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JDO Brand Design & Innovation has created premium pack designs for Unilever’s new ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series,’ a premium tier of products sitting above the core Dove hair care range. The new packs feature beautiful soft pastel hues that introduce the different need states. The shampoo products boast a semi transparent gradient which hero’s the product format, whilst the conditioner products remain a pure and beautiful white. A unique icon in gold foil was designed for each need state and transparent caps tinted in the respective complimentary color complete the design. “JDO’s new premium pack designs represent a big step change for Dove. The new platform provides a much more premium offering from the core Dove hair care range and will allow us to bring the next generation of Dove hair care technology to a broader consumer base.”- Renato Rossi, Global Brand Director, Dove hair luxury at Unilever

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Logo Design Ideas: 90+ Great Examples It’s been three months since my last post on logo design titled: Stunning Hot New Logo Designs. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new logo designs will get your creative juices flowing. Belgium Beer in Belgium dates back to the age of the first crusades, long before Belgium became an independent country. Under Catholic church permission, local French and Flemish abbeys brewed and distributed beer as a fund raising method. The relatively low-alcohol beer of that time was preferred as a sanitary option to available drinking water. What are now traditional, artisanal brewing methods evolved, under abbey supervision, during the next seven centuries. The Trappist monasteries that now brew beer in Belgium were occupied in the late 18th century primarily by monks fleeing the French Revolution. However, the first Trappist brewery in Belgium (Westmalle) did not start operation until 10 December 1836, almost 50 years after the Revolution.

45 Beautiful Letterhead Designs for Inspiration Inspiration August 31, 2011 A letterhead is the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper. Having a professional letterhead design is very important for your business. That heading usually consists of a name and an address, and a logo or corporate design, and sometimes a background pattern. In this collection we have compiled 45 beautifully creative letterhead design to inspire you to create your own. If you have any of your own letterhead design, we’d love to see them in the comments. Beautiful and Tempting Food and Drink Packaging No matter what marketers are trying to sell us, there must be something about their product or service that draws our attention. With food and drink products that are fighting for our attention on supermarket shelves, packaging design is of paramount importance. The designer needs to create packaging that will allow the manufacturers to keep the product within the price range of its competitors, and at the same time pique the interest of consumers enough to want to discover the delights inside. It’s a very tall order for designers, but as always in our modern world, they stand up to the challenge bravely and bring us amazing eye candy in the form of food and drink packaging.

Tricks to Improve Creativity Every person in this world has the capability of being creative. Everyone has his way own way to showcase his creativity. Some people are good at carrying their creative ideas and some are not. Some people underestimate themselves and lack in their creative approach. People generally appreciate your creative ideas if they are presented with a confidence in your attitude. As a freelancer you always need to be creative and should know tricks to improve creativity at your work.

6 Techniques to Ignite Your Inner Creativity & Passion Most of us were taught that creativity comes from the thoughts and emotions of the mind. The greatest singers, dancers, painters, writers, and filmmakers recognize that the most original, and even transformative, ideas actually come from the core of our being, which is accessed through an "open-mind consciousness." In ancient traditions, open-mind consciousness was considered to be a spiritual awakening, the great enlightenment that dissolves the darkness of confusion and fear , and ushers in peace, happiness , clarity, and contentment. Today the notion that there's one formulaic way to achieve this spiritual awakening and creative vibrancy has been blown apart. You don't have to run off to a monastery or practice meditation for thirty years before attaining a breakthrough. A few years ago, I had a client, named Sarah who'd completely given up on psychotherapy until a failed suicide attempt convinced her to try it one more time.

Just Enough of a (very) Good Thing Cool or cold? What is the best temperature for the desserts? Cool. The flavors and textures of our desserts are best 10 minutes out of the fridge. The Beauty of Corporate Identity Last week if I am not mistaken we were presenting a collection of interesting logo designs. Today we’ll stick with corporate identity and we’ll check how creative branding should look like if we want some success. You’ll be able to see various business cards, whole stationery designs, stamps or product package designs. Personally I really love these and I am sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this collection as well. Feel free to drop us a comment guys … or two. Enjoy! 33 Creative CD and DVD Packaging Designs CDs and DVDs have been around for about 20 years. Just like any printed medium in a digital world like ours, a lot of people are talking about them as becoming obsolete just like the vinyl records of the 70s. The year 2012 is about to end but CDs and DVDs are still here and not dead. Not in 2012 at least. So we looked around online for creative and unique CD and DVD packaging designs.

40 Amazingly Creative Double Page Magazine Ads 13.2K SharesTwitter615Facebook9.2KGoogle+92Pin It Share2.5KLinkedIn187StumbleUpon61713.2K Flares× Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. Although considered a more traditional form of advertising, marketers continue to use magazine advertisements to get their message out. The only problem is how to actually be seen? Magazines advertisements can comprise over 30% of the actual publication. [source] Space for Creative Thought Many people set aside their summer vacations as times for creativity—during their breaks they’ll finally start to work on that book or screenplay or painting that’s been floating around in their heads since last summer, for example. Environmental psychologists, also known as design psychologists, have been researching the sorts of places in which people are most likely to think creatively for some time, and everyone can apply what they’ve learned. Psychologists have found, for example, that we’re more likely to be creative in rooms with: Views of nature or a water feature

Organic Soft Whole Cane Sugar - Natural and healthy sugar cane products - Assukkar Obtained through a four-step process including extraction, clarification, concentration and crystallization of juice from organic certified sugar cane. With this natural process of extraction, all the vitamins and minerals are retained, giving a golden brown color and slight caramel taste. After extraction, clarification, concentration and crystallization of pure organic sugar cane juice, we obtain this great sugar which conserves its vitamins and minerals. Appearance: delicate texture, light free-flowing powder. Color: 15,500 U.I 10 Luxury Websites That Are Haute and Hot Luxury retailers are finally embracing the Internet. Potentially enormous online sales have driven luxury retailers, who have been generally late to the game, racing to build an integrated online platform that includes websites, blogs, and social media channels. That’s really good news for consumers who can now find almost any luxury goods online – diamond necklaces, couture dresses, plush fur coats or trendy handbags and shoes – all while engaging with the brands directly. The conventional wisdom that shoppers wouldn’t buy without first touching and feeling the products is not always the case in reality. What sells and what doesn’t isn’t that predictable. Perfumes, exotic foods and smartly chic clothing are among the high-traffic categories as well as luxury travel, vintage wines and jewelry.

SabotagePKG +44 (0)20 7033 3901 The challenge:To strip out the unnecessary, go back to DNA,understand from where Ray-Ban once came.Redefine existing preconceptions andbuild the new on old, firm foundations. Our approach:Whilst the Ray-Ban case is central to thebrand DNA the outer packaging is currentlynot holding the same value. Our main prioritywas to generate conceptual packaging that canbe realised to be as iconic as the glassesand case themselves. We aimed to maximisethe brand experience, injecting revelationand a sense of value whilst fulfilling allkey considerations, logistics andcost restrictions. Concept & Art DirectionStructural DesignManufacturing Management

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