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Packaging Design

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On The Menu King Size Power Bowls by packagingsydney on DeviantArt. Your browser isn't supported.

Nutri-Grain – TO GO Protein Squeezer’s Packaging Design

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain > - Jam&Co. Case Study - Caroma - Jam&Co. Éclair Group - Jam&Co. Scotts Lawn Builder Refresh - Jam&Co. Kellogg's Sultana Bran Buds - Jam&Co. Be Natural - Mini Bites - Jam&Co. Spice Craft on Packaging of the World. Creative Agency: Jam&Co Design Pty Ltd Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Spice Craft Location: Australia Packaging Contents: Food Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Spice Craft approached Jam&Co to design both the pack form and packaging design for two Butter Chicken kits.

Spice Craft on Packaging of the World

Spice Craft is a unique brand that allows you to cook authentic, restaurant quality Indian food at home. The kits come with everything you need to deliver a feast from the recipe, a shopping list of fresh ingredients and some of the highest quality Indian spices, all packaged up in a digestible and fun format.The Spice Craft experience is unique & sings the joy of cooking as a shared experience with friends and family. When designing the branding and packaging this was a key theme that had to ring true. Bill's Certified Organics Packaging Revolution on Packaging of the World.

Design Agency: Jam&Co Design Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Bill's Certified Organics Location: Sydney, Australia Packaging Contents: Certified Organic Bread After 10 years of marginal sales growth, Bill’s, specialty producer of certified organic, ethically nutritious bread contacted Jam&Co for help to reinvigorate the entire brand and packing on the super-market shelf.

Bill's Certified Organics Packaging Revolution on Packaging of the World

The Importance Of Product Packaging Design For Marketing. Product packaging design, Packaging Design, Packaging Design Agency It's a useful gizmo to market your products besides differentiating your brand.

The Importance Of Product Packaging Design For Marketing

Within the last many decades, businesses, manufacturers as well as distributors from promising small to large regardless of their product's shape and size are opting for safe, high standard, environmentally friendly packaging to enhance their product's image featuring in the extremely competitive market. Right now one may wonder why organizations providing quality goods need striking product packaging design. To a large degree, product packaging design are the most important factors driving marketing and advertising actions for consumer goods. Product packaging design ( services are specially provided by many companies and therefore are now also a part of many marketing organization offerings to advertise various consumer goods and merchandise. At Jam and Co we believe that listening is more important that talking. The 6 secrets to successful packaging design.

What does it take to create successful packaging design that sells on the shelf?

The 6 secrets to successful packaging design

There are 6 secrets to effective packaging design that most marketers and brand managers don’t know. The secret to successful packaging design.

Cleaver's Packaging Design

Case Study - Pitango - Jam&Co. Pitango soups from New Zealand was acquired by new owners Beak & Johnson with a vision to not only carry on the tradition of delicious soup, but to expand its’ customer base and reach.

Case Study - Pitango - Jam&Co

Jam&Co Design was brought on board to re-focus and develop the existing range and extend it into new exciting world flavours. While the classic soup recipes stayed true to their origins, the brand was in need of an updated brand palette – one that embraced its heritage and reflected its organic & pure ingredients. By enlarging and reversing the Pitango brand out of the background it created a clear link to the old, but added a more rustic texture, reflecting the quality of the products. The flavour panel makes it easier for consumers to find their favourite and entice them to try new ones. The World flavours range have patterns based on the iconic retro originals, but reflect the countries cultural origins. Rust Guard Hardware Packaging Design by Jam&Co by Jam & Co.

Use Packaging Design to Increase Sale. Use Packaging Design to Increase Sale For the sale of the product, it’s very essential to present your product or service within the best possible way.

Use Packaging Design to Increase Sale

It’s the first picture of the packaging design the customers see and also than when they get attracted they undoubtedly go to purchase it. There is lots of competition amongst various brands and also the commercials will need to stick out than these. The way you package your product or service will be the way your brand can get more consideration through the clients. Bazaar Breads FMCG packaging Design. Bazaar wanted to capitalise on growth in their market by increasing visibility instore and providing interesting alternatives to everyday meals.

Bazaar Breads FMCG packaging Design

There were several challenges that needed to be overcome when designing the packaging: Retaining the heritage of the existing brand identity but still developing it into a modern & sophisticated brandEducating consumers on how to use these breads at a time when these breads were not mainstreamCreating a strong family across the range that would standout on shelf The resultant designs answered all of these challenges. Standout on shelf was created utilising a black panel, when these designs were launched black was not being used at all in the market. The modern deli style pack created a sense of perceived quality as well as providing effective blocking on shelf. These packs have stood the test of time with designs being on-shelf from 2006 – 2014. Bazaar Breads FMCG packaging Design. The Power of Packaging - Jam&Co. Since my move back to agency side a lot of my friends have asked me… why a design agency specialising in packaging design?

The Power of Packaging - Jam&Co

It’s always struck me as an odd question… why wouldn’t I?! Then it dawned on me that my friends may not have the same romantic notions and understanding of the crucial role packaging plays in the marketing mix (as can be seen in Ian’s post here), and the consumer decision making process. So how did I answer their questions? I would launch into a passionate speech on (insert suspense building music here)… THE POWER OF PACKAGING! Today what I thought I’d do is write a blog on it explaining why I have a passion for packaging and why I think it’s so powerful. Some quick stats to set the scene: 70% of consumer purchase decisions are made in the shopping aisle3 Seconds is the average attention span a shopper gives a brand40,000 – number of products an average retailer stocks60% of groceries are bought on an impulse I’ve always been one to love a challenge. Simple. Natural Meat Packaging Design.

Arcadian Natural Meat Company approached Jam&Co to update the Cleaver’s brand after realising that an opportunity existed to capitalise on simpler labelling for consumers.

Natural Meat Packaging Design

Consumers felt confused about the differences between Organic & Free Range beef products which only deterred them from purchasing meat that wasn’t labelled clearly. Given this insight Jam&Co created a labelling system that has an honest kind of simplicity reflecting the traditional heritage of butchers signs.

The new designs give clarity between Organic & Free Range products to help consumers make more informed choices about clean and humanely produced meat. Thanks for sharing! You should sign up for our newsletter! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers. Food Packaging Design by Jam&Co. Natural Meat Packaging Design by Jam & Co at