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Utilisation d'iPads en classe de maternelle, petite (et moyenne) section : scénarios, applications, usages concrets, pistes de réflexion et coups de cœur

Utilisation d'iPads en classe de maternelle, petite (et moyenne) section : scénarios, applications, usages concrets, pistes de réflexion et coups de cœur

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Moving a video into Keynote (finally!) Okay, I was determined to use the iPad to present yesterday, so I had created the presentation on the desktop in Keynote and moved it to the iPad through the file sharing in iTunes. I just dragged it to the area next to the Keynote app and it moved over to the iPad the next time I synced. You can see this below. (Fig. 1) The presentation worked perfectly when I tested it via the VGA connection. All embedded movies worked, and things looked great! However, before I presented, I found another great video to use in the presentation.

Tips and Tools to Help you Better integrate Technology in Your Instruction March 30, 2014 Looking for some ideas on how to integrate technology in your instruction? Dr. Kimberly Tyson from Learning Unlimited has these excellent tips to share with you. In this visual she created she outlined 6 practical ideas to help you choose digital tools to support students learning. NotateMe Lessons 3 & 4 and Additional Thoughts I have wrapped up our NotateMe Now lessons with two more lessons. This lesson series was used in our classes (6-8th grade) as a way to take these very basic concepts in music theory, and to have students use them using the app NotateMe Now, while also learning how to draw music notation. NotateMe Now is the free, single staff version of NotateMe, an app that converts handwritten music notation to digital notation (with other features coming in the future). Lesson 1 introduced the app, as well as quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes. I blogged about it here. Lesson 2 covered quarter rests, half rests, and whole rests.

De nouveaux espaces pour apprendre Robin Wright and her students discuss their classroom and how it works in this very nice, 4-minute video clip. The clip is originally from here, but has been placed on this page for your convenience. According to Dr. Wright, "what the movie doesn't show is the overall course philosophy. We leave the students to do the lower levels of Blooms on their own, by reading the text with study questions. Then in class we do application and analysis questions in teams.

Staff Wars Available on iPad! Hats off to Katie Wardrobe, author of Midnight Music for mentioning this the other day, but Staff Wars 1 (link to the app) is now available on the App Store for iPad. The app was released on February 8th, so I consider it a brand new app. Staff Wars is a Star Wars inspired note naming game that was originally (and still is) offered on PC and Mac at

An Intriguing Glimpse of Classrooms Around the World British photographer Julian Germain embarked on a photo series in 2004 that would require quite a bit of traveling and patience. The ongoing series, known as Classroom Portraits, began in North East England where Germain entered local schools and took simple group portraits of students in their classes. The project has since expanded across the globe to include schools in Qatar, Peru, Taiwan, Nigeria, The Netherlands, and Brazil, amongst many others. Recorder Interactive: A Magical Method In late January, Dr. Joanna Sisk-Purvis self-published a recorder book on the iBookstore, entitled “Recorder Interactive: A Magical Method.” The book currently sells for $7.99, and includes over 30 songs. Most songs have two accompaniment tracks (recorder melody and accompaniment), and most pages have interactive material.

Classrooms of the World Microsoft in EducationClassrooms of the World See On ICT Studio – Canada Loopy App for iPhone & iPad Usage + Mini Review Loopy (iPhone & iPad – $8 / iPhone only – $4) completely dominates the looper market on iOS. This super solid, feature packed looper has provided for more usage, fun, and musical ideas than all of my previous hardware combined. Thanks to MIDI support, you can connect foot MIDI controllers like the Behringer FCB1010 and control Loopy with your feet while playing a physical instrument – and thanks to Core Audio you can connect HQ, class compliant, audio interfaces.