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AppData - Application Analytics for Facebook, iOS and Googe Play

AppData - Application Analytics for Facebook, iOS and Googe Play

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Vector & Psd Freebies : Templates, Mock-ups, Websites, Icons Instagram Widget (Psd) A cool flat style Instagram psd ui widget to display part of your Instagram activity. Continue Reading Flat Badges V.01 (Ai, Eps) 10 premium vector flat badges to be used as logos, signs, pricing or highlighting important messages. All Caps Form Typeface (.Ai Font) All text symbols Beautify your statuses, comments, messages and your general texting life with symbols. Make your concepts stand out from the crowd by just one more way - looking charming. Symbols will empower your meaningful, mindful and tasteful ideas by further inspiring your audience with adorable forms of the world's most known and refined signs. Read my corresponding article if you'll want to put some symbols into Facebook name and you'll have trouble with that. If you have some other difficulties with symbols, or have some other questions, do read my FAQ explanations. Copied.

untitled What is the Facebook Marketing Bible? The Facebook Marketing Bible is the comprehensive guide to marketing your brand, company, product, or service on Facebook. In the Facebook Marketing Bible, you will find detailed summaries about the inner workings of Facebook, the best strategies to mobilize your business, specific how-tos, successful case studies, and insights from social media experts across the board. Facebook 2011's Most-Popular Status Trends Facebook status updates played a starring role in the evolution of the world's largest social network in 2011. As several major changes to status updates (increased character limits, for example) rolled out throughout the year, Facebook data scientists kept their eyes focused on tracking the trends among those status updates. Facebook unleashed that research late Tuesday night in their end-of-year Memology list, which each December since 2009 has helped users understand the most-popular topics, cultural trends and acronyms on the site. Similar to what was popular on Twitter in 2011, high-profile deaths triggered (see image above) plenty of discussions among you and your friends.

How to Quit Facebook: 10 steps Edit Article Reflect on Your Facebook UseTake Action Edited by Nathaniel Wingfield, Tom Viren, Krystle, Jack Herrick and 99 others Top 10 Brands on Social Media in 2013 [CHART] Samsung was the most popular social-media brand worldwide in 2013, according to Starcount, which compiled data across Facebook, YouTube and other sites to come up with its top 10 list. Although Samsung wasn't the most popular brand on any particular social network, it earned 16 million new followers across multiple platforms in the past 12 months— enough to get data aggregator Starcount's top spot. Walt Disney came in second place, largely due to a one-million-follower increase on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.

NYU Students Aim to Invent Facebook (Again). We’ve Got Your Back Remember when Facebook really was a private club? In the days before we called anything a “social network?” When “sharing” and “connecting” wasn’t bait for the switch of “monetizing” the stuff and nonsense of our lives? Well, four NYU students do, and they are so nostalgic for those halcyon days way back in 2004 that they have set out to re-invent that wheel — for the good of mankind. The Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014 2013 was the year of Red Bull. At every marketing conference, not a panel went by without a shout-out to the content marketing geniuses based in Santa Monica and Austria. But as an industry, we owe it to ourselves to demand more and to look forward. 2014 is the year when the content marketing category finally matures and newer players in the space — brands, agencies, startups — help us achieve real scale. The new year will also be a year of debate. We've seen unprecedented creativity in advertising and marketing, but is this amounting to real ROI for brands?

Court Indicates Facebook May Be Violating Your Publicity Rights With Sponsored Stories Because Facebook does so many things that aren't in users' interests, their "Sponsored Stories" program barely registers. Nevertheless, Sponsored Stories demonstrates why many people are burned out on Facebook. Facebook collects user preferences through its semantically ambiguous "like" button and then uses that data to show ads to the users' friends with a seeming endorsement. Using my preferences does little to advance my relationship with my friends, but the implicit endorsement is designed to get my friends to investigate the ads, increasing the advertiser's credibility and Facebook's profits. So Sponsored Stories creates a zero-sum game: I, as a user, probably don't get any value from the public presentation of my implicit endorsement (if anything, it might hurt my position with my friends), but Facebook and its advertisers benefit from it.

Theatre Thought: The rise of the 'Digital Theatre' - A Younger TheatreA Younger Theatre I’ve been thinking a lot about the digital in theatre, and how this affects us as an audience, and as industry professionals and theatre makers. At the moment, it’s all about the digital; everyone is embracing it and if you’re not then you’re being left behind. At least, this is what we are expected to believe. There are debates, of course, that nothing can take away from the purity of an actor and an audience interacting, nothing more. What digital is needed in that relationship? Well, to that, I respond quite simply: to enhance, and to allow the imagination to be taken on more visual journeys than just an actor doing it for the audience.

7 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Strategy As customers increasingly turn to the Internet and smartphones for purchasing decisions, economies are seeing brick and mortar evolve into "click and order," and ecommerce become intertwined with m-commerce. More and more businesses are expanding online — from grocery stores to "beer grams," almost any product or service is available via the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. What's more, studies show [PDF] online customers are exceedingly loyal — perhaps even more so than customers who shop in-store. For businesses breaking into the ecommerce space, the process can be a bit of a whirlwind. Ecommerce presents countless opportunities for retailers and brands, so businesses seeking to take advantage of the benefits must also address some tough decisions — site design, mobile and social media strategies, customer service and product pricing, to name a few. We've talked to entrepreneurs and marketers about some of the keys to driving ecommerce.

Inside Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service in Faceboo Introduction A large and growing portion of some of the most valuable demographics are spending more of their time and attention on Facebook and less on other channels and media. Not only are US college students and teenagers fully engaged in Facebook, but adults, professionals, and people from around the world now constitute a substantial portion of the Facebook userbase as well. However, most marketers lack a comprehensive understanding of the vast array of explicit and implicit marketing channels Facebook offers – most of which are viral. My goal here is to provide an introduction to what’s possible on Facebook to the spectrum of marketers from brand advertisers to volunteer grassroots evangelists. Facebook offers many ways to get the word out and bring the people in.

My Shakespeare by Kate Tempest Watch Kate’s performance of what Shakespeare means to her. My Shakespeare by Kate Tempest He’s in every lover who ever stood alone beneath a window, In every jealous whispered word, in every ghost that will not rest. He’s in every father with a favourite, Every eye that stops to linger On what someone else has got, and feels the tightening in their chest. How To Use Facebook Places For Your Business Want to have your own business show up within Facebook Places? For companies that have a physical location it makes sense to have a Facebook Place in order to track the people who are stopping by your store, office, or venue. As such, Facebook has released a new guide for businesses to learn how to merge Facebook Pages and Facebook Places into a single Page. The final result is a newly designed Facebook Page which includes location-relevant information. While you can view the guide below for all the steps required to claim your Facebook Place and merge it with your Facebook Page, we’ve broken down the process into 3 easy steps. Step 1: Create Or Claim Your Place

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