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Custom Packaging, Branding, Web Design and more » MACARON PACKAGING BO-BON. Armani-dolci.jpg (JPEG Image, 3508 × 2480 pixels) - Scaled (21%) Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Paperboard boxes: Bon bons don keepsake boxes - 2007-03-01 07:00:00. -- Packaging Digest, 3/1/2007 2:00:00 AM With hinged, telescoping lids, NOKA Chocolate's new black and silver Encore Boxes(TM) serve as a reminder of the fine chocolates they contain, even after the chocolates have been eaten. Presentation is an important element for Dallas-based NOKA, which packages its chocolate gifts in unique, luxurious, paperboard three-piece setup gift boxes wrapped in a black paper.

The gift boxes encourage appreciation of the products by all of the senses, including the look, aroma, flavor and texture of the chocolates and truffles within. Available for 12- and 24-piece product varieties, the Encore Box has a lid secured to an external base by a dual-paper hinge (externally and internally) to ensure proper attachment. An insert that sits inside the base rises above it for a three-dimensional effect. Made and designed by Paul T. Melissa Grim Design. Project: Product packaging - Lip Gloss Client: Dianne Brill Cosmetics Description: Client wanted to recreate the effect of a traditional praline or bon-bon in regards to packagaing design.

Melissa Grim Design

Bake cups and soft colors were utilized to impart this effect. The packaging has had a tremendously positive effect on sales and magazine placement due to the fact that the product really stands out from the competition. First Packaging Template you must try. First Packaging Template you must try Finished packaging If you want to package something together, try out this template!

First Packaging Template you must try.

Vector Packaging Templates, Try It Out. Practice with these templates and design something creative to fit each need, soon you will get the hang of it.

Vector Packaging Templates, Try It Out.

Try out this packaging template, practice makes perfect. About these ads Share this: Like this: Related Vector Packaging Templates, Try It Out.

Try out this packaging template, practice makes perfect.

Another packaging template you must try out! You will feel great once you have finished. Today’s technology means we can deliver working mockups that are 99% or 100% like the end printed result.

Another packaging template you must try out! You will feel great once you have finished.

We utilize digital presses that use CYMK inks, giving a true print match result on board, film and many other base materials. On this template use an NT Cutter to cut all on the black line, when finished score the red lines with something with a blunt point, this makes the paper easier to fold. when finished start folding the paper, as you fold you will realize what goes where. Confectionery. Mrs.


Weinstein’s March 24, 2014 | 1 Comment. Bon o Bon. April 2, 2010 | 7 Comments Designed by Diego Hodgson | Country: Chile “The idea of the product is the Bon o Bon chocolates (classic and white chocolate) are given as a gift or present, packaging both varieties in one.”

Bon o Bon

Packaging Templates. Artistry in Rubber - Pyramid Box. Hexagonal Box Template. Take-Out Box Template. Scallop Box. Scallop Box Note: Please make sure your printing margins are set to .5 inches (half an inch) or the template will not print completely.

Scallop Box

In your browser's Menu bar, select File > Page Setup, and change the margin settings to .5. (The selections may be slightly different between browsers.) This template makes a box top and bottom that fit together with overlapping scallops. The finished box measures 3.5 x 3.5 and about 2.25 inches high. Print the template and trace onto two pieces of complementary or contrasting colors of card stock.

Tiny Cube. Templates. Below are templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes.


Simply print out the image, use it as a template to cut your fine papers, and fold along dotted lines. Clicking on a link below will take you to an enlarged version and instructions that you can print out. Note: Some of my templates are Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't already have the FREE Adobe Reader software, CLICK HERE to download it. Bonbon.gif (GIF Image, 720 × 717 pixels) - Scaled (74%) Shipping Boxes. Everyday 1 Piece White Candy Boxes. Oro Matte Gold Linen Embossed Boxes. Nero Black Linen Embossed Boxes. GreenWrap Products- Paper Wrap, Paper Packaging. GreenWrap Ready Rolls in Black are here! We are super excited this week to discuss our new eco-friendly packing paper product with our expert in GreenWrap creativity, Zarina Syed!

GreenWrap Ready Rolls in Black are here!

Zarina is always coming up with crazy fun and new ways to use GreenWrap! Plus, she’s the one who discovered there was a need for Geami to develop a black packing paper option for our customers… Now we have the opportunity to hear her story about the birth of black die-cut GreenWrap Ready Rolls! What was the inspiration behind Geami’s decision to offer their GreenWrap Ready Rolls in black? The main reason was to give our customers more packaging choices. What types of customers would you recommend the black GreenWrap Ready Roll to? Definitely customers who want a sophisticated look and companies who want to differentiate themselves from others by enhancing their brand image.

What has been your favorite way to use the new black roll? Molded Pulp Manufacturers. Looking to create your own GREEN molded fiber packaging? UFP Technologies is here to help! We can guide you through the entire packaging design and decision making process. We have the capabilities to meet your project’s demands with our proprietary machinery and our in-house design-engineering and tooling resources. Learn more about our Design and Engineering & Fabrication Services... MWV : Frozen Food. Paperboard for frozen food packaging Frozen food packages can experience numerous temperature changes during transport to the retail freezer case.

The resulting condensation creates moisture, that when absorbed by the carton can cause softening, wrinkling, buckling—which leads shoppers to believe the food product quality or safety may have been compromised. MWV paperboards are engineered with the demands of the cold chain in mind. High-quality fiber plus a range of fiber and performance polymer options ensure we can make your brand stand up to whatever the cold chain dishes out. MSI Flexible Packaging wants to be your packaging solutions provider! A Comparison of Folding Carton Substrates and Appropriate Applications. In today’s packaging landscape, the choice of raw materials can be daunting. Substitutions are sometimes made with little or no regard to suitability, nonetheless, the differences in paperboard properties and appropriate application are creating some interesting nuances in today’s recovering economy. The choice of substrate is influenced by a number of key parameters including the requirements of print performance, product protection, design features and requirements, sustainability and overall value.

MWV : Carrier Kote® Paperboard. Our Products. Paperboard Paperboard (also known as boxboard) is a thick, paper-based material that is generally thicker than regular paper. It is used for products such as milk cartons, cereal boxes, shoe boxes and frozen food packaging. For more information on paperboard packaging, please visit: Corrugated Boxes Corrugated is a durable, versatile, low and lightweight paper-based material that is frequently used to make boxes, containers, and displays. Product Specification Sheets - Pearl-Kote.pdf. Product Specification Sheets - Omni-Kote.pdf. 6ct. Plastic Clear Egg Box FREE SHIPPING. Misprinted Paper Egg Cartons. 30 Egg Cartons in White 2 holding type by fromsoul. Colored Eggs Carton - Buy Eggs Carton,Egg Box,Egg Packaging Product on Alibaba. 1. Pulp Egg Carton - Buy Egg Carton,Pulp Protection Packaging,Pulp Wrapping Tray Product on Alibaba. 1.Pulp Egg Carton 2.Recycle material Made 3.ODM available 4.pulp protection packaging or pulp wrapping tray 1.

20 Egg Cartons in White 4 holding type by fromsoul. 2 Holding Type Egg Carton Set 10 Egg Cartons in Green by fromsoul. 4 Holding Type Egg Carton Set 10 Egg Cartons in White by fromsoul. 3 Holding type Egg Cartons 10 Egg Cratons in White by fromsoul. Food Packaging Designers Are Here. Folding Carton ,Folding Carton Packaging Printing. Food Boxes, Cardboard Custom Food Boxes, Cardboard Box. Food Packaging Frozen Food Cartons. Pyramid Boxes. Window Boxes. Food Packaging.

Folding Cartons Food Folding Cartons. Candy Boxes Candy Gift Boxes. Traditional Paper Candy Boxes.