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Microdosificador con tolva / de gravimétricas / continuo / de polvo - PureFeed® D - Schenck Process. Esta es una traducción automática.

Microdosificador con tolva / de gravimétricas / continuo / de polvo - PureFeed® D - Schenck Process

Para ver el texto original en inglés haga clic aquí Para ver la traducción automática haga clic aquí El Purefeed® D es conveniente para la cantidad pequeña de alimentación gavimetric de polvo. Se equipa de un sistema que regule la alimentación a partir de 20 g/hr hasta 2 kg/hr, con el uso de un disco de cerámica de la velocidad. El disco sirve como el operador de la descarga, que se coloca en el fondo de la tolva cilíndrica. Su mecanismo de alimentación de la no-pulsación y gama de ajuste grande proporciona la alimentación gavimetric lisa sin substituir el proceso de la descarga. The disc serves as the discharge operator, which is placed on the bottom of the cylindrical hopper. Its non-pulsation feed mechanism and large adjustment range provides smooth gavimetric feeding without replacing the discharge process. Porciones envase. Bulk Solids Pump: Tecnología de dosificación de desplazamiento positivo. Las características Los nuevos dosificadores Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) Coperion K-Tron se han diseñado y desarrollado específicamente para proporcionar una dosificación suave y precisa de pellets, gránulos y productos desmenuzables con buena fluidez.

Bulk Solids Pump: Tecnología de dosificación de desplazamiento positivo

Animaciones y vídeos de previsualización Los dosificadores BSP no utilizan los habituales tornillos/hélices, cintas o bandejas vibradoras para transportar el material. Eco-Friendly Chinese Take-Out on Packaging of the World. Eat&Go Concept. Designed by Frutodashiki, Russia.

Eat&Go Concept

Designers: Olga Gambaryan, Diana Gibadulina, Alexander Kischenko, Andronik Poloz Eat&Go is a ready meal for students. We created packaging design for sandwiches and soups for eating on the go.Packaging is a plastic tube which is constructed as bellows and could be easily folded down decreasing the length of the tube (like bending section of a drinking straw). With our packaging you can eat the sandwich without getting your hands dirty. VitaPack (International Young Package Competition) on Packaging of the World.

Designer: Ágnes Gyömrei School: University of Pécs faculty of music and visual arts Competition: 19th Year Of The International Young Package Competition Country: Pecs, Hungary VitaPack is convenient to carry 0,5 kg orange in hand.

VitaPack (International Young Package Competition) on Packaging of the World

Thanks to the round-cuts on the two side of the packaging (made from paper) we could see the fruits which we could take out easily. The packaging could be ductile from square shape into lengthy shape if we tear it up along the perforation – so we could carry it simply if we have more things in our hands.19th Year Of The International Young Package Competition Since it's beginning, the concept of take away packaging culture has been associated with the ordinary paper bag, which celebrates it's 170th anniversary this year. In 1844 the first paper bag was made in Bristol, England. In addition to facilitating sales, the paper bag began to work as a promotional space which star-ted the whole history of packaging technology.

Google. Google. Sustainable Origami Food Box on Packaging of the World. Petit Comité. Cowberry Crossing Farm. Designed by Emily Zirimis, United States.

Cowberry Crossing Farm

I was assigned to design a sustainable package that is meant to house four duck eggs that come from Cowberry Crossing Farm - a biodymanic farm established in upstate Claverack, New York.In regard to the farm's logo - I was inspired by the farm's biodynamic methodology. Biodynamic agriculture is based on astronomy and on the alignment of planets which dictate the ideal crop times throughout the year. And so with that said, my logo is inspired by circular astrological calendars. I added overlapping lines to give the logo a more earthy and farm-like apeal.As for the package itself - it is made from one piece of standard chipboard, uses no adhesive and has only one-sided stamp printing. It is held together using a tab system, and there are individual tabs to hold each of the four eggs in place, as well. Vogeleieren Premium Eggs. Designed Matt Brighton, United Kingdom.

Vogeleieren Premium Eggs

School: Staffordshire University Beautiful premium branding, identity & packaging of egg box. Designed by UK design student Matt Brighton. Rebranding what is usually a boring supermarket product, into a unique, sophisticated product set a premium market every product should be a little luxury and eggs are often overlooked, even though there many shapes, sizes and types of birds eggs from all around the world. Cravory Cookies. Creative Agency: Bex Brands Designers: Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson Project Type: Concept Location: San Diego, California, USA Get your cookie fix Cravory Cookies is a gourmet cookie brand, specializing in innovative-flavors and rustic-style cookies.

Cravory Cookies

When they opened their first retail location, we wanted to create a special box that would work on location as well as for their online business. To maximize dollars, we needed the box to also accommodate varying quantities: a half dozen, a dozen and two dozen were common orders. The flavors demanded luxury packaging, but the rustic quality of the cookies themselves asked for a package that reflected the casual and spontaneous attitude of the hand-held dessert. By combining a six-pack style bottom with a jewelry box-style top, the box perfectly expressed the “grabable luxury” of the product. Google. 5 Emerging Packaging Design Trends for 2015 on Packaging of the World. Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

5 Emerging Packaging Design Trends for 2015 on Packaging of the World

Packaging design continues to evolve and push boundaries either through new materials or styles. In an attempt to keep up with changing trends, many businesses decide to re-brand or re-design their packaging.