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Paper cd case

Paper cd case

Step By Step Fiberglass by: Drew Wilson I am often asked where I learned to work with fiberglass, or where an individual can go for a good write-up in order to learn how to fiberglass. I've never had a good answer until now. I didn't "go" anywhere to learn other than the Internet and my garage, and I can't recommend any of the Internet sites I'm familiar with as each has distinct drawbacks. There are a few basic concepts in fiberglassing, which a thorough understanding of will allow you to create practically anything. The materials you will be working with are the most important determinant of the outcome of a fiberglass project. You will need to find a local distributor for fiberglass resin and mat. Buy "chop mat" from the same place you buy the resin. Fleece is necessary for most projects. The only other "specialty" material that is universally needed is body filler. Basic Stand Alone Subwoofer Enclosure Here are two examples (Thanks to my brother Ryan and friend Pierre):

How can songwriters make money on YouTube? | Media In my last Plugged in blogpost I explored how record labels are making money from their official videos on YouTube and Vevo. So far, however, songwriters (including myself) have received next to no money from their collection societies, despite getting millions (in some cases hundreds of millions) of views. This is not only unfair, but unsustainable. Collection societies such as BMI and ASCAP have blanket licences with Google-owned YouTube, which currently only pays royalties of about $40 per million streams, according to recent royalty statements. But songwriters may be missing out on YouTube ad revenue that they can rightly claim, including from user-generated content (UGC). This licence is granted directly by songwriters and publishers. Hence, songwriters or their publishers have to "claim" their songs. Different companies also pay differently, says Jay Frank, owner and chief executive of Nashville-based label/publisher DigSin.

ChrisTechTV Ps3 Hacks PSfreedom PSjailbreak Playstation 3 Hacks Web Hosting Exploits Tutorials Tips & Tricks 5,000 Free Loops – Drums, Guitar , Orchestra, Heavy Metal, & More | Hip Hop Makers Here are over 3 gigabytes of free loops of drum samples, guitar loops, Dubstep loops, bass loops, Hip Hop loops, and many more free loops. Please share this post and follow us to show support. New free downloads added weekly. Free Loops to Download Sell Your Music & Products Create a website to sell music, beats, and products. P.S. Check out these other free sample posts: Enjoy! Written by Mark Hi I’m Mark V, a creative designer, full-time blogger, and coder.

Left 4 Dead: SplitScreen PC Guide For those who have been wondering about the leftover splitscreen code in left 4 dead and how to get it working, I have gotten it working. Below are the steps to get it working yourself 1. Find an XBOX360 controller 2. Plug it in 3. Copy and paste the following and overwrite other information in your 360controller.cfg Code: 4. 5. 6. open console and type "Exec 360controller.cfg" without the quotations 7. 8. Alternatively, join an online game and enter "ss_connect" to add a splitscreen player and "ss_disconnect" to remove. ATTENTION; IF SECOND PLAYER JOINS GAME AND DOES NOT AUTOMATICLY JOIN A TEAM USE THE COMMAND "cmd2 jointeam 2" FOR 2nd PLAYER TO JOIN SURVIVORS AND "cmd2 jointeam 3" FOR 2nd PLAYER TO JOIN INFECTED 11. Hope this helps those who want to play in splitscreen on their pc, hopefully a patch will come out that can make this process much simpiler.

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