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Khan Academy

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The Blipped Classroom… Or Flended Learning? Last year, I had major voice problems. A combination of poor breathing habits and too much coffee resulted in a very strained voice. I couldn’t be more thankful for those voice problems. They really pushed me to reconsider the way I teach. Lessons by Mathalicious My Two Left Feet Should shoe companies sell left and right shoes separately? Students collect survey and measurement data, construct bar graphs, and discuss distributions and measures of central tendency in order to figure out whether shoe companies should necessarily be selling their products in same-size pairs. Topic: Statistics and Probability (SP) Tricks of the Tray'd HUM: National Geographic Magazine National Geographic Magazine Tales of the Giant Subscribe to National Geographic North America’s most valuable resource is at risk See how the Great Lakes food web is in trouble

Google for Educators: The Best Features for Busy Teachers Google Search Google Search is at the heart of it all. It’s where many of us go multiple times a day to locate information. Google provides excellent resources for teachers and students to become effective searchers and build essential digital literacy skills for finding quality, credible resources on the web. Here you can find lesson plans, an online course to become a Power Searcher, and challenges such as A Google a Day. In my opinion, it all starts here for our students -- helping them to become digitally aware of the information that they're intaking is of utmost importance.

SPU27x: Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science During each week of the course, you will watch as chefs reveal the secrets behind some of their most famous culinary creations — often right in their own restaurants. Inspired by such cooking mastery, the Harvard team will then explain, in simple and sophisticated ways, the science behind the recipe. Topics will include: soft matter materials, such as emulsions, illustrated by aioli; elasticity, exemplified by the done-ness of a steak; and diffusion, revealed by the phenomenon of spherification, the culinary technique pioneered by Ferran Adrià. To help you make the link between cooking and science, an “equation of the week” will capture the core scientific concept being explored. You will also have the opportunity to be an experimental scientist in your very own laboratory — your kitchen. By following along with the engaging recipe of the week, taking measurements, and making observations, you will learn to think both like a cook and a scientist.

Flipped Classroom An excellent tool for your flipped classroom is EDpuzzle. With this tool you can crop a video to only use the portion you need for your specific class. Another feature is you can add your own voice by inserting audio notes or recording over the video. The embed quiz feature allows you to add questions at random points in the video to engage students and check their understanding of the material.

Squashy Boxes* Here's another versatile (and often overlooked) resource. Squashy Boxes enable children to quickly generate 'random' numbers. They are a simple but effective tool for practising a range of rapid recall and mental calculation strategies. Squashy Boxes are easy to make, 'pack flat', have hundreds of uses and are easy for children to manipulate; children can also store them in their own drawers or book bags. This downloadable pdf file* includes templates for six Squashy Boxes (plus a blank template) together with extensive teacher notes and ideas for maths activities for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Please note: mathstick boxes have been specifically designed to reduce the occurance of duplicate numbers - it's not just a random selection!

RE: World Wide Study Bible: Genesis Bringing Christian classic books to life College Computer Science World Wide Study Bible: Genesis The Study Bible developed and located around the world! The Teacher’s Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet and a vast resource for educational content. The site is home to over 10 million videos tagged as educational, many of them submitted by your fellow teachers. A completely free resource this huge and varied has nearly endless potential for the classroom. Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you started.

CAPM Certification Ready to apply? Register and log in to get started. PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a valuable entry-level certification for project practitioners.

This is a great site that provides detailed video explanation for many different subjects. by milicajagger Oct 11

This website can be used for students who may need extra help. It is a great resource. by kalerain10 Oct 11

Khan academy is a free tutoring resource that can be used for a multitude of subjects. This site can help students with Math, Science, English, etc. by chelseaelaine9 Jun 4

Independent work for students to grow at their own pace. Teacher is able to track growth and follow what students are learning. Great for RTI. by esteban_cole Jul 15

Kahan Academy is not just for Math . . . has lots of excellent Science, Civics, Humanities, etc. It is a great site for teachers and students! by douberlk Mar 27

I so glad that Khan Acdeny is enhancing everyone-I love all of this positive feedback:)! by emilybug Mar 19

My 17-year-old daughter has just travelled up from grade D to A/B thanks to KhanAcademy. Glorious idea, Mr Khan! by luciabart Mar 19

I haven't had time yet to look into it more, but certainly very encouraging to hear all the good comments about it. :- by gloriagaspar Mar 19

Very cool. I teach 4th grade in Michigan. Our students take the STAR test (not sure if it's the same one). I have several of my students linked with pearltree accounts and am excited that I can share resources with them. by cmiller Mar 19