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Modern OpenGL 01 – Getting Started in Xcode, Visual C++, and Linux « Tom Dalling Welcome to the first of a series of articles about modern OpenGL, with a focus on making games. All the code will be open source, and downloadable from github: By the end of this article, you will have a working OpenGL 3.2 project in Visual C++ on Windows, Xcode on OSX, and Linux. The app will have a vertex shader, a fragment shader, and will display a single triangle using a VAO and a VBO. The project will use GLEW to access the OpenGL API, GLFW to handle window creation and input, and GLM for matrix/vector math. Yes, it is a little bit boring, but just getting a project set up correctly can be difficult, especially for beginners. Table of Contents Accessing The Code Download all lessons as a zip from here: All the code in this series of articles is available from github: A Note On Compatibility Visual C++ Setup Instructions Vertex Shaders

Creating a raytracer for DOS, in 16 VGA colors byulparan/pdlisp