either with ricotta, custard or pastry cream and topped with icing sugar.

Need I say more? If you are a zeppole virgin, I recommend opting for the ones bursting with ricotta. Even with the price ranging from $2.50 – $3.00 each, people are buying them by the dozen. So instead of looking forward to Cadbury Easter Eggs, chocolate bunnies, or marshmallow eggs, why not raise the bar a little this Easter and thrill your palate with these heavenly balls of dough. Move over cannoli, take a seat panettone, see ya later tiramisu – March is here and so is the Zeppole! Photo cred – 1581, rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal, QC H2E 1S9 San Marco’s Bakery is, in most Montreal-Italian’s opinions, Montreal’s best Italian bakery and pastry shop. Website Photo cred – 277 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1K3 Website Website Website Website.