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Flend = Flip + Blend

4 Pillars & 11 Indicators Of Flipped Learning. 4 Pillars & 12 Standards Of Flipped Learning by Kari M.

4 Pillars & 11 Indicators Of Flipped Learning

Arfstrom, Executive Director of the Flipped Learning Network Flipped Learning Defined 10 Common Misconceptions About The Flipped Classroom, by Kelly Walsh, offered some insight. As did Mike Acedo in his article titled 10 Pros And Cons Of A Flipped Classroom. A Radical Approach to Teaching Canadian Students in the Digital Age. This fall, Graham Johnson gave up lecturing to his students.

A Radical Approach to Teaching Canadian Students in the Digital Age

YouTube, he figured, could handle that. So he had his math classes at Okanagan Mission Secondary School in Kelowna, B.C., watch prerecorded video lessons from home – freeing up school time for one-on-one work. Turns out pixelated teaching works well: His students’ grades are up about 5 per cent. But that may not be enough. Blended Learning Research. Classifying K12 Blended Learning. Classroom Management and the Flipped Class. Editor's Note:This post was co-authored by Aaron Sams, CEO of Sams Learning Designs, LLC and founding member of the Flipped Learning Network.

Classroom Management and the Flipped Class

Let's face it. We teachers spend far too much time and energy trying to keep students quiet so that they can listen to us. We have taken countless courses and workshops on classroom management in our careers, and it seems that the underpinning goal of classroom management is for teachers to keep kids quiet so that they can learn.

Is there a better way to think about classroom management? Edudemic's Guide to the Flipped Classroom for 2014. For the past few years, Edudemic has covered the rise of the flipped classroom and its subsequent evolution.

Edudemic's Guide to the Flipped Classroom for 2014

Each year, we find that more teachers are testing this new learning strategy and creating new ways to improve current methods. While some teachers are trying it out for the first time this fall, others who used the flipped classroom method in 2013 are making changes to build on their lesson plans for the 2014-15 school year. Read this brief guide to learn why flipped learning is an increasingly popular choice, and review a few steps for teachers wanting to try it out.

What Is a Flipped Classroom? Image via Flickr by flickingerbrad. Flipped Classroom. An excellent tool for your flipped classroom is EDpuzzle.

Flipped Classroom

With this tool you can crop a video to only use the portion you need for your specific class. Another feature is you can add your own voice by inserting audio notes or recording over the video. The embed quiz feature allows you to add questions at random points in the video to engage students and check their understanding of the material. With EDpuzzle you can locate video from a number of sources including Youtube, Teacher Tube, Khan Academy, TED and LearnZillion. Once complete you can upload your completed video to the EDpuzzle library. Click here to visit the site. Flipping the Music Classroom. In celebration of my fun new “12 Days of Ed Tech” rap and video, this week on we’re sharing articles and resources focused on flipping the music classroom!

Flipping the Music Classroom

This selection of posts and presentations offers an array of ideas and insights into moving the traditional approach to music teaching into a new, more student-driven learning paradigm. Strategies for Flipped Music Classrooms In this post, music teacher Mark Burke discusses a practical approach to flipping music instruction. Music class has always had a somewhat flipped nature, with students often learning (or struggling to learn) new pieces at home and then demonstrating them to the teacher in class and being critiqued. This model presents some challenges, and Burke’s idea for flipping these lessons offers an interesting way to evolve it. Edmodo: Flipping the music classroom. Get the Lecture before You Even Arrive in Class. Ignoring the advice of friends, Wilfrid Laurier University honours psychology student Sari Isenstein chose a second-year organic chemistry course as one of her electives.

Get the Lecture before You Even Arrive in Class

“Chemistry is not my forte and organic chemistry is one of the hardest courses offered at the university,” says Isenstein, 21, who graduates next year. She took the course in 2012 as a challenge, earning an A in the first semester and an A-minus in the second. She credits her professor, Stephen MacNeil, a recent convert to an innovative teaching method known as the “flipped” or “inverted” classroom. It’s a pedagogical approach that is catching on at universities across the country, redefining the relationship between professor and student. How to Flip the Younger Grade Level Classroom.

Is the end of homework near? When Etta Kralovec's son started middle school, homework became the biggest battleground in her household.

Is the end of homework near?

Khan Academy. Now Hiring: Flipped Learning Architects. After developing several dozen flipped lessons and guiding other teachers to create their own, I'm putting down my tablet and grabbing a bullhorn.

Now Hiring: Flipped Learning Architects

It's time for "flippers" to set the record straight -- teachers who want to adopt flipped learning have to start thinking of themselves as architects, not video producers. More Than Just a Video Producer Knowing that difference is critical to unleashing the instructional power of flipped learning and sustaining a movement that can improve teaching and learning.

The differences are simple, yet stark: Ontario Teachers! How Students Learn is Changing. Rethinking Space & Time (Flipped Learning Toolkit #1) Showing the Differences between a Traditional and a Flipped Classroom. Stanford University Online. The Benefits of Students Teaching Students Through Online Video. Erin Scott Videos have already become an important part of modern education, whether through well-known education platforms like Khan Academy or content created by teachers for their students’ use.

The Benefits of Students Teaching Students Through Online Video

The Blipped Classroom… Or Flended Learning? Last year, I had major voice problems. A combination of poor breathing habits and too much coffee resulted in a very strained voice. I couldn’t be more thankful for those voice problems. They really pushed me to reconsider the way I teach. Around the same time, I bought an iPad. I also couldn’t be more thankful for my iPad, because that too helped me find alternative methods of teaching. The Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom. The Flipped Classroom Is Born. The Flipped Classroom Model. The Four Pillars of Flipped Learning. Note: Today’s guest post was written by Jessica Yarbro, George Mason University, Patrick McKnight, Ph.D., George Mason University, Kari M.

Arfstrom, Ph.D. Executive Director, Flipped Learning Network and Katherine McKnight, Ph.D. Things You Should Know About... Thoughts of a Maths Teacher Using Tech for Learning. Toward Canadian Public Education 2.0. In a demographically challenged and technology fuelled world, where talent and ideas are the new wealth of nations, are we adequately focused on the role of a strong public education for our future success in Canada? The concern that we are not was the impetus for a recent education summit, organized by the Learning Partnership, where leaders from business, government, public policy and education came together to contemplate what public education 2.0 needs to look like, and how we might get there from here.

The good news is that Canada is doing well in the basics: Canadian students’ reading, mathematics and science test scores were sixth, 10th and eighth, respectively, among OECD countries in the most recent Program for International Student Assessment. Video in the Class Keeps Savvy Students Engaged. Zara Cruickshank’s Grade 8 science class is a little different from those of yesteryear. Students regularly make mini films or podcasts for class projects, reams of notes are a thing of the past and video is an important part of learning. As the new school year begins a number of Canadian classrooms are increasingly implementing video as an educational tool to keep their digitally savvy students engaged and interested. “It’s just easy to focus when it’s visual,” says Ms. What To Do Inside the ‘Flipped Class’

‘Flipping Activities’ The basic premise – students watch video lesson at home and work through problems in class. This allows the educator to advise and challenge the students inside the classroom safe in the knowledge content is delivered elsewhere. Why Blended Learning Is Better?