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Working Memory. Audio Creation Tools (Recording, Podcasts, etc.) GAME GENERATORS. Links and resources. Character. Climate Change. Focus/Study Habits. How to Study Less by Learning Things Once. You read over your notes.

How to Study Less by Learning Things Once

Then you read them over again. Then you read them over a third time. Then you take the test and are surprised at just how much you missed. Despite reading everything three times! A lot of study time is wasted because of one problem: you fail to learn things the first time around. Repeatedly going over the same information like putting a band-aid over a sieve. The key to reducing the amount of time you study is simple: learn things the first time you see them, instead of after dozens of repetitions. This is all easier said than done. Step One: Find the Holes If you want to repair a leaky brain, you need to figure out where the holes are. What from this section am I most likely to forget? When you identify weak points, you can invest more time in fixing those instead of wasting time with a blanket studying technique of all information. Step Two: Repair Weak Points Once you’ve identified potential weak-points, you should immediately seek to fix them. Memorizing?

Decision Making. What happened when the Romans invaded Britian? Design Based Thinking. Write - Tools. Procrastination productivity. Search Engines and Research. Volcanoes General. LIFEHACKER ARTICLES. MAPS OF THE WORLD. Know about world. SuperHuman Technology. Philosophy/ Psychology. Tools for Cleverness. Rhetorics of Trauma. Humor. Things to Do. Productivity. Kindness/Empathy. Googley goodness. TED Talks I like. Conscious Learning. Trending News. Intelligence/IQ. Reading comprehension. Academic. Seth Godin. Khan Academy. Problem Analysis & Problem Solving.

Beautiful, Free Math. Writing Your Dissertation ??? Personality: Tests, Types, Theories. Use These 10 Opening Phrases in Your Emails. I process email for a living, or at least it seems that way most of the time.

Use These 10 Opening Phrases in Your Emails

Hundreds of new messages arrive on a daily basis, some of them so dull and uninformative they make me want to go find a pencil and jam it into my spleen. Others start with something a little juicier, a little more attention-grabbing, and a little more helpful. And, when the message starts off with an interesting phrase it usually means the rest of the email is worth reading all the way to the end. Try these lead-ins when what you really need is response, not a bunch of crickets chirping on the other end. 1. Everyone likes to read about good news. 2. Go ahead and lead with a confirmation that you have found the answer. 3. This phrase implies that you are going to get right to the point and won't hold anything back. 4. Apart from the fact that I like any space-related terminology, this opening phrase is positive and is a good precursor to any explanation about a project or business endeavor. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Just Interesting. Self-Improvement. Licencjat. Using Evernote. Get smarter. Journaling. Brainstorming. 5 Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks - You Could Lose Up To 10 Lbs In 2 Weeks If You Do All Five! - StumbleUpon. Do you have ten pounds or more that you need to lose?

5 Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks - You Could Lose Up To 10 Lbs In 2 Weeks If You Do All Five! - StumbleUpon

Have you been trying to achieve weight loss success, but it just seems too difficult and/or stressful for you to get the results you’ve wanted for so long? Well, in this article here I have for you 5 sneaky little tricks you can use that could help you easily and consistently drop stubborn pounds like crazy! Continue reading to learn more. 1. Have A High Protein Food With A Glass Of Water Before Meals – Doing this will firstly accomplish two things in regards to your overall health. The way this will help is that protein not only helps in burning off fat and building lean muscle tissue, it also helps in curbing your appetite and making you feel fuller longer. One recommendation I have for you in regards to protein before a meal is a protein shake. 2. 5 Steps to a Fresh Start. L i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock Whether you’ve quit something of your own free will or been forcibly ejected, starting over always requires a leap of faith.

5 Steps to a Fresh Start

Yes, there’s the exhilaration of new possibilities and the open road ahead, but there’s also that moment of free fall and the fear that, somehow, you won’t land on your feet. To echo the Jerome Kern song, here are some tips on what you can do for yourself as “you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” 1. Manage your regrets All of us will, inevitably, experience some regret in life; it just comes with the territory of being human. Take stock of your regrets; in fact, if you need to, write them down so that you can really look at them. How to Train Your Mind to Think Critically and Form Your Own Opinions.

Critical Thinking

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