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Writing system

Writing system
Writing systems of the world today. Other alphabets Other abjads Other abugidas General properties[edit] Chinese characters (漢字) are morpho-syllabic. Writing systems are distinguished from other possible symbolic communication systems in that a writing system is always associated with at least a spoken language. Every human community possesses language, which many regard as an innate and defining condition of mankind. All writing systems require: Basic terminology[edit] In the examination of individual scripts, the study of writing systems has developed along partially independent lines. A grapheme is a specific base unit of a writing system. An individual grapheme may be represented in a wide variety of ways, where each variation is visually distinct in some regard, but all are interpreted as representing the "same" grapheme. Writing systems are conceptual systems, as are the languages to which they refer. History[edit] Functional classification[edit] Related:  Graphics Design

O'Reilly Open Books Project O'Reilly has published a number of Open Books--books with various forms of "open" copyright--over the years. The reasons for "opening" copyright, as well as the specific license agreements under which they are opened, are as varied as our authors. Perhaps a book was outdated enough to be put out of print, yet some people still needed the information it covered. Or the author or subject of a book felt strongly that it should be published under a particular open copyright. Maybe the book was written collectively by a particular community, as in the case of our Community Press books. But there's more to making Open Books available online than simply adopting an open license or giving up rights granted under copyright law. We're happy to have partnered with two innovative nonprofits, Creative Commons and the Internet Archive, to solve the licensing and digitizing challenges involved in bringing Open Books to readers. Donate to Creative Commons and the Internet Archive:

.. :: The International Typographic Style Timeline :: .. Graphis #1 Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was first published in 1944 by Walter Herdeg in Zurich, Switzerland. Graphis Inc. is the international publisher of books and magazines on communication design, advertising, photography, annual reports, posters, logos, packaging, book design, brochures, corporate identity, letterhead, interactive design and other design associated with graphic arts. Graphis was (and still is) one of the most important and influential European graphic design publication. Over 350 issues of Graphis magazine have been published. Max Bill Max Bill was a Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, and graphic designer. In 1944, he became a professor at the school of arts in Zurich. Among Bill's most famous designs is the "Ulmer Hocker", a stool that can also be used as a shelf or a side table.

Anisotropic shader tutorial using vray 1.5 final SP 1 Now we are going to create steel shader. Here are settings for this material. It is quite simple, there is scratch map put in bump slot to achieve subtle brushed metal effect. Use cylindrical uvw mapping on each part of the pot And then convert object to poly. Anisotropic material settings: Here are maps used in reflection and normal bump slots: Get full resolution reflect map Get full resolution normal map Very important thing to do is set BRDF to Ward mode. I deleted faces from the bottom and then caped the hole, to make it completely planar surface.

Responsive Typography: The Basics by Oliver Reichenstein When we built websites we usually started by defining the body text. The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest used to follow almost by itself. Used to. Until recently, screen resolution was more or less homogenous. Today we deal with a variation of screen sizes and resolutions. In the heat of the relaunch I wrote a quick blog post on responsive typography, focussing solely on the aspect of our latest experiment: responsive typefaces. To avoid designing different layouts for every possible screen size, many web designers have adopted the concept of Responsive Web Design. Adaptive layouts: adjusting the layout in steps to a limited number of sizes Liquid layouts: adjusting the layout continuously to every possible width Note: Responsive design already incorporates a lot of macro typographic issues (type size, line height, columns width). Choosing a typeface The right tone Serif or sans serif? What size? Line height and contrast

Best Free Fonts of 2011 With only a month and a half left in 2011, it’s hard to believe another year is drawing to a close. If you’re a long time reader of WDL, you probably know that at the end of each year we publish a series of posts that highlight our favorite freebies and resources from that year. It’s an excellent way to show you what you might have missed, and to give the designers and creators some well deserved recognition. To kick it off, here are the best free fonts of 2011. There were tons of great free fonts released this year, so it was a difficult task choosing our favorites. Weston Infinity Ostrich Sans Fabrica Wisdom Script Pacifico RBNo2 Five Minutes Hyperbola Dock 11 About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 784 shares Best Free UI PSDs of 2011 So far in our Best of 2011 series, we’ve shown you our picks for the best free fonts and the best jQuery plugins. Read More 1169 shares Best jQuery Plugins of 2011

LetterCult — Custom Letter Culture 28 Fonts For Web Designers inShare26 It is obvious that Web designers do their best to make their sites better and more attractive to the visitors. When creating a site they must take into account every detail even the smallest and choosing a font you are going to use sometimes can bring you to a deadlock. Adamas Regular by Octavian Belintan “Adamas” was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness. Download Poly by José Nicolás Silva Schwarzenberg Poly is a medium contrast serif font. Download Bispo by Jackson Alves Bispo is a script typeface made inspiring on italic chancery calligraphy, with a flat nib pen and a module of 10 pen widths. Download Download PLSTK by Aesthetic Therapie Font inspired in the plastic industry. Download Hagin Serif by Miroslav Bekyarov Hagin is a new serif free font from Fontfabric constructed with strong geometric forms in “old school” style. Download Static by Slava Kirilenko Download Diplomata by Eduardo Tunni Download Origram by Nuno Dias Download Download Download AndrewG

Helvetica vs Helvetica Trois des éditeurs présentent des a presque identiques, avec une contreforme en forme de goutte en haut à droite. Seul Berthold a séché ces courbes pour faire un dessin plus architecturé, moins manuaire. Personnellement je préfère la version très épurée de l'Helvetica Neue, sauf pour certaines lettres et je vous en donne une illustration ci-dessous, je préfère, et de loin le g de Berthold, mieux construit, beaucoup plus solide que ceux des autres fondeurs. le G Capitale est à peu près identique chez tous sauf Berthold où la lettre chasse nettement plus, mais du coup présente une forme qui s'approche plus de la ronde alors que les autres nous semblent ovalisées. Comme je le disais sur le blog d'étapes, le Swiss 721 est une copie presque conforme à l'Helvetica d'Adobe ou de Stempel. Tout d'abord quelques petites erreurs que je n'ai pas le temps de corriger : l'unification des Cap et bdc pour les noms des caractères. Biographie Centres d'intérêt Hermann Zapf.