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200+ High Quality Free Paper Background Textures to Grab

200+ High Quality Free Paper Background Textures to Grab
Using paper backgrounds is quite common these days. Paper is a not only used to write but it can be also useful as a texture in doing some web design or graphic projects as well. In fact you can see some websites on the web applying more paper concept now a days and come up with a very neat results. Looking for some High Quality Paper Textures? Here I compiled 200+ High Quality Paper Textures for everyone to Grab for FREE. These Paper Textures were made by some talented designers and texture lovers all over design community. Scrapbook paper 1 to 5 If you feel like adding scrapbook looks in your design, this texture is right for you. Textures: Paper This set of 9 Paper Textures is just perfect if you like a notebook paper background or graphic paper. Paper Textures 01 A set of 8 Paper Textures 13 HQ Old paper Textures A set of 13 Old Paper Textures 19 Free Hi-Res Burnt Paper Textures A set of 19 Burnt Paper Textures Natural Paper Texture Pack A set of 9 paper textures called “Natural Paper”.

A Huge Collection of Free Twitter Icons Your Twitter account may be a powerful medium to interact with your audience, but you’re missing out if your site visitors keep ignoring your Twitter icon! Make sure you’re getting all the followers you should by getting a Twitter icon that’s creative, original, and delightful. You’re spoiled for choice in this Huge Collection of Free Twitter Icons, so get your favorite and win new followers through the impact of your new icon’s design! (There’s also a custom Tweetdeck icon set in here, for days when you need motivation to tweet yourself.) Free Icons 6 Adorable Twitter Icon Pack 12 Sources for Free Images to Use on Your Blog and Social Media Posts November 3, 2014 by Tricia Goss The image you choose can make or break your social media updates, blog posts and other content. But, finding the right picture to accompany your post can be challenging.

A Showcase of Free Facebook Icons for Designers and Bloggers Resources February 22, 2011 Facebook has definitely taken social networking to the next level. It has helped connect families and friends who have been separated and even allowed its users to meet people they would otherwise not know. People of all ages, color and background was taken by storm and, in truth, Facebook has reached more than a billion subscribers. Due to its popularity, it would not be surprising that various web owners have included Facebook on their site applications since it has proved itself an effective advertising medium as well. Various Facebook icons are continuously circulating the web, each new icon becoming more creative than their predecessors.

Here's an Inexpensive Way to Get Multimedia for E-Learning Multimedia for elearning is something common to all of our courses. There’s only so much you can put on the screen. It’s either going to be text or some sort of multimedia like shapes, pictures, or video. In addition, you may have audio narration to complement what’s on the screen. At some of our workshops we discuss inexpensive ways to acquire multimedia for elearning. 50 Free High-Quality Icon Sets Advertisement By Daved Brosche, Naveed Javaid and Smashing Editorial Team When it comes to freebie designs, beautiful icons sets are tops. Designers scour for these free treasures more than anything else. You can use icon sets in Web applications, website designs and on your desktop. If well designed, they make a great impression on others.

60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Campaign On A Budget Creating a visual marketing campaign is not just about telling the story of your brand or product, but finding the right tools to do it. The marketplace is not hungry for tools, but some of them can be extremely costly (hello Photoshop) and complicated to use (another glance at Photoshop). If you just need a tool that works without requiring you to take a course, and without requiring a hefty part of your budget, you’ve come to the right place. Visual marketing is pretty much a requirement these days, and the tools that follow will help you get your message across cleanly and quickly.

World Map CONTENT : World map – a way to map your company headquarters and offices around the world (A2-size)World map – a way to map your trip around the world (A3 size) FILETYPES : Adobe Illustrator CS3 file (layered) EPS file (layered) PDF file (layered) JPEG file (for preview) COLORS : CMYK color system PAGE SIZE AND INFO : A2 size, landscape orientation, 1 pageA3 size, landscape orientation, 1 page FONTS : Trebuchet MSVerdanaTimes New RomanArial FILETYPE DESCRIPTION : Adobe Illustrator file description for A2 map. The file is divided in layers and from bottom to top are: background;country polygons (with sub-layer for each continent and with all polygons named after each country); country names;national capitals location;national capital names;ocean names;pie chart (editable directly in Illustrator);quick facts;headquarters and offices location;headquarters and officesfooterheader FILETYPE DESCRIPTION Adobe Illustrator file description for A3 map. Need custom maps?

The Process of Designing an Infographic The Process of Designing an Infographic is an interactive design that outlines my own infographic design process. My data visualization and infographics design company, InfoNewt, uses this process when designing infographics for clients, and I teach this process in my workshops and classes. The team at created an interactive infographic version of it using the Visme design platform. is a fantastic online design platform for infographics, presentations, reports and more. Most of my designs follow this 5-step process: Free & Premium Design Elements For Creating Infographics Infographics Free Elements Set Free Vector Infographic Kit by WeGraphics Infographic Vector Kit by Pixeden Free Infographics Template by Free Web Elements Vector Infographic Kit by Medialoot Business Data Elements Vector by Zezu